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Can Two People Be Incompatible?

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Sometimes people are drawn together like magnets, yet the compatibility is questionable. It’s not smooth sailing to say the least, and trying to make it permanent is akin to strapping a 45lb weight to your back for the rest of your life.

Might the inability to part ways, the intense draw, be a mysterious working of fate? Yes. “Soul mate” connections very often include plenty of strife and heavy lessons, without the presumed romantic bliss.

Based on our comprehensive astrology and numerology work, two people can absolutely be incompatible, yet they may stay together for other reasons. Know that person A might have great overall compatibility with person B, but not with person C. Varying, unique degrees of intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical and sexual compatibility exist between every couple.

Despite a lack of compatibility, some such couples say no amount of effort is too much to save a relationship if they are deeply in love. We recommend looking at what “deeply in love” really means to you.

What exactly do you feel for the person and why? Is there an early life, dysfunctional dynamic being played out for either or both of you? Is the connection held together by guilt due to one or both of you being afraid to walk away? Exactly how much sacrifice is involved for you or him? Is it really a great connection, or is it more about what they do for you or voids they fill for you? Are you afraid to be alone? Are you concerned about financial security? You’ve got to be brutally honest with yourself if you want clarity.

Every person you meet is for a different reason, or reasons. It’s not easy to overrule your heart and be totally objective in your romantic life, but it will save you heartache. Dating is easier when you accept each situation for what it is instead of trying to cast a play (husband or wife role, provider, etc.).

To help you understand more about romantic compatibility, we’ll list some of our findings. We have yet to invalidate the following considerations through our extensive work over the years: some romantic connections include questionable compatibility, but the shared or compatible timing (long-term or short-term) serves as the foundation of the draw; some connections are horrible, but the “unexplainable” draw is intense and serves to help them fulfill the karmic implications of this particular “soul mate” connection (one or both “owe” each other in not so pleasant ways); some people have great life-long love karma, some people have fair life-long love karma, and others have terrible life-long love karma; one’s personal timing (long-term and, or short-term), if very good in relation to love-life, can symbolically, somewhat mitigate one’s life-long challenging love-life karma; one’s personal timing, if very challenging in connection with love, can symbolically wreck one’s love life even if they have great life-long love karma (as reflected in the patterns in the comprehensive charts).

We feel that a highly compatible match does not need a lot of “work” or compromise. If you are complete by yourself and have your life together, finding someone to share it with should not require you to give up your goals, friends, hobbies, or what you’ve worked hard for.

At the same time, compatible, harmonious matches that also share a high degree of sexual chemistry are few and far between for most people. Some people would rather be with someone who is semi-compatible, or not compatible at all instead of being alone. Others are content to be alone and concentrate on other areas of their life, like career, until they meet someone they feel is worth sharing their time with. It’s up to you, yet our work tells us that people are largely going to do what they are predestined to do, so as long as you remain objective and respond with compassion and unconditional love, you’ll be fine.

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