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Is Your Bias Creating Negative Karma?

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John Edwards, the famous medium, was recently asked in an interview if there are heated arguments about politics and other issues on the “other side.” He said he doesn’t believe there are, and that on the other side, it’s all about unconditional love and respect.

We would like to add to his response that, based on our experience and research, since souls on the other side are free of earthly personalities, they are also not biased.

Why Souls Are Different From Personalities

Souls do not need to justify away any negative behavior or rhetoric because it’s absent from their existence, due to the fact that there is no ego. After leaving their bodies and returning to the other side, souls see things as they really are instead of through the emotional filter of a lifetime (and past lives) of scars, pain, and fears.

For example, if souls on the other side were watching a debate, they would not pick sides based on what is in it for them, as many people do. How often have you watched someone get very emotional within a debate or argument, unable to be objective, because of their ingrained and immutable bias and heavy feelings about the issue?

Instead, dis-incarnate souls would hope that the truth on both sides would come out and that the “right thing” would prevail. The “right thing” isn’t always “morally correct,” or “good.” It’s what is meant to happen, what each individual is destined to experience based on their own karma, which is based on their actions in the (usually) distant past.

In a political debate about income taxes, for example, one group wants those who make more to pay a much greater percentage than those who make less. The other group believes that it’s not fair that the “rich” are penalized for making more money, or that the top income earners pay 90% of the income taxes.

Souls on the other side, who no longer have a connection to either side of the debate, would hope that the needy and those who are unable to help themselves are taken care of (as most, if not all people on both sides of the debate do), but at the same time, they understand personal responsibility and karma; it’s not the responsibility of those who make more to take care of everyone who makes less, and both sides have earned their aptitudes, abilities, life circumstances and conditions based on their (mostly past life) actions.

There’s no need to implement “social justice,” taking from those who have more and giving to those who have less, since we live in a perfectly fair world when you look at the big picture through past lives, predestination, and karma. Focus on your own charitable contributions, not other people’s.

Let’s consider the common case of a man leaving his wife for another woman. Most men may side with the man, and most woman may want the wife to “take him to the cleaners.”

However, souls would see the spiritual side; the couple was no longer a good match, their union had expired years before, and the wife did the same thing to him in a previous incarnation.

Since most people who live on Earth view life through their personal, yet frequently mentally and, or emotionally tainted perspective, biased viewpoints abound.

Which hot topics or groups are you biased about? Income taxes? Abortion? Gay marriage? Liberals or conservatives? Religious or agnostics? Rich or poor? White, black, Hispanic, or Asian? Americans, Europeans or Indian? Old or young? Married or single?

It’s okay to feel passionate about an issue or to be cautious with a group with which you’ve had negative experiences. But if you unfairly judge or act against someone because of your bias, you will need to balance it in future lifetimes.

Do you really want to incarnate as a disadvantaged person of the group you despise, or as the harshly negative image you project onto another? You don’t need to agree with a different viewpoint, but instead of judging, try to be fair and objective and understand their perspective.

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