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The Most Overlooked Quality That Makes or Breaks Your Love life

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The most overlooked quality that makes or breaks your love life is not bad luck, but personal timing.

We’re not referring to trying to time the beginning of a relationship for success, such as planning a wedding on the day of a New Moon. Our findings tell us that other forces, such as an individual’s fate, trump such triviality.

Conventional wisdom dictates several common sense items that make or break your love life, including the following: you must be receptive to a rewarding love life; you must socialize and make yourself available so that you can meet prospective mates; a good match should share common interests and beliefs; and you must feel a sense of well-being in a partner’s presence.

Just put yourself out there and choose someone who makes you feel good. Easy, right? Not so fast.

Almost everyone who has looked for a long-term relationship has encountered the usual problems, including wasting time with bad apples, and just not finding good or even moderate compatibility and chemistry no matter how much effort they put into it.

Why do some people have such an easy time finding a good match, and others fail no matter what they do?

Eliminating the obvious, such as personality challenges (red flag issues such as domineering tendencies, selfishness, vanity, anger, drug and alcohol issues, etc.), or the subconscious fear of abandonment or fear of being trapped in a bad relationship, for example, there still exists an overlooked quality that makes or breaks your love life and it’s unexplainable by modern science, including psychology and almost all the love “experts” we’ve seen and read.

The one hidden quality that determines your love life is personal timing. Your unique collective timing, outlined by comprehensive astrology and numerology, symbolizes your love life. Extremes are easy to identify. In our proprietary systems of analysis, massive collections of red-flag love life timing represent major love life problems. Sometimes the tough love life timing is short-lived, sometimes it lasts a long time.

Unfortunately, you can’t change your collective timing, no matter how inspired you get. Our findings firmly tell us that your personal timing is part of your predetermination. In other words, your timing reflects your fate (or destiny–same exact meaning–what you can’t change about your life).

Fate and karma are best considered from a very wide scope, as in lifetimes, instead of only part of your current life. It’s one sure way to make sense of the unexplained in life. Your intentions, thoughts, and actions now serve to shape the circumstances of your future lives.

Your love life timing may be terrible now for two main reasons: you are fated to endure a challenging relationship because the lessons you will learn are necessary for your spiritual growth; you are supposed to be focusing on other parts of your life, instead of relationships.

In the case of the latter, it’s usually a matter of the person having favorable love life karma, but having to endure a span of time that doesn’t reflect that overall favorable love life karma. If only they knew they were in a temporary negative phase and things would get much better, it would provide a lot of peace of mind.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “How can you possibly say a person’s terrible love life has to do with personal timing?” Our theory isn’t rooted in guesswork.

Our philosophies are the result of long-term empirical research. For over twenty years we’ve scrutinized comprehensive astrology and numerology charts while observing the representative circumstances (past and present) of thousands of individuals. The regular and unfailing repetition of patterns from the comprehensive charts completely matching the events and circumstances in people’s lives has convinced us that love life trials (and other life particulars) has a lot to do with personal timing.

It’s okay to have believed the myth that all it takes is luck and some effort to have a rewarding love life, but now you should act on the truth. If your love life timing is terrible right now, have faith. Bad love life timing doesn’t last forever, and while you endure it, try to focus on other parts of your life to prepare for better times.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package offers powerful tools to help you make the most of your love life, including 4 effective love life and relationship exploration, discovery, and healing audio MP3s.

Copyright © 2014 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Modern Astrology Folly

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Predictive modern astrology and numerology commonly include transits (e.g., transiting Saturn in Virgo as we type this), secondary progressions, Universal Year (2009), solar return charts, and other basic cyclical timing methods that, by themselves, limit respectable levels of accuracy unless you have consistently strong psychic ability and use the esoteric sciences as touchstones only.

We’ve witnessed it over and over: Modern-method-favoring astrologers shroud their avoidance of predicting personal fate in oh-so-creative ballads, even pinning fate against free will (“Free will prevails if you have the courage to defeat fate”) to try and gloss over the truth that predestination exists.

It’s simple, we’ve found: free will exists, but you only have so much of it while incarnated on Earth.

Your soul makes certain choices in spirit form before you incarnate so that you must face key life circumstances that will enable you to grow spiritually.

Personal Adversity Exists

We believe this because our sophisticated systems of checks and balances involving innumerable cyclical timing methods, along with intuitive and past life regression work, clearly indicate that everyone incarnates with unique destined (and unchangeable), measurable levels of personal adversity.

Our credentials are the result of empirical research involving our work (clients, public figures, and people of all walks of life and real-world concerns) and we state our findings as theories; we (and anyone else) are unable to disprove them.

It’s Possible to Assess Life Circumstances

We’ve found it is possible to assess significant wealth, fame, abundant romantic life (and other areas of life), the opposite of all three, or anywhere in-between.

Modern Astrology Approach Example

Advising a client based on only one indicator, such as natal Mercury conjunct your Midheaven, is typical of the modern-astrological-method-based astrologer. They’ll say, “Mercury is conjunct the Midheaven, so that means livelihood involving communication, but it’s purely up to you if you’ll become an hourly employee or a $50,000 per speech famous orator.” They say this because exclusive reliance on overly-simplistic and subjective modern astrological methods doesn’t permit them to look more deeply into a person’s fate.

Then there are the modern astrologers who say things such as, “Let’s look at this from an ancient astrology perspective: Your Jupiter is very well-placed. Therefore, you are ‘royal’ and should enjoy high status and will win most of your life battles…” This type of surface and erroneous approach, misrepresenting the ancient science of astrology, would be laughable if it weren’t so destructive.

The Myth of “100% Free Will”

Relying exclusively on surface astrological and numerological methods could easily allow you to embrace the mistaken notion of having “complete free will (after incarnating).”

Worse, if you have the bad fortune of being advised by someone who embraces new and innovative modern astrological methods (read: destructively creative nonsense) and they use only these in their practice, you could easily, and incorrectly assume that you have 100% free will and nothing is destined. Your astrologer not being able to interpret personal fate doesn’t equate to you having “100% free will.”

We’ll be clear: no amount of “coming into your true path in life” will allow you, for example, to “create infinite abundance” if your personal financial fate dictates only modest finances.

Yes, it’s true, we’ve found that the majority on this planet are fated to live within modest to ordinary financial means, relative to their native society.

Surely you would rather have us truthfully state our findings instead of selling you snake oil? But don’t worry, our findings also indicate that a lot of the rewarding stuff in your life is destined too.

The Important Choices You Make Are Fated

The modern astrologers talk about “facing crossroads,” and deny that important “choices” a person makes in their life are also part of personal fate. If, for example, you like your job and employer a lot and they offer you a major promotion and more money with a relocation to New England from the Midwest, this isn’t “facing crossroads” as if you’re somehow redefining your personal fate by “choosing which way to go” since your choice is destined too. Even the tougher “choices” are predetermined, we’ve found.

How do we arrive at this conclusion? We see it over and over through our work; the specific “choices” people select ultimately involve circumstances down the road that show up in their comprehensive numerology and astrology charts or an intuitive reading that wouldn’t have been connected to the other “choice.”

Take it in stride when faced with a choice in life. The more you accept that you will make the right choice at the right time, the easier the process will be. Also accept that tough bouts of indecision, for example, are fated too. If everything in your life were a breeze, you wouldn’t evolve. Our findings tell us that if you follow such advice, you will be fulfilling your personal fate along with using your free will.

The Advantage of Accepting Predestination

Why are we so passionate about helping people understand personal fate and karma? Many may find the concepts unappealing at first, but once you comprehend the nature of life clearly, you’ll avoid wandering aimlessly down the foggy “anything is possible” New Age path and instead open up to aligning yourself with your unique life purpose. Also, besides knowing when to capitalize on your good karma (through comprehensive astrology and numerology or intuitive readings), you’ll be better prepared for future challenges to make the most of your life.

Copyright © 2009 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Astrology: Universal Considerations

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Next time you hear talk about how tough (or wonderful) an upcoming planetary transit, conjunction, retrograde, Solar eclipse, opposition, or other astrological or numerological event is going to be, take it with a grain of salt. It may be rough for you, or it may be good for you, depending on your unique comprehensive charts.

Universal indicators such as a Lunar eclipse, the date 8-8-08, or a full Moon, for example are regularly, erroneously labeled “good” or “bad,” or “lucky” or “unlucky,” but any single universal vibration or indicator, even the most notorious, relates to any given person in a unique way, in various amounts of reward or challenge. It’s necessary to find out what any given indicator means to you personally and avoid making generalizations that serve only to tarnish the reputation of the sciences.

Universal vibrations such as Saturn in Virgo, Mars Retrograde, “6-6-06,” Leo Moon, Universal Year, etc. often get more attention, but the personal vibrations, such as Mercury Retrograde transiting a natal 7th house Mercury (Mercury return), Personal 19-year cycle, Saturn transiting a natal 10th, Personal 7-year cycle, etc. are more important and relevant.

Yes, the universal energy is important, but how it harmonizes with your natal charts prevails. For example, even though there might be a higher than usual probability of a single universal indicator, such as Mars retrograde symbolizing an ill-fated auto purchase, or a full Moon and Lunar eclipse combination being symbolic of a botched surgical procedure, even the worst of the universal indicators may not apply to you personally or symbolically make any impact whatsoever.

Please don’t give universal indicators, such as transiting Mars conjunct transiting Venus, a grand cross, Star of David formation, etc., more importance  than they deserve or you’ll risk sounding like the cosmic foo-foo, New Age folks who unintentionally give metaphysics a bad name (anyone remember the “Harmonic Convergence” several years back?).

A Solar eclipse at 9 degrees Leo (with supporting indicators) could represent deep challenges for person A, but signify great rewards for person B. Or, an 8 vibration (e.g., medium-term or long-term, or even a short-term cycle, with corroborating considerations) can be a breeze for person A, but be rough for person B.

It’s also key to remember that the energy of any single indicator, such as Sun in hard aspect to Mars, malefic Arabic part conjunct Ascendant, Saturn transit, a long-term numerological cycle such as a 36-year cycle, or any of the other 500+ considerations, is either supported or wiped out by the energy of the others. In other words, there is no “this (one single consideration) means that (a specific life circumstance or event)” if you value accuracy in numerology, astrology, handwriting analysis, or any other form of personality analysis or prediction.

Universal considerations in numerology and astrology can be compared to the weather. Everyone experiences a snow or rain storm differently; some have great troubles because of it, some enjoy the changes and beauty it brings and for some it’s not even noticed; it’s a non-event.

While it’s true that universal indicators have more potency than personal, personal indicators have more relevancy to you, so you’ll benefit by paying attention to both.

Copyright © 2008 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Q & A About Fortune Telling

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A young person wanting to be a professional psychic asked us a series of questions.

First she asked if one type of psychic prediction works better than another.

We answered that each psychic, medium, adviser, or intuitive uses his or her own unique form of psychic prediction. It’s up to the individual to figure out what works best for them.

Some use pure psychic insight alone, but we’ve found those who offer consistently accurate prediction through this mode to be rare.

Others use tarot cards or tea leaves. Still others use palmistry, physiognomy (reading faces/bodies), and many other means.

We’ve found ancient (up through 1000 AD and even beyond into the 1500s) astrology and numerology to be the most accurate forms of delineation and prediction. Modern numerology is also good, but it’s best, in our view, to use it in conjunction with ancient astrology and numerology.

In our experience, by itself, modern psychologically based Western astrology offers inadequate predictive accuracy. It is best used as a psychological personality analysis tool in conjunction with other modes.

We take our twin readings a step further by using channeling and psychic insight to cross check our findings for the highest level of accuracy.

Her next question was if certain people are more suited than others to do psychic prediction.

We told her yes, we believe so. There are those who say everyone has psychic ability and that all you have to do is tap into it. While we agree this is true to a point, only some have the type of natural, consistent psychic ability that allow them to do this type of work professionally.

There are also those who claim to come from a long line of psychics in their family. While having a psychic parent or grandparent may help one to develop their abilities, we feel that psychic ability is a talent one develops over lifetimes, not a “gift” or strictly from one’s genetic makeup. Also, it’s common for professional psychics to have family members who are psychic, but who don’t make known or are unaware of their talents.

If someone doesn’t have strong psychic ability, then at least a heightened intuitive sense helps if they are more of a chartist (e.g., using astrology and, or numerology) since higher-self guidance is necessary to identify the most effective methods. Regular meditation helps to maintain keen intuition.

Additionally, a sharp sense of discernment and a knack for objective analysis is necessary if someone is doing chart work. A lot of it can be learned, but it certainly helps to have a natural aptitude.

Beyond all of that, they must really enjoy it and have the desire and passion to do their best, as with any field.

We feel regular meditation is key if you want to help yourself and others through intuitive work.

All in all, becoming very proficient in this type of work demands an almost around the clock effort and leaves little time for anything else if you strive to deliver excellence to your clients.

She then asked us if it’s possible to predict our own future.

We said yes, but those in our field are likely to tell you that when it comes to matters of the heart, for example, remaining objective isn’t as easy as it is when you’re doing the work for someone else.

She also asked us what we’ve found people’s views to be about psychic prediction.

We told her that we’ve found them to be mixed, largely due to misconceptions or bad experiences. Every field has those who you are best avoiding, and prophesy is no exception.

However, clearly, there are many talented, well-meaning professionals doing the type of work that we do. The more objective and educated a person is about the psychic sciences and predicting personal fate in general, the more likely they are to choose a talented reader and be receptive to the forecasting and prediction of their personal destiny.

What has contributed to a negative view of prediction and metaphysical work? Since the Age of Reason (1600’s AD) astrology and numerology (and psychic work in general) have been in a state of decline in part due to a prevailing condemnation under the guise of “logic,” a distorted redefinition of the meaning of science, all but relegating the sacred science of astrology and numerology to myth and pseudo science.

From that time forward, the science authorities dictated that astrology and numerology (referred to as number mysticism in pre-modern times) weren’t sciences because they didn’t hold up under the scientific method, which involves logically compiling observable, measurable data.

That judgment is unfounded because numerology and astrology are sciences by definition, since results are consistently and empirically drawn from the same sets of circumstances. Science is based on observation.

She was also wondering what is the most interesting thing about being a psychic.

We answered that serious, in-depth study of the ancient sciences of numerology, astrology and tarot (predicting personal fate) is literally a study of the meaning of life.

Regular meditation and becoming proficient with numerology, astrology, and tarot accelerates personal growth and understanding, and demands that one lets go of ego-self (personality) outlooks (everyone has them to some degree). Comprehensive, objective study of these mystic sciences reveal incredible insight about human character and past, present, and future circumstances, making it very difficult to deny a lot of life’s cold, hard truths. Although potentially shocking at times, this raw perspective is ultimately a great asset.

Copyright © 2007 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Languages of Fate, Astrology & Numerology – Why a Comprehensive Approach is Necessary

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While we agree that comprehensive numerology and astrology are very involved areas of study, we acknowledge that some, much lighter uses such as newspaper and magazine “horoscopes” serve the purpose of providing an introduction to these esoteric sciences.

Numerology, astrology, graphology, tarot, and other predictive and personality assessment sciences are like foreign languages. As you learn the rules defining the structure, meaning is extracted.

Accurate predictive, personality, and compatibility analysis work demands that every method and technique be continually and critically reviewed and reassessed. If it proves to be invalid, it must be abandoned.

Through discipline and consistent application in learning astrology and numerology, the languages of fate, patterns begin to emerge. Ultimately the student becomes proficient in quickly transmuting abstract patterns into intuitive, distinct understanding, which is accessed instantly and unreflectively, without calculation and consideration. The process of instantaneously translating configurations into pure insight is crucial to accurate delineation and prediction.

For example, you spot several distinct patterns in the comprehensive charts that, in your experience, have always symbolized wide-spread recognition and fame. You also see that the charts are void of any significant mitigating factors. These notions are brought to the forefront of your consciousness immediately, and since you also notice the bulk of the subject’s upcoming medium-term and long-term timing supporting this dynamic, you’re confident of her impending popularity and success.

Alternatively, you see patterns of infamy and disgrace (with an overall lack of patterns reflecting the opposite) in the charts of a different subject and know that he will be under supportive timing for that dynamic so you quickly conclude that he won’t be a fan favorite.

Someone might ask, “Doesn’t the second subject have a ‘choice’ to avoid relative obscurity?” No. You must look beyond mere conscious desire and consider the bigger picture: the soul chooses its fate for specific reasons relating to spiritual growth. The reasons may be rewarding or challenging, but since they are chosen by the soul, they are unavoidable by the personality; soul to personality or ego is analogous to a Nobel Laureate in Literature to a child who is learning the alphabet.

The possible patterns in the charts are infinite and relate to every area of life.

Worth mentioning also is the intuitive factor. These sciences are often appropriately called “intuitive arts.” A balance of reason and intuition combine to form a powerful force and allow for increased levels of accuracy.

This type of work leaves a person incapable of seeing things as they appear to be. When the analyst views birth data he or she sees not only the raw data, but the underlying energy that comprises the personality and personal time cycles of the comprehensive charts. The same is true of all people they meet and the life circumstances in which they find themselves; seeing things as they are, instead of how they appear to be, becomes the norm. This is only a curse if they insist on viewing life from a purely material, non-spiritual perspective.

Ultimately, astrology, numerology, and other metaphysical tools are a study of the meaning of life and are fantastic for self-discovery.

Copyright © 2007 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

“Pisces Sun: Older Soul?”

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A person born with a Pisces Sun sign was born approximately February 18th to March 20th. The times and days that the Sun changes signs varies each year.

The idea that all Pisces Sun people are “older souls,” or “advanced souls” is popular, but based on our past life regression and astrology findings, it’s completely invalid.

A Pisces Sun has nothing to do with whether or not a person is here for his or her last incarnation or that they have “gone around the zodiac,” experiencing each of the Sun signs in previous incarnations.

One Pisces Sun person might be a spiritual novice and another could be close to being a spiritual master, and just looking at the Sun sign won’t tell you which or what degree in between. The sign in which the Sun resides is a very obvious part of the horoscope, but only a fraction of the comprehensive charts.

Yes, the sign of Pisces could be considered the most developed water sign (the others being Scorpio and Cancer) in connection to the qualities associated with water, but comprehensive astrology is much more than just water, earth (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn), air (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius), and fire (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) signs.

By highly developed or most advanced, someone might say, “In relation to what?” In this case (Pisces) it’s compassion, and emotional understanding, if you want to simplify things and take a surface approach. But the sign of Pisces is not often linked to, for instance, assertiveness and drive, so it’s not the most developed sign in that sense.

The topic of the sign the Sun is in and how it relates to being more spiritually advanced than other Sun signs is fairly common. It’s important to understand that each planet rules one or more signs and the energy symbolized by a planet is more potent when it’s in the sign it rules. The Sun in Pisces doesn’t do anything to boost the Sun’s symbolic greatness, thereby making someone more “advanced,” not considering the rest of the information in the comprehensive charts.

If you want to focus only on the Sun sign for advantage look to Aries or Leo Sun (Sun rules Leo and Aries, is dignified in Leo and exalted in Aries). Sun in Aquarius and Libra are opposites to Sun in Leo and Aries, respectively, and are considered afflictions in the charts.

The sign of Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Venus (and Neptune in modern astrology). Hence, if a person has either of those planets in Pisces, the sign of Pisces could be considered to have heightened significance in that person’s charts.

When considering how spiritually adept someone is, there are many, many astrological and numerological aspects and patterns to consider while doing a comprehensive analysis.

A good place to start is the 9th house of the natal astrology figure. Begin by looking at the planets in that house, the characteristics associated with those planets, the cusp sign ruler, the qualities relating to that sign, the planet or planets that rule that sign, the aspects to the planets in that house and to the cusp of that house, and at the relative health of all planets involved.

As an example, if a person has the Sun in Pisces on the cusp of Aquarius, and that Sun is in a weak house, is harshly aspected by malific planets, and their 9th house is a mess, signifying a warped sense of spirituality, this person won’t fit the “Pisces is the most advanced sign” concept at all.

To sum up, just as we cannot judge how spiritually advanced a person is by their physical appearance, we cannot assume someone is more or less spiritually aware or wise simply based on their Sun sign. A soul playing the role of a homeless person may be making her last appearance in physical form on Earth. Likewise, a “guru” who dresses the part and teaches spiritual principles, yet who doesn’t consistently follow those principles and lacks integrity privately, may be creating plenty of karma for himself to balance in future lifetimes.

Copyright © 2006 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

“Best Astrology Matches for Me?”

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Instead of considering only astrological Sun signs, we believe that the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts must be scrutinized if one wants to consider true personality, compatibility, and personal timing (prediction and forecasting), to find your best astrology matches.

Also, thorough handwriting analysis done by a well-trained professional adds a great deal of additional insight about subconscious character, much of which that can’t be found through modern, psychological astrology.

On the surface, you may think you have great astrological compatibility on paper with two seemingly easy-going, compassionate people (signified in part, for example, by both having an abundance of Pisces and Cancer energy).

However, it’s discovered that one has very compressed, narrow, extreme right-slanted, sharp, angular, heavy pressure script with rigid baselines and downward slanting, weak-ending, pointed letter t-bars. Plus, strong patterns of over-balanced “8” and “1” energy are found in the comprehensive numerology charts. All of this with other corroborating information alerts the analyst to the strong possibility of that person being a domineering abuser.

The other person’s comprehensive charts involve, in part, lots of under-balanced “2” energy which suggests dependency and self-deprecation. In support of these notions, that person’s script includes martyr/victim traits such as small overall script size, light writing pressure, close word spacing, excessively rounded and immature-looking writing, droopy rhythm and connectives between letters, pinched circle letters, low and weakly crossed letter t-bars back to the left instead of to the right, and x-formations where the letter x is not present.

In this case, a surface astrology interpretation would unfortunately leave open the potential for a very toxic, if not dangerous match.

An aside, psychology was not part of astrology until about 100 years ago. The approximately 2000 year tradition of the science of astrology involves mostly prediction instead of psychological character analysis.

Unfortunately, in our view, most astrology found today in print or on-line is primarily modern, psychological astrology, and involves a frivolous and distorted approach to the science.

Astrology that’s largely for entertainment only (although usually not presented as such) includes, for example, Sun or Moon sign horoscopes, and readings done by astrologers who commonly promote falsehoods such as, “…(numerology or) astrology isn’t predestination or fate…how things play out is going to be up to you,” stated to cover a refusal to do in-depth delineation, or mask an inability to do accurate prediction.

Some popular modern astrologers even go so far as to offensively suggest escapism, wishful thinking, self-fulfilling prophesies, and a failure to take responsibility for one’s actions and life in response to the idea that some astrologers and numerologists (like us) say it’s possible to measure and outline personal fate (i.e., impart the general inclination of fate, and frequently, even precise future circumstances and events). Worse, they deny that fate exists, and also deny the reality that varying degrees of unavoidable adversity (which is also measurable) in people’s lives serves a divine purpose.

The truth is that their form of astrology or numerology isn’t about predestination or fate and that original ancient predictive astrology and numerology are absolutely about predestination and fate.

It’s ironic how fully embracing the concepts of karma and fate is directly related to taking responsibility for one’s actions and that much of the modern astrology found today offers mainly an escape from the hard realities of life.

Reviewing Sun Signs, Moon Signs, or any other individual aspect without considering the rest of the charts’ contents and patterns within those charts, will only give you surface insight. It tells you virtually nothing about the reality of the personality, or the compatibility between you and another person.

For example, the Sign of Aquarius is considered to be relatively harmonious with the Sign of Sagittarius. If you select ten random people with Aquarius Sun Signs and match them with ten people with Sagittarius Sun Signs, it’s entirely possible that none of them will get along with each other. It’s also entirely possible that all of them will get along.

The best romantic matches for a Libra Sun and Cancer Moon combination, for instance, depends entirely upon the health of the respective planets (strong and well, or involving afflictions including planets in detriment, badly aspected planets, weak house placement, retrogrades, etc.), their rulers and the health of those rulers, along with the rest of the several hundred aspects, and patterns comprised of those aspects, throughout the comprehensive charts of each person.

It’s possible for a person with a Libra Sun and Cancer Moon, for example, to have wonderful compatibility with a person with an Aries Sun and Capricorn Moon, both oppositions.

Oppositions are commonly considered to involve poor compatibility, but sometimes very close oppositions (opposing planets that are very tightly aspected by a degree or two, within the compatibility charts) offer more reward than challenge, especially if the remaining composite contents are harmonious.

Oppositions are as follows:

Aries is opposed to Libra.

Taurus is opposed to Scorpio.

Gemini is opposed to Sagittarius.

Cancer is opposed to Capricorn.

Leo is opposed to Aquarius.

Virgo is opposed to Pisces.

Conjunctions, same sign combinations, represent intensification of the sign’s energy, and is sometimes positive and sometimes negative. Generally, it’s a “hard” aspect, and not as easy flowing as trines and sextiles.

Although we feel that modern astrology places too much emphasis on Ptolemaic aspects, it’s good to have an understanding of them.

The basic, major Ptolemaic aspects include oppositions (180 degree angle), conjunctions (0 degree angle), squares (90 degree angle), trines (120 degree angle), and sextiles (60 degree angle).

Square aspects are combinations of signs that are of different elements (see below), like Taurus with Leo, and generally indicate challenge and tension. Trine aspects are combinations of signs that are of the same element, such as Scorpio with Pisces (both water), and are generally agreeable. Sextile aspects are combinations of signs that are of compatible, but different, elements such as Cancer with Virgo, or Leo with Libra, and are also generally favorable.

If you accept the trivial approach of reviewing only the Sun and Moon signs, which might offer a preview at best, then it’s good to look at the elemental combinations of the signs for some basic awareness.

On the surface, fire and air are harmonious, and earth and water are harmonious. In addition, each element commonly mixes well with itself (fire and fire, etc.).

Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

A surface approach will involve Libra Sun, Cancer Moon compatibility with an air or fire Sun, along with a water or earth Moon, but that’s just the beginning.

If you want to go a little deeper, yet still not get into comprehensive analysis, considering the nature of the sign is also helpful (Fixed, Mutable, or Cardinal), as is considering the masculine or feminine nature of the sign (fire and air are masculine, and earth and water are feminine).

We also strongly recommend contemplating each person’s personal timing when considering compatibility. Personal timing, comprised of scores of short, medium, and long-term continuous and non-continuous numerological and astrological cyclical timing methods, regularly symbolically makes or breaks relationships. The collective cycles can be divided into groups that are the basis for pattern recognition.

Two people can seemingly have nothing in common aside from their current personal time cycles (some as short as a day, others as long as many years), and when those time cycles change, the relationship changes, or even dissolves.

It should be noted that we understand that it is possible for someone who has strong, solid psychic ability and a good, general understanding of astrology to successfully use Sun and Moon signs exclusively as psychic touchstones.

But few have this talent where they can get consistent, accurate reads without a comprehensive approach.

Again, an astrologer must consider all comprehensive charts in determining compatibility, along with the comprehensive timing charts, and not just the Sun and Moon signs if one really wants to uncover existing compatibility. Again, we have found that you also must consider the comprehensive numerology charts, along with handwriting analysis (subconscious fears and defenses, etc.), if you want a high level of accuracy.

A skeptic saying that they “…don’t believe in astrology,” to us, is a reasonable and understandable statement if they have only been exposed to Sun Sign astrology, which is the basis for most astrology horoscopes today.

Comparing Sun Sign astrology to an in-depth analysis as referred to in the above paragraphs is like comparing conspiracy theory half-truths to confirmed CIA intelligence.

Copyright © 2006 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Angelina Jolie’s Past, Present and Future as Seen Through Numerology and Astrology

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It’s always interesting for us to interpret the comprehensive numerology and astrology charts of those in the public eye.

Instead of us telling you what we see in the charts, we will show you what we see through customized visual representations of personal fate, as seen through comprehensive numerology and astrology.

We don’t have a good sample (at least a 1/2 page) of Angelina Jolie’s handwriting*. If we did, we would be able to determine potential love life blocks and moneyproblem areas, in addition to the Timelines.

As shown in Angelina Jolie’s Love Life Timeline, much of age 28 for her was dynamite for rewarding love (she turned 30 June, 2005), but ages 29, 30, and 31 don’t look as promising for stable love that’s relatively free of conflict and sacrifice.

Angelina Jolie’s Overall Love Life Ranking, Money Timeline, and Overall Money Ranking are posted for you to review.

As displayed, she’s currently moving away from a long stretch of time including a lot of fantastic romantic love energy. It will be interesting to see how her romantic life goes over the next several years.

Note that age has nothing to do with when a person is fated to experience their most rewarding love. Angelina Jolie just happens to have the bulk of hers before age 30. Others are destined to have it in their 40’s and 50’s; still others, in their 60’s and later.

Her Money Timeline tells us that she is and will be, for the next several years, doing even better financially than the last few years, but also that age 31 through 33 ultimately include some net worth “corrections.” By this we are referring to detrimental financial circumstances, such as significant obligatory financial disbursements, or other monetary misfortune or loss, despite her earning a lot of money during the same period of time.

Your fate is measurable and timing really is everything.

*Graphology, or handwriting analysis, allows for subconscious character analysis. In other words, the hidden, yet prevailing part of your personality is examined. Graphology is classified as a branch of psychology by the U.S. Library of Congress.

Copyright © 2005 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Heidi Fleiss’s Past, Present and Future as Seen Through Astrology and Numerology

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From a spiritual viewpoint, Heidi Fleiss has manifested what she was fated to experience, in our professional opinion. Below details some general information about Heidi Fleiss.

All of the following points would be discerned from her basic numerology and astrology charts regardless of what we already know of her through the media. We don’t have a sample of her handwriting, which would allow us to look into her personality much more deeply.

1. She has what we call “Al Capone” type aspects (tough/smooth operator), with a lot of compassion and love power. She’s like a fiery, potent cupid with a rough edge.

2. She’s one high-powered, visionary person, meaning that she belongs in the international arena, where she can fully exercise her talents. Small time stuff does not suite her at all.

3. She needs absolute freedom of action; she needs to be able to act as she desires without anyone’s (such as a husband) constraints on her behavior. Try to make her conform to a set of rules limiting her action, and she’s gone.

4. She has a natural tendency to want to be number one, the best at what she does.

5. She inherently has a lot more spiritual awareness than she appears.

6. She has a strong vitality, so she heals quickly from living in the “fast lane,” for example.

7. She’s fated to earn money through pleasure, social activity, love affairs, parties, speculation, and sex (really, this is extremely clear in her charts and we would say this for her if we knew who she was or not. This goes for all the points here—we’re just reading the charts).

8. Women, women in general, are very beneficial toward how she acquires money.

9. Her money acquisition aspects are much stronger than average.

10. At some point in her life, illegal forms of income, and/or tax evasion is likely. Hopefully, that’s in her past for her sake.

11. Age 28/1994 through 34/2000, particularly 31/1997-34/2000, included a very, very challenging span of time for her. These are some of the worst years in her life.

12. Age 35/2001 through 38/2004 included a lot of mental and emotional purging and healing. She emerged wiser, more mature, and prepared for the next phase of her life.

13. Age 37/2003–46/2012 will include many ideas, directives, and projects that won’t stand the test of time. This 9-10 year period will be full of fun, social opportunity, easy money, and quick success, but a lot of that which is initiated won’t last beyond 2013.

14. Age 39/2005–43/2009 is a very promising four year period when Ms Fleiss is putting into form some very important work projects, those that are at once far reaching, but also within the above mentioned 9-10 year period that includes a low level of permanence. In other words, she may succeed in successfully manifesting whatever she’s working on, and she may profit handsomely, but she won’t be involved with it directly beyond this 9-10 year period.

15. By age 43/mid to late 2009 she’ll have reached a high point in her life, one that signifies an important change of direction. Possible major life changes for her by this time.

16. Age 44/2010–47/2013 includes some struggles in trying several new things and having nothing really materialize fully. She won’t meet her professional expectations if they are high.

17. She has pretty good love-life aspects throughout her life, but age 48/2014 and 49/2015 are two years when love relationships are more meaningful for her. In other words, she might fall deeply in love at that time. Before this two year period there’s mainly a lot of physical romantic connections, with the exception of 2007. 2007 for Ms Fleiss is sweet for emotional, heart-expanding love (the kind that most people want). 2012 offers a taste of the same.

Copyright © 2005 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Kevin Costner’s Past, Present and Future as Seen Through Numerology and Astrology

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Below details some information about Kevin Costner’s past, present, and future based on basic numerology and astrology.

We don’t have his birth time and birth place, so this is a general overview analysis. Also, we’ve never seen a sample of his handwriting.

Please keep in mind that, although we’ve enjoyed some of his films, we’re mostly unfamiliar with him and his life and that all the information below is derived only from his basic numerology and astrology charts.

A key purpose in Kevin’s life is to experience and deal with international recognition; he was fated for major stardom and fame, most likely to experience all the rewards and challenges that go along with it. He has a deep universal outlook, yet he excels through a pragmatic, hard working, fundamental approach. He also possesses tremendous emotional depth and strength; his temperament is primarily emotional (vs. physical, mental, or intuitive) with a lot of physical stamina behind it.

Before age 24 he was forced to cope with excessive feelings of isolation and limited (compared to his later years) romantic possibilities. After he reached age 25/1980, he started coming into more rewarding career timing, but it really didn’t begin in a big way until age 30. He went through his share of career struggles age 25 to 30, with ages 25 and 26 being an important, but tough transition.

By Age 32/1987 he was well on his way to destined far-reaching recognition. Age 34/1989 through age 42/1997 was when he was fated to experience tremendous fame and career success.

Between age 43/1998 and 52/2007 he is enjoying life more, having more fun, and attracting younger lovers. Some of his more important long-term time cycles dictate that he’ll always be attracting younger lovers after age 42, but the difference between the span of time between age 43 through 51, and after age 51 is that age 52/2007 and beyond his love life will include far more longevity and permanence.

He reportedly met his current fiancé around age 44/1999 and they were engaged in 2003. To be candid, this is one of those love connections that, despite appearances, won’t endure. Furthermore, it will eventually be a difficult separation for Kevin and it will also cost him in more than one way.

While Kevin was destined to acquire a lot of money throughout his time here on earth, another theme in his life is to learn to unconditionally let go of money and material things. Big money in, big money out.

2006 could have been especially emotionally demanding for Kevin, and we suspect that his current relationship has been fading fast since the start of 2007. Age 52/2007 is when he makes progress in getting over the breakup (even if it’s only emotional and not an actual physical separation). Kevin’s romantic commitments secured before age 52/2007, including his current marriage, won’t stand the test of time.

During age 52/2007, 53/2008, and 54/2009 it’s highly probable that he will meet one or more extremely compatible lovers and it’s from that point on (age 52) that he has much more stable love timing.

He’s very busy with work age 53/2008 to 58/2013, and then he must endure a period of career struggle age 66/2021 through 69/2024. His money acquisition looks excellent from 70 to 78, but there are excessive personal challenges to deal with in his 70s including a couple of isolated-feeling, faith-testing periods, and plenty of emotional trauma.

Exuding charm and compassion (remember, we’re only going on what we see in the charts), Kevin Costner is the type of person that ages gracefully and has better love prospects in his later years.

Copyright © 2005 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo