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Karma Quiz: Which Ones Generate Bad Karma?

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The concept of karma is often misinterpreted. It’s a mistake to confuse subjective morality, that which society considers “right and wrong,” with karma.

Karma is simply what you’ll get back (mostly in future lives) in equal measure from every action, thought, and intent and “bad karma” is not always what it’s believed to be.

Below we offer a karma quiz. Guess which one of each case study gains the bad karma.

Case #1:
A. A U.S. politician who champions bigger government while doing everything in his power to enact more pointless regulations, push idealistic yet failed policies, initiate all sorts of new hidden taxes and fees (which only make the U.S. federal government bigger and sap more money from hard-working Americans) and refuses to exercise his enormous power to get Washington to stop wasting tax dollars and running up massive federal debt. Being a great divider instead of a leader and unifier, class warfare is his primary game, and he will say anything to get re-elected, including pitting the economically ignorant and fiscally envious against those who are more successful.

B. A Wall Street private equity fund manager who has personally (legally and ethically) earned more than $5 Billion USD net over the past 12 years through his genius for creative deal-making and ability to anticipate market trends. Integrity is his game, and he is known to seal deals on a mere handshake.

Case #2:
A. A young man who is a strict vegetarian, avoids alcohol, and claims to live a superbly healthy lifestyle, yet exercises his addictive personality through consuming massive amounts of sugar and caffeine, to the point of ruining his health by middle age, incurring steep future life health karma.

B. A professional woman who drinks socially, eats eggs, fish, chicken, and red meat regularly, and even has an occasional cigar. She donates to charitable causes, including the local animal shelter, and exercises regularly because she values her health.

Case #3:
A. A very pretty 28 year-old office worker, regularly attends religious services, places ads on dating sites (“…he must make over 250K per year and know how to treat a lady…”), etc. She snags a very wealthy, honorable man, convinces him to marry her, then proceeds to heartlessly divorce him 7 years later, taking 1/2 of his net worth, claiming to be a “victim of a failed marriage” because he, “didn’t give the marriage enough attention,” while he was working his tail off to support her cushy lifestyle. Also, she slanders his good reputation to cover her tracks (although it very well may be his karma to experience all of this).

B. A New York City prostitute who practices her trade as a fairly high-paid escort. She is upfront, always delivers what she promises, and is known to go above and beyond expectations.

Case #4
A. A New Age publishing company who regularly encourages its star rain-makers to “be more creative and attention-getting.” Several of its “best-selling” authors are addicted to fame, and cross the line into the world of outright deceit with publications akin to “11-11-11, The Awakening,” “Voyage 2012,” “Ascension Now,” “Walk on Water (just believe and it is so),” and other trash. They believe that as long as they are inspiring people, the outright escapist lies they promote are acceptable (Note: the “Gods of Karma” won’t expunge related karma here no matter how much these cheer-leaders believe it to be so).

B. Spiritual truth seekers who regularly shine a bright light on New Age myths and dogma, and help others to avoid New Age pitfalls.

In each case above, “A.” incurs the heavy, negative karma.

The lessons of karma here are twofold:
1. Behavior deemed unacceptable by society is often free of negative karma.
2. It’s not always the actual act that generates negative or positive karma, but the intent behind the act that does.

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