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Shed the Weight and Keep it Off for Good/ Motivated to Exercise subliminal MP3 suggestions

It’s becoming easier for me to eat healthy foods

I am discovering the joy of eating healthy foods

I eat slowly and chew all of my food well

I am finding healthy, yet delicious food substitutes

I am learning to love exercising

I have the discipline to exercise at least 4 days per week

I can shed the excess weight

I am shedding the excess weight

I am becoming slimmer every day

Healthy food can be delicious

I have the willpower to shed the weight and exercise

I have the discipline to succeed

I deserve to succeed

I am enjoying shedding the excess weight

I am taking care of myself

I am staying on my healthy meal plan

I am finding the joys of my new healthy lifestyle

I love eating healthy food

I am motivated to exercise

I love exercising

Exercising is fun

I look forward to exercising

I am getting more fit every day

It is easy for me to exercise

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