“Spiritual Guides” Not Always Helpful

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The expectation or hope of dramatic, obvious contact with a spiritual guide or guides too often leads to disappointment. Much emphasis has been placed on spirit guide contact by many spiritual authors, but frankly, we believe your higher-self should receive more attention.

Below are seven tips for gaining authentic spiritual guidance.

1. It’s very important to note that not all “guides” offer absolute truth and wisdom just because they are not in a physical body. Some have strong biases and may not be objective with their advice to you.

It’s easy to mistake a disincarnate soul (someone who died but did not go to “the Light” for a variety of reasons) or a mischievous or dark entity for a “guide.” If the guide offers input that sounds impartial or prejudiced in any way, doesn’t feel uplifting or of a higher vibration, or feels negative and gives negative sounding advice (e.g., telling you to do something that would incur karma), demand that it leave and ask for spiritual cleansing help from whomever you pray to.

For example, if you make contact through a ouija board, pendulum, or some other means with an energy who claims to have been someone famous, such as Elvis, be wary. Even if it really is a deceased, famous personality, there is no guarantee that the information imparted will be truthful and non-subjective. Besides, it’s common for dark entities to play such games.

2. Everyone perceives spiritual guidance differently. Some hear (clairaudience), some see (clairvoyance), some just know (claircognizance), some feel (clairsentience), some taste or smell, and some experience various combinations or all of the above (clair-all). This is true with past life recall also. If you just know or feel, you may not directly hear or see your guides or past lives.

Although you may very well have one (or more) main guardian angel or guide, it’s likely that most people are not supposed to have a consistent, direct, conscious link to him or her while incarnated. Why, you ask? If you could pick up your spiritual telephone and had an invisible, on-call adviser to give you direct answers, 100% sure-fire direction any time you needed it, this would be cheating; you would not learn the lessons you’ve incarnated to experience.

Furthermore, we agree that help from angels of the Light and ascended master guides is available to many, but the insight you receive may be so subtle that you won’t be able to identify much about the source, other than to know that it feels genuine and pure.

3. It’s entirely possible, in our opinion, that many people have created, in their mind, a name and image of the helpful spiritual energy they call their guide. We don’t see anything wrong with this, as long as it’s only to identify the energy.

4. We don’t feel that associating a name with spiritual insight or discovering the name of a guide is important because it may not always be a guide from which you are deriving information, and it’s easy to become dependent on a guide.

5. Receiving outside help is great when needed, but relying on yourself as much as possible in meditation by connecting with your subconscious mind and your higher-self is usually best. Your subconscious mind is where all past and present life memories are stored, along with all fears and defenses. Your higher-self is also your link to your super-conscious, or all that is. Some say it’s a direct connection to God, your god-self.

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6. If you meditate regularly and connect with your higher-self, you will have all the help you need, which may sometimes include the help of other-dimensional guides of the Light. All you have to do is focus on the dilemma or question, and if you are meant to know the answer, you will know it, when you are meant to realize it, one way or another.

Through years of practicing meditation, we regularly receive flashes of insight and the answers to questions by detaching just enough from the conscious mind to allow higher-self insight to flow to the doorstep of consciousness. Sometimes it seems as if the answers are waiting there for us to perceive.

7. Meditation is so important for self-awareness and stress reduction. Develop and practice it as a regular discipline and you will benefit in many ways, including receiving regular spiritual guidance and the ability to discern cosmic noise from divine insight.

In summary, we believe it’s to your advantage to put aside the desire to commune with specific spiritual guides and instead focus on becoming or remaining grounded and centered, and accessing your inner awareness and your higher-self.

Copyright © 2008 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

2 thoughts on ““Spiritual Guides” Not Always Helpful

  1. Lakshmi

    Thanks for this. I recently had a psychic tell me that I should have gone ahead and lied on my resume in order to get the job I wanted. I don’t believe in lying or being unethical to get ahead. She made it sounds like my guides were the ones who said this and I was very upset about it. I can’t imagine that guides would tell me to lie and that as a result it was my fault that I didn’t get the job. I hope I did the right thing by sticking to my values. But now I’m confused as to who and what my guides are. Why would they tell me to lie. She made it sound like I had somehow messed up my path and that I would never find a job.

    1. admin Post author

      Lakshmi, good for you about sticking to your values. Keep meditating to connect with your guides. I’m sure they will be happy to communicate with you.


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