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Spiritual Power: The Three Stages of Gratitude

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Everyone knows gratitude as thankfulness, though we also regard it as a process through which to increase spiritual power, thus get more out of life and progress toward self-actualization.

Commonly, those on the spiritual path to self-awareness experience three stages of gratitude.

The first stage of gratitude involves acknowledging there’s more to gratitude than merely maintaining good manners. As a child you learned (we hope) to say thank you. Later, as a mature adult, in the second stage you begin to recognize the power of gratitude. The third stage is a consistently strong expression of gratitude, to the point of it becoming a bridge to a more potent way of living.

While you may live in the third stage occasionally or even a lot of the time, it’s rare for a person to constantly be in this advanced stage of the expression of gratitude.

You’re not alone if you find yourself stuck in the second stage most of the time. It takes a lot of practice to exist in the third stage.

Below we list seven ways to express more gratitude:

1. Forgive anyone and everyone who has ever hurt you. Stop holding grudges, which extinguishes the power of gratitude and hurts you. Recognize that you’re not forgiving for their sake, but for yours. You’re not letting them off the hook because if it’s their karma to endure payback, the law of karma, in our view, will take care of it for you. You don’t have to forget, but it will serve you to forgive.

2. Consider the philosophy that everyone serves you perfectly. In doing so, it’s much easier to let go, forgive, and be appreciative of the experience for what it taught you.

3. Let go of your expectations. True gratitude doesn’t involve fixating on what you think you deserve. It’s about accepting the result of your efforts and whatever appears in your life, rewarding or challenging. Letting go of your expectations helps to strengthen the power of gratitude exponentially.

4. Start with the past. Go back to your childhood and family memories. Be ever so thankful for your parents, siblings, other family members, teachers, neighbors, and everyone else in your life. Be grateful for all the experiences, good and bad. They’re what helped make you what you are today, and you can use this spiritual technique–the power of gratitude–to make your life even more rewarding.

5. Focus on the little things. Little things can help to spark the momentum of gratitude, like a favorite pair of jeans, the pleasure of seeming to stop time through the process of writing or working on a project, that new health tip, or a new friend. Or how about being grateful for a good night’s sleep or a beautiful day? There’s a lot to be grateful for!

6. Emotionalize your gratitude. Feel it, don’t just think it. The energy of emotions behind gratitude magnifies its power. 

7. Make your health a priority. It’s a lot easier to maintain the flow of gratitude when you get enough rest, eat a healthful diet, and exercise regularly. Meditation also helps to keep you in the present and appreciate life rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

The three stages of the power of gratitude, realizing there’s more to gratitude than saying thank you, understanding its inherent potency and starting to capitalize on it, and then ultimately maintaining unwavering gratitude, enhances your spiritual power. Cultivate the power of gratitude, and its ally, faith, and advance to a higher quality of living.

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Spiritual Power: The Three Stages of Faith

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Faith, or having complete and unshakable confidence things will turn out okay, is a powerful spiritual practice. Along with gratitude, faith helps you make the most of your fate.

Typically, those on the path to self-actualization experience three stages of faith.

The first stage of faith involves realizing what it is and that it’s worthy of your focus. In the second stage, you know what it is, you understand the power of it, yet it’s a regular challenge to maintain it. The third stage is possessing faith so strong, it chases away anxiety and fear. While you may live in the third stage occasionally or even a lot of the time, it’s rare to constantly exist in this stage.

You can be sure you’re not alone if you’re usually camped in the second stage. For most people, it takes a lot of practice to spend most of your waking hours in the third stage.

Below we list seven ways to expedite your transition into a more permanent everyday third stage of faith:

1. Meditate daily. Even if you only do it for ten minutes a day, it helps you separate from the fears of your subconscious mind. You can’t shut down the thoughts of your subconscious, but you can gain peace and detach from the mind through meditation.

2. Simplify your life. The less clutter and useless activity you have in your life, the more you can focus on important things, such as your loved ones and goals.

3. Practice daily affirmations, such as “I always have enough.” Write them down and post them where you’ll see them, or create a daily reminder alert on your phone.

4. Avoid excess sugar, processed foods and oils, and other junk. You’ll be amazed how level-headed you feel, and how much easier it is to maintain faith, when you fuel your body with healthy choices.

5. Exercise regularly. The stronger your health and vitality, the greater your energy and the easier it is to rise above the poison arrows and little demons, and keep the faith.

6. Accept what you can’t change and focus on what you can change. When you make positive changes and your desired outcome is within your predetermined path, the power of faith, “acting as if,” will help you get there.

7. Bridge your faith by focusing on the desired outcome and how it will feel upon reaching that goal. For example, think of how you’ll feel when you’ve paid your rent on time or paid off your car loan. How will you celebrate?

A person who possesses infinite faith magnifies his optimism, increases his happiness, has a greater feeling of control in his life, and deals with life’s challenges more effectively. Tremendous faith can magically transform your life, within the boundaries of personal fate.

The three stages of faith–realizing it exists, understanding the power of it and attempting to apply it to every part of your life, and finally, maintaining unwavering faith–are ultimately about developing spiritual power. Cultivate the power of faith (and gratitude) as often as you can and watch your life change for the better.

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How to Use Gratitude to Your Advantage

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Gratitude is a powerful, even magical tool that you can use to improve your state of mind, deal with challenging situations, be more optimistic, and even transform your life.

When you accept a situation you can’t change, and even express gratitude for what it is teaching you, the situation will likely become easier to tolerate. Gratitude makes life more pleasant.

You can express gratitude for an unlimited number of things. Here are some examples below.

Instead of worrying about money, be grateful for what you do have. Be grateful you have something to eat and a place to sleep. Be grateful for the good ideas that will come to you that will help you generate more income. Be grateful for assistance from unexpected sources. Be grateful for new ways to save and make money. Be grateful that where there’s a will, there’s often a way, or at least an important spiritual lesson to be learned.

Instead of disliking parts of your face or body, be grateful for and focus on the parts you do like, change what you can, and accept what you can’t. Be grateful for your hair color, or the beautiful shade you will color it. Be grateful for your eyesight, your hearing, and your sense of taste and smell. Be grateful you have the option to eat a healthier diet and exercise so you can look and feel your best. Be grateful for the motivation to eat healthily and exercise. Be grateful for all the ways you’ll benefit from doing so.

Instead of worrying about your health, take your power back and be grateful for up-to-date, cutting-edge health information. Be grateful there’s often a natural and safe alternative to many ailments. Be grateful you will be able to heal.

Instead of feeling lonely because you’re single, be grateful for the good things about being single. Be grateful for your friends, pets, family, hobbies, and neighbors. Be grateful for what you’ve learned in past relationships. Be grateful you’re forgiving yourself and everyone else and letting go of the past.

Instead of being angry at someone, be grateful for what they are teaching you. Be grateful you’re taking the higher path so you avoid incurring karma. Be grateful you see the big picture and realize no one is really your enemy. Be grateful for all your teachers, and that you have the opportunity to make a difference in others’ lives too.

Instead of disliking your job, be grateful for what you learn and the money you earn. Be grateful for your boss and coworkers, even if they are impossible to deal with. Be grateful for work-related stress for what it teaches you, and that you can overcome it in creative ways.

Instead of worrying about a particular problem, be grateful you’ll find a solution.

Instead of fearing war, visualize and be grateful for, practice, and be an example of peace.

Instead of going through the same old routine every day, take a day off and make it a gratitude day. Do things you don’t normally do, even if it’s as simple as relaxing with a book. Express gratitude about everything, all day. By the end of the day you’ll have a fresh perspective about life and yourself.

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The Power of Gratitude

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“What if you gave someone a gift, and they neglected to thank you for it–would you be likely to give them another? Life is the same way. In order to attract more of the blessings that life has to offer, you must truly appreciate what you already have.” –Ralph Marsto

We believe gratitude is one of the most powerful spiritual tools at your disposal. Gratitude, instead of resentment, helps you cope with life’s challenges better, magnifies optimism, eases depression, increases happiness, makes you feel more in control, helps you achieve a higher level of well-being, and helps you feel like you are in the right place at the right time.

What are you grateful for? When you drop expectations of the way things “should” be and express more gratitude, your life will improve. We’ve found that being grateful can even dramatically transform your life, within the boundaries of your personal fate.

For example, if you feel stuck in a major rut, rather than resist, be grateful for the situation’s hidden opportunities. Accepting what you can’t change and being grateful for where you are in life will allow you to free yourself from the mental bondage and rise above the mundane challenges. Before you know it, you’ll be having more fun and be able to move beyond, or at least more easily deal with, that particular life test.

Use the following list as a starting point to express gratitude for where you are, everything in your life that you have (even if it’s not ideal or perfect for you right now–be grateful for how it is and what you like about it), and all the good that will be.

Be grateful for the following: the opportunity to be alive on Earth and to live where you do; choices in your life; the ability to communicate; the ability to think; the ability to read; the ability to express yourself; the ability to love; your health; your relationship or single status; your kids if you have them; your parents, relatives, friends, family, and pets.

Be grateful for opportunity for growth; life’s challenges that make you stronger; your hobbies; good books; opportunity to learn; emotions; passion; your intellect; your ability to forgive; and of course smiles.

Let’s remember to be grateful for the sun; flowers; gardens; green grass; trees trees; beautiful landscaping; nature; the forests; the deserts; the plains; the oceans; the ability to swim in the ocean; the beach; spring; summer; fall; and even winter.

Be grateful for entertainment, movies, theater, travel, your favorite music and performers, the ability to fly across the world on a jet, your favorite city, money, good sex, and love.

It’s a great idea to be grateful for the military that keeps you safe; cops for protecting you; firefighters for saving you; free enterprise; civil liberties; capitalism; economic growth; honest public officials; voting rights; democracy; and of course the U.S. Constitution (for those of you who are American citizens).

Express gratitude for ethnic foods; your favorite foods; your favorite restaurant; good sleep; exercise; meditation; yoga; and nutritional supplements.

Be grateful for your work, employees, boss, transportation, home, furniture, clothing, and your comfortable bed at night.

How about being grateful for technology, the Internet, email, and Google? We’re sure you can think of many more things for which to be grateful.

To make the most of your gratitude, we suggest you bond it to another dynamic spiritual energy: faith. Gratitude and faith can be used together as one of the most potent spiritual forces available to you, even when things are not going the way you had hoped they would. Cultivate the use of these forces as often as you can and then watch your life change for the better.

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