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Hypnosis Myths Part I

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Hypnosis is perhaps most widely (and falsely) known as the state of being helplessly under the control of another person’s suggestions, such as in an entertaining stage show. Too many people incorrectly assume hypnosis is dangerous, But the truth about Hypnosis is quite different.

You may not realize you’ve experienced a hypnotic state many times, such as when letting your mind wander while driving a long, familiar route. That feeling of losing track of time while zoning out, which is similar to hypnosis, isn’t dangerous.

Hypnosis can be invaluable in modifying unconscious fears such as fear of flying, and can help in goal-achievement by coaxing your subconscious mind to align with your conscious goals. Hypnosis MP3 audios, a form of self-hypnosis, are especially effective if used regularly and over a long period of time.

“I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies, for the hardest victory is over self.” – Aristotle

“My doctor told me it’s necessary to seek out a licensed professional with advanced training from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, otherwise hypnosis is too dangerous. Is this true?”

No. Hypnosis as a means of healing and self-knowledge has been in existence long before the medical industry tried to hijack it. Mere common sense will keep you safe, such as don’t use self-hypnosis (e.g. MP3 audios) while driving or operating heavy machinery.

“Though the doctors treated him, let his blood, and gave him medications to drink, he nevertheless recovered.” ― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

Hypnosis doesn’t make a person give up their will—nobody will do something they don’t really want to do, such as embarrass themselves, or worse, commit a crime. Unless it’s being mixed with a cocktail of mind-altering drugs, like during a covert three-letter agency interrogation while the subject is strapped to a steel chair in the basement of a safe house, hypnosis is as harmless as watching TV.

Hypnosis can be uncomfortable since it has the ability to uncover subconscious memories (and not false ones as long as the therapist isn’t using leading questions), and get to the root of stubborn subconscious fears and defense patterns. Such an eye-opening experience can be unsettling, but you don’t need a doctor to face the truth and your mind typically won’t show you anything you’re not ready to perceive. A therapist can help talk you through your issues, but hypnotism is safe to use without any certification.

Sometimes conscious beliefs and understanding can be at great odds with the subconscious mind, which generates conflict. For example, even though you’re single and may consciously desire a relationship, if your unconscious mind associates love life relationships with pain and adversity, it will do everything in its power (despite your conscious wishes) to generate circumstances to keep you single.

Your collective subconscious mind, with all of your unique fears and defenses (everyone has his or her own unique set) is always in survival mode, and mostly illogical like a fearful child. For instance, as you attempt to detach from your mind through meditation, your subconscious abruptly sends you the message that you forgot to close the garage door–anything to get you to avoid meditation and maintain control over your life.

Generating rational fears too (e.g. look both ways before crossing the street), it certainly protects you from danger in the world, but it can also irrationally block you from what you want.

Subconscious thinking must match conscious wishes to reach goals quickly, and this is one way hypnosis can be very useful; subliminal programming helps to coax your subconscious mind to go along with your conscious plans.

You can’t consciously control unconscious functioning and impressions, which largely direct your behavior, but hypnosis can help to modify many subconscious fears, like fear of success or abandonment. You can’t rid yourself of many fears and defenses, but you can learn to live with them through hypnosis and subliminal programming.

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5 Ways to Deal With Feeling Trapped in a Relationship

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Many people feel trapped in a relationship, yet fail to do anything about it.

The reasons for staying stuck are numerous, including assuming it’s better for the children to stay, illness or lack of physical mobility or stamina, financial restrictions, fear of retaliation, fear of being single, fear of losing half of one’s assets, and fear of being part of a “failed” relationship.

Open and honest communication is the most recommended way to deal with feeling trapped in a relationship. But what if you’ve tried that and it didn’t work, or being too candid about how you feel isn’t an option, and you can’t leave yet for whatever reason?

Here are five other ways to help you deal with such a situation:

1) Focus on yourself and your passions instead of the relationship. If you’ve tried repairing your relationship but it hasn’t worked or she’s just not interested, it’s time to do what makes you happy. After you take care of your responsibilities such as work, caring for the children, paying bills and doing household chores, use the rest of your time to do what you want to do.Develop your independence and see yourself as an individual rather than half of a couple.

2) Use Subliminal MP3 audios. This technology can help you with almost any goal, including overcoming the perception of being trapped in a relationship. For example, sometimes just a boost of confidence, sense of humor, or self-love will make it much easier to deal with your situation. If the relationship is salvageable, a subliminal MP3 audio to improve your relationship can make a world of difference.

3) Utilize hypnosis. Many people are scared of hypnosis, thanks to silly hypnosis stage shows and movies. Essentially hypnosis is just a deep state of relaxation. In fact, you’ve been hypnotized many times without even realizing it, like when watching TV or driving a familiar route. Hypnosis can change your perception of your partner and relationship for the better, and even uncover childhood memories that may be interfering with your relationship now. You can see a trained hypnotist, or use one of many hypnosis MP3 audios available for specific relationship and personality issues.

4) Try Past Life Regression. What do past lives have to do with your current relationship? A lot, according to people who have uncovered past life issues that carried over to their current love life. The theory of reincarnation is directly related to the theory of karma, which means many of the pleasant and not so pleasant situations in your life now might be the result of your actions in past lives–not as a punishment, but to learn and grow. Even if you don’t believe in past lives, the process of past life regression can help you by perceiving it as symbolism. With the right past life therapist or MP3 audio, your mind will help you “go back to the cause,” perceive it, accept it, and release it. Past life regression can be an extremely freeing and empowering experience.

5) Free yourself from unseen negative energy with Spiritual Detox. Sometimes relationship problems are the result of negative energy. Once you remove it from your energy field and know how to spiritually protect yourself, you’ll both feel more at peace and loving, and less combative.

As dreadful as feeling trapped in a relationship is, even if you can’t change your partner, you do have the ability to change your perception of the situation and these methods will help.

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