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Spiritual Cleansing and Healing
with Spiritual Detox™

What’s blocking you?

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Some people prefer this Spiritual Detox™ MP3 audio to the free Spiritual Detox™ Script. Try both and see for yourself.

Instant Access Audio Download
$14.95 Spiritual Detox™ MP3 (17 min.) Contains our Let Go™ audio as background music

For free articles about spiritual healing and cleansing, go to the right sidebar and look for the “Blog / Destiny and Free Will Column” and choose “Spirit Possession” in the drop-down menu.

PLEASE NOTE: You shouldn’t use brainwave entrainment audios like this if you have seizures or epilepsy, as the binaural beats can trigger seizures in people who have epilepsy. Also, consult with your doctor prior to using if you have a pacemaker or heart disorder since the binaural beats can influence heart rhythms. Do not use if pregnant or when driving or operating heavy machinery. 

A powerful script version of this audio is included in the Direct Your Destiny™ e-package.

canstockphoto6688646Picking up negative energies, entities, lost souls, and even demonic energy is, unfortunately, too easy. We know, we’ve been there ourselves. We use this audio regularly with great success, and you can too.

Identifying and getting rid of them is difficult, if you don’t know what to do.

We estimate that over 80% of the population is negatively affected by unseen energy, yet very few realize it. Even fewer understand how to remove it. Just as you need to wash your skin to remove dirt, it’s also important to identify and remove harmful energy from your spiritual body, home, and office.

Benefits of Spiritual Detox™: Clear negative energies after a relationship has ended. Get rid of unwanted spirits, entities, and elementals. Protect yourself and loved ones from future harmful influences. Allow more positive energy into your space. Experience more tranquility, freedom, lightness of spirit, and happiness.

If you’re feeling depressed, angry, fearful, or having a tough time quitting bad habits and addictions, Spiritual Detox™ can help.

We’ve been spiritually clearing locations, ourselves and others for years and have created this special audio recording so you can clear and protect yourself, your home, your office, and your loved ones whenever you feel the need.

$14.95 Spiritual Detox™ MP3 (17 min.)
Contains our Let Go™ audio as background music.

Instant Access Audio Download

“I have been listening to the Spiritual Detox every morning since I got it. It is working wonderfully and I feel lighter each time I listen to it. Thank you for making this available to the public. It is a great service you are providing. -Laura V., Placerville, Ca., USA

How does one acquire unwanted and uninvited energies?

The most common ways of picking up unwanted and uninvited energy is by weakening the energy field or aura with excessive alcohol, drugs, extremely emotionally trying circumstances, or through sexual abuse, surgery, or illness. Unwanted, uninvited energy can also attach during sex, before birth, during birth, and during childhood.

An almost guaranteed way of picking up “lost souls” (also known as spiritual hitchhikers) is by using drugs or drinking excessively and then walking through a hospital or cemetery.

What are the common signs of unwanted, uninvited energy?

Signs of needing a Spiritual Detox™ include negative emotional and, or physical reactions to the idea of Spiritual Detox™ (such as “part of you” wanting to do it and “part of you” not wanting to do it), physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual feelings of being blocked, abuse of alcohol or drugs, sudden onset of alcohol or drug abuse (especially if there are distinct personality changes while under the influence), addiction to sex, sudden unexplainable onset of sadness, depression, anger, fears, guilt or anxiety, reckless behavior, poor memory and concentration, hearing inner voices (especially with negative messages), sudden change in personality, feelings of being followed, feeling drained, sudden unexplainable physical problems, and recurring dreams or nightmares.

How do you get rid of negative energies, entities, or lost souls?

Perhaps you’ve tried the usual options like burning sage or visualizing white light. But that can only do so much. Since it’s easy to pick up negative energy, it’s important to know how to regularly protect and clear yourself more thoroughly.

Thoroughly cleanse yourself, others, and locations with Spiritual Detox™

Spiritual Detox™ is the easy and quick process of removing damaging energy from your mind, body, soul, and aura. This troublesome energy can consist of others’ thoughts and feelings, earth-bound or lost souls, or on occasion, dark entities. Earth-bound or lost souls are the souls of people who have died but, for various reasons, have not yet gone into “the Light.” Loved ones who have died, gone into the Light, and now watch over you do not fall into this category.

Simply put, Spiritual Detox™ helps to clear you of spiritual garbage so you can feel yourself again; light, centered, and happy.

What is Spiritual Detox™ used for?

Spiritual Detox™ is effective in helping to rid yourself and loved ones of feelings of being blocked, unexplainable or extreme anger, fears, sadness, depression, guilt, or anxiety, recurring dreams or nightmares, relationship problems, unexplainable physical symptoms, eating disorders, cravings for or addictions (to be used in conjunction with professional medical treatment) to alcohol, drugs, sex or smoking, and clearing negative energy from buildings and areas.

How does Spiritual Detox™ work?

First, you are guided through a gentle meditation to relax your mind and body. Then, through a special induction process which calls upon God, guides, angels, and archangels of the Light for help, uninvited and unwanted interferences and energy blocks are removed and directed into the Light. You simply relax and let the process work for you.

A successful Spiritual Detox™ involves four steps:

1) Calming your mind and getting centered. 2) Calling out to God and, or, archangels and guides of the Light for protection and guidance in the clearing process. 3) Requesting continued support and protection from God, archangels and guides of the Light. 4) Visualizing white Light often, on a daily basis. 5) Avoiding certain behaviors and situations that will make you more vulnerable to spiritual attack and negative energy.

Do you have to be religious for this process to work?

There are references to God, angels, and Jesus on this MP3. They are spiritual references, not religious references, though you may associate them with your religion if you wish. You don’t need to be Christian or even believe in God for the Spiritual Detox MP3 to work because no religion has a monopoly on God or spiritual energy. God, in our view, is a universal energy that is part of everything. The helpful energy of God, Jesus, and archangels is available to anyone who asks, even if they aren’t religious. For more information, see this blog post: http://www.lovelifeandspirituality.com/do-you-need-religion-to-access-god/.

Spiritual Detox™, Spirit Attachment, and Possession Q&A

$14.95 Spiritual Detox™ MP3 (17 min.)
Contains our Let Go™ audio as background music.

Instant Access Audio Download

Private Spiritual Detox™ Sessions: Stephen is not currently available for personalized Spiritual Detox sessions. However, using his Spiritual Detox™ audio daily for at least a week will heal most non-stubborn situations.

“…a very powerful clearing tool…”

Your Spiritual Detox Meditation audio is a very powerful clearing tool and I use it often. Especially now with all that I’ve been through. Been using it 3 times a week. I just recently sent it home with my boyfriend to use. He said it’s helped him feel a lot better too. I have also had success using your silent subliminals and I already told you how it positively affects my son, his grades, and his attitude.

Having a house full of sensitive people I use your Spiritual Detox a lot. I even use it on my sons when they are sick. One time my younger son woke feeling sick. I combined Reiki with the spiritual detox within 20 mins he well enough to go to school. The Spiritual Detox helps clear any attachments that are making them sick.

I Love this Spiritual Detox with the Let go added. Wow, I can feel it vibrating through my body. This is really good for when your energy feels stuck.” -Lynn Prilliman, Boulder CO, USA

“Your recording is very soothing…”

“Hi there! Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your recording. Most people don’t believe in “Darkness” or bad entities or lost souls, and I certainly didn’t either until a few years ago during my recovery from a severe illness. I would literally be attacked, and I could feel the vulnerable open door in my solar plexus. My doctor has worked with me a lot on this, spiritual interference, blocking healing, deceptions, etc.- it has turned out to be a HUGE factor that was passed down to me. Your recording is very soothing, and I love the visualizations of the angels, Christ, spiritual physicians, warriors of the light, etc. I play it at least once a day (after the original playing had the most effect) to keep me grounded and empowered. Many people don’t realize that victims of abuse have very porous auras, and are subject to these “attacks” which can feel like your own stuff, but isn’t (as long as you’ve cleared your own issues). A spiritual healer recently told me that she had a hard time connecting with me because there were so many “dead” people and soul parts congesting my space. That’s what prompted me to search for help in spirit releasement, and this tape helps a lot. Thank you. If you wish to use this, please do not use my name. Anyone that knows me would have NO idea I deal with this stuff, and I want to keep it that way!” -P. C., Grand Rapids, MI, USA

“It has done so much good to me and my family that I cannot describe it in words.”

“Hi Stephen, we have been in touch previously, because I had ordered a Spiritual Detox meditation and also some other mp3 from your store.I would like to express my gratitude to you and your brother for creating the Detox mp3. It has done so much good to me and my family that I cannot describe it in words.

My mother’s sister had put some kind of entity into her energy field and this entity was always telling my mother what to do, and my mother used to think that those were her own thoughts. After almost a year, I convinced my mother to do this Detox and same night in the dream, she saw a cloud of light flying off from her body into the light and she saw herself getting angry at her own sister for doing this. Since then, my mother’s health has been improving :-). I am very happy with this. Thanks again!” -Kunal, India

“Your Spiritual Detox recording is one of a kind.”

“Thanks, Stephen for the help. Your Spiritual Detox™ recording is one of a kind. I was infatuated with a girl and for some reason found it very hard to separate her from my mind, but after the first session of Spiritual Detox™ recording, I fell asleep and then, after waking up don’t have that strong a memory of her anymore. It surely works and makes me feel lighter. I am also hoping that it can show me the way to finding a new job as well…and help me in meeting the right people that can actually help. I think its very important to meet the right people at the right time for things to happen as destined.

I will buy the Confidence/Sense of humor/Relax Soundless Subliminal™ MP3 and program my mind for success, so that I can finally succeed and fight with any hard times in future. Keep up the good work!! Thanks and Regards.” -Kunal, London, UK

“Not only did I feel comfortable during the meditation, but also enlightened.”

“Stephen, I’m writing to you in reference to the Spiritual Detox audio. I must admit that at first I was reluctant to do it. Last year I was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. I was in a coma for 5 days. My doctors told that I’m lucky to be alive. Since my illness, I’ve not felt the same. I forget things, have both recurring headaches and sinus infections. Finally, my wife sat me down and told me that I must do this in order to re-establish balance in my life.

The first time I listened to your Spiritual Detox, I could not stop crying. Like most guys, I do not cry. Since I felt ‘uncomfortable’ with the experience, I did not want to proceed further with the meditation. I let about a week go by. One day I finally convinced myself to try again. The experience was a drastic difference. Not only did I feel comfortable during the meditation, but also enlightened. I can honestly say that it worked! Now, I regularly listen to the Spiritual Detox 3 times a week. Afterwards each time, I am relaxed and calm. Thanks, Stephen,  for your help.” -Tom H. Waukesha, WI, USA

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3 thoughts on “Spiritual Detox

  1. Barb Sitzmann

    I have a spirit that died 10 yrs ago in my house. We had a toxic relationship 25 yrs ago. He’s full of lust and meanness. He has started attacking me with directed energy and its enough to cause bruising and soreness. It feels like an electrical shock. It’s frightening and he won’t leave. It’s been 5 months now.


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