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Why Inequality is Not What it Seems

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“Income inequality” has been a popular topic in the news lately. Some say that those who make more money should give to those who have less to “even the playing field.”

From the standpoint of karma and reincarnation, there is no such thing as inequality. Life is not supposed offer equal outcomes (equal rights are another matter). Everyone is experiencing what they need to for their soul growth and, or for karmic reasons; like it or not (and we risk angry e-mails every time we mention this), you’ve earned much (not all) of the “good” and “bad” in your life through your past life actions.

We’re all for helping the disadvantaged with intelligent and reasonable solutions, but in our opinion, confiscating large portions of wealth from those who earned it legally, just because they have more, is unfair and it will also create negative karma. To demonstrate how we think forced wealth distribution is a bad idea, here are some similar solutions to some of life’s other inequalities (and often karmic circumstances).

Looks. Effective immediately, all good-looking people must wear bags over their heads and contribute to a cosmetic surgery fund for the appearance disadvantaged.

Weight. Everyone who makes an effort to exercise and eat healthily must stop. They are also required to eat a quota of junk food and drag the unmotivated to the gym.

Style. Do you always manage to look your best? Not anymore. You now must dress sloppily and refrain from any form of hair or clothing improvements.

Friends and family. Do you have great friendships or a loving family? Sorry, it’s not fair because many don’t. From this point forward, you must include the socially disadvantaged in your circle and do things to offend and alienate family members.

Grades. It’s wonderful that you’ve worked hard to achieve that stellar GPA, but you’re making others feel scholastically inferior. Your grades will now be shared with those who haven’t made an effort or people whose memories are not as photographic.

Boobs. It’s not fair of you to show off what you were born with or bought. Anyone caught doing so will be fined and forced to contribute to a fund to help the less endowed.

Love. How dare you! You’re happily involved when so many aren’t. You must now either share your relationship with someone less fortunate, or end it forever.

Money. Are you angry that you have less than the “fat cats?” Do you think they are greedy and should share their wealth with you? You have a lot more than the truly poor in impoverished, third world nations, so from this point forward, you will be required to share a large portion of your income with those less fortunate people.

Author J.K. Rowling went from poverty to billionaire status with her books and movies. Does anyone in their right mind call her prosperity in the free market, a fair exchange with willing fans, a “social injustice?”

If you “have not” and are furious at the “haves” (and we’re not talking about the “have”-thieves; the vast majority of “haves” are honorable) it’s likely that this “inequality” is karmic for you. Guess what you were like in a past life? Life doesn’t owe you, it’s perfectly fair, and nobody deserves a “participation trophy” just for showing up.

Envy is ugly. Be grateful for what you do have and do what you can to help others with your time, wisdom, or in other ways. The good karma will come back to you.

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