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Spiritual Law and Criminal Law Conflict–5 Examples

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Spiritual law dictates you are free to act as you desire, as long as you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else. However, many existing U.S. laws and the never-ending enactment of new criminal laws and regulations seriously threatens, even blocks, the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This dynamic isn’t exclusive to America. Plenty of other countries maintain questionable legal standards.

Disclaimer: The following article is in no way meant to promote any kind of illegal activity and we recommend living within the legal guidelines of society. Our intention is to encourage constructive debate about individual freedoms and the law.

Most people would agree that a murderer, rapist, kidnapper, or embezzler should be punished. But what about crimes in which nobody is harmed? If no karma is generated, from a spiritual perspective, it’s not a crime. In other words, you won’t have to balance the so-called criminal act in a future life.

Below we list what many believe are archaic prohibitions that should be abolished.

1. Can you believe that homosexuality is still punished by death in some countries? Imagine what will happen to those who support and enforce these rules–think eye for an eye, in karmic terms. Note–karma isn’t always straightforward; some punished for homosexuality today, for example, may have chosen on a soul level to serve as an example to bring awareness to the issue and support human rights. Others, unfortunately, are balancing their karma. To those who suggest this is a cruel viewpoint, we’re simply relaying the results of our long-term empirical research.

2. Bootlegging alcohol in America used to be a criminal act. Produce and sell a product to adults there’s a demand for, and you get thrown in the slammer. Thankfully, America realized it was a losing battle and legalized booze after a spell of prohibition. Meanwhile, the futile war on drugs continues to waste billions of taxpayer dollars; It’s still illegal to traffic dope.

3. We avoid all drugs and continue to warn people about the spiritual side effects of drug use. But what adults choose to consume should be their business. Regarding children and drugs, it’s up to parents, not the government, to educate their kids about the dangers of drug use, and drugs will exist whether they’re legal or not.

4. Jane, a sex-worker, and John, a client, both got caught in an outlandishly expensive taxpayer funded sting operation. Even though they were both only trading sex for money, what some married people do legally, the cops locked Jane and John in a cage. After thousands of dollars in attorney fees, their lives are ruined because of private behavior between consenting adults. It may be a criminal offense (championed by busy-body, puritanical control freaks), but according to spiritual law, Jane and John are innocent.

5. There is no shortage of prudes and those who benefit from crazy laws (e.g. lawyers from the dark side). Going topless is illegal for women in many countries. “But the children!” anti-nudity advocates cry. Excuse us, but aren’t breasts for kids anyway? Although it may be a crime to be topless at the beach, spiritual law dictates that you can be topless anywhere and not incur negative karma.

While we support laws and regulations that protect individuals from harm, criminal laws that take away individual freedoms are against spiritual law.

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Reincarnation–9 Signs You Have Not Lived Before

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Have you lived previous lives? About two-thirds of the world’s population believes in reincarnation. Disbelievers reject the concept of reincarnation, though how many of them have investigated the concept objectively?

The “I’m just a hunk of meat with a brain– no soul” types (typically atheists) completely ignore, or aren’t even aware of, the important reincarnation research done by Dr. Ian Stevenson and other professionals in the field.

Are you skeptical about reincarnation? Good, because that’s better than automatically rejecting or embracing a concept about which you’re not fully informed.

The more you objectively explore the theory of reincarnation, especially through past life regression, the more it becomes harder not to at least consider it as a possibility. You can’t bring back physical proof from past life regression, but sometimes what you perceive, your emotional reactions, and what seem like strange coincidences during and after the experience, will make proving it seem insignificant.

However, even people who believe in reincarnation, even when it’s a basic tenet of their religion, don’t always live their life as if it is valid. It’s unfortunate, because if they did, there would be a lot less crime and people hurting other people in the world.

Does everyone reincarnate? It seems likely, based on our empirical research, but we’re not ruling out the possibility that some people on Earth are not in the usual cycle of reincarnation, for various reasons.

For those who refuse to even consider that the concept of reincarnation might be valid, below is a list of 10 signs you’ve never reincarnated.

1) You’ve never had any natural and unexplainable talents or interests.

2) You’ve never had any unexplainable phobias or fears.

3) You’ve never experienced unexplainable and intense love, hate, like, or dislike at first sight.

4) All your family and work relationships are perfectly harmonious and always have been from the start.

5) You are not naturally drawn to or repulsed by any particular time period, food, tradition, religion, and, or country for no obvious reason.

6) You’ve never been to a city or building for the first time and experienced deja vu and knew your way around.

7) You’ve never had any dreams of being in a different body or speaking a different language in a different time and place.

8) You never felt passionate about a certain cause for no logical reason. Or, you’re not an advocate of animal rights, the poor, women’s rights, or racial or sexual orientation equality, that angrily and sometimes intolerantly, hypocritically and unfairly fights for your cause. Ironically, these unreasonable types see the world as they are, not as it is, and were the type of person in a past life that they point their finger at today. Note: we are grateful and have great respect for those who work fairly, peacefully, and diplomatically for equal rights for all and for those who crusade to make this world a better place.

9) You’ve experienced past life regression more than once, suspended your skepticism enough to allow the process to work, and followed all the directions of the practitioner or MP3, yet you did not perceive anything at all, during or after the experience, that might indicate you soul has lived before.

Did you agree with all of these? If so, go ahead and behave as if you will not be held accountable for your actions. After all, there’s no such thing as reincarnation and karma, right?

“Whether or not we believe in survival of consciousness after death, reincarnation, and karma, it has very serious implications for our behavior.” Stanislav Grof

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9 Examples of Passing Your Spiritual Tests

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Are you passing your spiritual tests? We believe everyone frequently has the opportunity to pass spiritual tests, and in the process create a better world and good karma for the future.

Sometimes it’s not easy, but if you do the right thing and respond with honesty, unconditional love, and tolerance, you’ll pass the spiritual test.

Don’t feel bad if you sometimes fail a spiritual test because everyone is here to learn and that’s part of the process. As long as you make an effort you will reap the benefits in the future.

Below are examples of how to best handle spiritual tests.

1) While out with a group of friends, several of them gossip about a woman across the crowded bar, judging her for being “easy.” You happen to know her and that she’s a very kind person. Instead of keeping your mouth shut in order to keep the peace, you speak up, defend the woman, and call out your friends for projecting their sexual shame onto her.

2) You’ve tried to get along with that coworker of yours, but he always manages to push your buttons and strike when you least expect it. Instead of striking back, you detach, try your best not to take his actions personally, and accept him for the jerk that he is.

3) While shopping one day, a man walks by and accidentally drops his wallet full of cash. He looks loaded and you could really use the money, but you remind yourself that you’re not entitled to a stranger’s money unless they give it to you. You pick up the wallet, run after him, and hand it back.

4) Your ex-husband treated you horribly, but you never speak badly about him in front of the children, even though you’re aware that he does. It’s painful at times, but you hold your tongue and remind yourself that they’ll realize the truth when they’re older.

5) You have the option to lie about your sexual orientation and date the opposite sex, but you decide it would be selfish and unfair to deceive someone in order to hide your true orientation. Instead, you gather your courage, care less what others think, and live your life the way you really want to.

6) You fell out of love with him years ago. Instead of staying because of the money and having an affair with the other man you’ve fallen for, you’re honest with your husband and set him free so he can find someone more compatible.

7) You’ve experienced a lot of racism and you have no tolerance for it. However, when an acquaintance is accused of racism and you know it’s not true, you defend her. You understand that it would be unfair and unwise to use anyone in an attempt to stop racism.

8) A coworker and friend is accused of something she didn’t do. You know the truth, but if you speak out, it could jeopardize your job. Instead of saying nothing and allowing her to suffer, you tell your boss the truth.

9) You’re in love with your girlfriend but one day you check her phone while she’s in the shower and discover she’s been cheating. You have the opportunity to expose some nasty secrets to her boss and get her fired, but you know that revenge would only create negative karma. Instead, you bite the bullet, accept her infidelity and that it will take you some time to get over the betrayal and pain, and move on.

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Reincarnation and Love Life–7 Past Life Scenarios Dooming Your Love Life Today

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According to the theory of reincarnation, your past life actions have much to do with the state of your love life today.

You know the saying: what goes around, comes around. Our findings show your actions now are likely to come back to you in one of your future lives instead of in this life.

However, just because your love life isn’t great now, doesn’t mean you were a terrible person in past lives. Past life circumstances, many of which are merely the collateral damage of dealing with life events the best you can, set the scene for today’s challenges. Also, a perfect love life wouldn’t allow you to learn your life lessons.

Below we include seven examples of how past lives can affect one’s current love life.

1. A thirteenth century AD monk devoted his life to religious doctrine, and one of the key tenets he embraced was celibacy. He was entirely devoted to his religion and also lived several future lives under similar circumstances as a monk, priest, or related role.

In his current life, his soul chose to focus on matters other than religion and spirituality, including romantic love and partnerships. Unfortunately, he struggles with his love life because over the past several centuries he became very accustomed to living as an ascetic, shunning sex and romantic love. He has an ingrained subconscious belief that sex is bad, something to be avoided, so he’s constantly pushing away opportunities and is subsequently frustrated and confused.

2. In the late 1700s, she lived a life as a very beautiful handmaiden who served the royal court. She was a devoted servant and hard worker, but she also carried on multiple affairs with the royal gentlemen of the court. She didn’t initiate any of the affairs, but she didn’t fight off the advances either. Unfortunately, the ladies of the court discovered their husbands’ involvement with her and she was banished. She carried that guilt to her grave.

Today, she can’t figure out why almost every man she’s involved with cheats on her. The fallout is always a spectacular train crash, destroying her friendships too, as her romantic partners tend to cheat with her close friends.

3. He wasn’t the kindest man in his past life as a Roman politician. Only the finest would do for him, including his insistence that the ladies with whom he socialized and his marriage partner be high-born. He shunned many fine women who simply didn’t happen to hold the level of status he thought necessary.

Today, he’s working his way up the corporate ladder and although he’s extremely successful, he never forgets his humble beginnings. Virtually every woman he meets and dates happens to be well-to-do. But he can’t figure out why they all dump him just when he’s thinking it could turn into something serious.

4. His past life as a fierce warrior included many triumphs, though toward the end of his mercenary career he had a split-second decision to make in the heat of battle and inadvertently massacred his fellow warrior’s (one of his best buddies) wife. The event devastated him and he died with an enormous amount of guilt, even though he did the best he could under the circumstances.

Today, in this life, his wife died when she was hit by a drunk driver.

5. She wasn’t a bad person in her series of lifetimes of being moderately to very wealthy. However, her excessive pride and arrogance, particularly about her children, set her up for a big fall in this life–she is infertile.

6.Though he worked hard, he lost his wife and seven of their eight kids due to famine during his 7th century AD lifetime.

Today, he’s a workaholic and his love relationships usually end, to his disappointment, because he has a major aversion to the idea of being married and having a family.

7. She’s had many lifetimes where it was customary to have many lovers.

Now that she’s in a society where life-long monogamy is expected, she struggles. To her, it just does not feel natural to have only one lover throughout her entire life.

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Reincarnation: 7 Past Life Circumstances Influencing Your Net Worth

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According to the theory of reincarnation, your past life behavior has a lot to do with the current state of your finances today.

Most people are acquainted with the basic concept of karma: whatever you do now will come back to you in the future, though our findings show it’s more likely to come back to you in a future life.

Anti-prosperity thoughts and actions from past lives have much more of an impact on life circumstances than most people realize.

This isn’t to suggest that the legions of people on this planet struggling with poverty and hunger were terrible people in past lives. Nor do we mean to imply that being wealthy is always a karmic reward or is always preferable to more moderate means.We don’t believe in a judging God that punishes you for your sins or hands out rewards. The poor and disadvantaged (their souls, not their personalities) may have chosen to experience hardship for any number of reasons.

Below we list seven sample past life circumstances that have a significant bearing on personal net worth in this life:

1. “It’s a sin to be rich. Poverty is next to godliness,” said the devout monk in the 5th century monastery. It was a way of life for him and he carried the philosophy forward into several lifetimes.

In this life, he’s an artist, and although he’s talented and just as devoted to his craft as he was in days of old, the same mindset about poverty covertly poisons his financial state. He may consciously desire more money, but his subconscious belief about how being rich is a sin plays a major role in his lack of financial success.

2. In her most recent past life she struggled against a wealthy competitor and became convinced that rich people are evil. She carried that conviction to her grave.

Today, she’s once again an upstanding, honest individual, yet can never get ahead financially: her subconscious will do anything to keep her from becoming rich because it believes that if you are rich, you are evil.

3. In a series of past lives, her wealth included vast responsibilities, which became a deadly burden.

Today, she has a hidden fear that wealth leads to demise through heavy obligations, so her unconscious mind keeps her poor.

4. She gambled away the family estate in a past life, and today she’s excessively driven to be financially successful. However, no matter how much money she makes, her spendthrift family members keep her from maintaining a significant net worth.

5. He abused his position of power as a 3rd century meddling bureaucrat and negatively affected many industries.

He’s still paying back the karma. His main gripe today is that those in power make too much money and are blocking his career success as he barely survives, paycheck to paycheck.

6. She was very wealthy in a past life, but bandits targeted her castle in a raid and murdered her family. She died holding the beliefthat if she had only been of modest means, her family would still be alive.

Today she can’t seem to break out of the middle class, no matter what she tries.

7. Military nobility in ancient times and through recent centuries, such as the elite Japanese Samurai and most classes of European warriors in the Middle Ages, detested merchants.

A soul that thrived in warrior lifetimes, while consistently despising traders, has decided to incarnate, in part, to learn more about non-military callings. Unfortunately, his time in the corporate world is fraught with battles involving some of the same merchants he loathed and worked against in past lives, curbing his financial success.

Although our findings show that personal fate is the number one determinant of financial standing, we believe negative, karmic thought impressions (also sometimes part of immutable fate) carried over into this life also have implications.

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6 Explanations Why Good Things Happen to Bad People

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Why do good things happen to bad people?

An arrogant, cruel actor wins an Academy Award while many seemingly more deserving, talented actors never get noticed.

A ruthless business tycoon successfully builds a billion dollar empire while many ethical business owners fail.

The nasty broad who drinks and smokes lives a long life, while the ever-pleasant sweetheart who leads a very healthy lifestyle dies of cancer at a young age.

A two-faced sociopath inherits $20 million while other people are penniless.

Your enemy, a backstabbing, dishonest, terrible human being, gets the job you wanted.

The demonic, menace to society couple has two beautiful children, while you can’t get pregnant.

A promiscuous woman falls in love and enjoys a wonderful marriage while many good girls are unable to find Mr. Right.

The reasons for these seemingly unfair situations vary, but below are some possible explanations.

1) The person might not be as bad as you perceive them to be. Contrary to what a surprising large number of people believe, sleeping around doesn’t make you a bad person unless you’re intentionally hurting someone or yourself in the process.

There’s no such thing as a puritanical love fairy that rewards celibate people with good relationships.

How well do you know the billionaire who is alleged to be heartless or the actor who isn’t known for his interpersonal skills? Despite what you hear in the media, if you’ve never met someone, it’s impossible to know their personality.

2) Good and bad things happen to all people. Not getting what you want in life is not a punishment; our findings show it’s merely not part of your predestination in this life. Getting what you work for is rewarding, but you may not always get what you want. Your soul has lived many lives, not just one. This life is not a stand-alone experience.

3) No one gets away with anything. Even though it may sometimes seem like only good things happen to people who do bad things, this is only your perception and they’ll have to balance their actions eventually, usually not until future lives.

4) A pact with the devil. Just as it’s possible to call upon positive helpers of the Light, such as angels and guides, for insight and assistance in reaching your goals, you can do the same with dark or demonic entities. Caution! While help from the Light is unconditional, it’s anything but with the dark side; you’ll be enslaved to them indefinitely.

5) Is it luck? You make your own “luck” through hard work and determination. If someone is behaving badly, rest assured they are creating plenty of bad “luck” for their future incarnations.

6) It’s karmic. Just as you can only see the tip of a giant iceberg above the water, sometimes all the effort that went into a certain goal is not obvious. Many “over night successes” took lifetimes of effort. The general inclination of your life circumstances today is based on yourpast life, and or in-between life actions.

While it may sometimes seem like there’s no use in being a good person because good things happen to bad people, don’t follow their examples; treat others well and you’ll create positive situations for your future.

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5 Politically Correct Myths About Karma

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You want to avoid creating negative karma if you’re like us and believe that whatever you intend, say or do comes back to you.

We’re confident that our long-term empirical research with past life regression and interpreting personal fate through comprehensive astrology and numerology, has enlightened us about what we believe to be the law of karma.

Even if you don’t share our theories, you still want to do the right thing in all situations, assuming you have a conscience.

Over the years we’ve read and heard about what we interpret as a lot of myths about karma.

Below we list five politically correct myths about karma.

Myth Number 1: “A person who wants to become famous and wealthy for selfish reasons instead of wanting to inspire and help others heal and share their wealth with those less fortunate is doomed. The karmic consequences of such selfishness is to lose it all and suffer disgrace.”

Does anyone really believe that wanting to be rich and famous just for the sake of being rich and famous will condemn you to poverty and dishonor? It sounds like absolute rubbish to us, embraced by those who have financial hang-ups.

We’ve said it many times: there’s nothing wrong with the desire for financial abundance. It’s perfectly spiritually acceptable. What’s important is what you do with your wealth and how you treat others. There are countless shining examples of wealthy individuals who give a lot of money to charity.

“People acting in their own self-interest is the fuel for all the discovery, innovation, and prosperity that powers the world.” John Stossel

In truth, most, if not all people who achieve their goals of becoming rich and famous acted in their own self-interest; it won’t make you incur negative karma by doing so.

Myth Number 2: “Your free will can change your fate greatly.”

This assertion is in dire need of clarification. Our findings firmly show that your free will can only alter the fate of your future lives, not this life.

Most of your fate in this life–we believe 75% of the core circumstances and events in your life–is unchangeable and you’re powerless to alter it. It may sound depressing, but cheer up, because that 75% includes the rewarding things in life too, and you have free will to make the most of your circumstances through your attitude, grace, unconditional love, and forgiveness.

Myth Number 3: “You decide your fate by your decisions and faith and nothing is set in stone.”

This is another one that needs clearing up. Fate is not like an entree you choose from a menu. Your core life circumstances in this life are due to your actions in prior lives, even if you don’t remember them. Your decisions now won’t change your ultimate fate in this life, but they can shape your future life fate. Also, we believe faith is important, but it won’t alter your personal karma and fate in this life.

It’s always amusing to us when we hear, “nothing is set in stone.” It’s the mantra of those who want an easy out if their predictions don’t manifest, deny that personal adversity exists and, or haven’t done the work necessary to witness the recurring correlation between patterns (in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts) and key circumstances and events in people’s lives.

Myth Number 4: “Ascension is happening on the planet so instant karma is happening, as is co-creation, which allows you to bypass bad karma.”

We believe “ascension” is New Age nonsense and the law of karma isn’t changing at all–the basic tenet remains the same.

What you do today won’t catch up to you any sooner because of a New Age myth called ascension. Karma, both good and bad, always catches up to you, in time.

Also, you’ve always been “co-creating,” from the moment of your first lifetime, eons ago. You create your reality by how you view and deal with your life situations. You can’t erase or bypass negative karma. You must balance it directly.

Myth Number 5: “Most of us are on our last lifetime, so the karma is almost balanced.”

As much as we would like this to be true, nothing in our research points to this notion. The reality is that most people have many more lifetimes to endure.

Life is not easy. But understanding, what we believe to be, the reality of karma will make it much easier to endure.

More articles about karma here.

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The Truth About Rewriting Your Soul Contract

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The notion of rewriting your soul contract is about eliminating life’s challenges and getting what you want in a snap. We believe it’s impossible to rewrite your soul contract, though you do have free will to respond positively to it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to suddenly live the life of your dreams and never again have any challenges? We applaud you for going after your dreams, but challenges are part of life. Without them you don’t learn and grow.

We can hear it now–legions of New Age enthusiasts calling for our heads. We get lots of hate e-mails due to our writings, but we insist on telling you the truth about what we’ve found on our spiritual journey since the late 1980s, rather than pandering to you to increase sales.

Our role may not be to deliver inspiration, but we strive to offer spiritual truth.

The notion of rewriting your soul contract is marketed in the spiritual arena as a cure-all to life’s problems, like waving a magic wand. The claims span from slight life alterations to instantly eliminating massive burdens like terminal diseases.

Carnival barkers will always exist, but aren’t you glad you have people like us to remind you of reality?

We acknowledge that a positive attitude, faith, and gratitude can work wonders in dealing with life’s problems, but unfortunately, you must work through your karma to balance it. There is no magic bullet.

By all means, do everything you can to overcome life’s challenges, aim high, and enjoy life to the fullest, but don’t be disappointed if you can’t avoid the approximately 75% of fated circumstances and events in your life.

Below we list five things you’ll have an easier time doing than altering your soul contract:

1. Become instantly sober after drinking several alcoholic drinks. Just pray to the Booze Gods and ask for forgiveness. What’s that, you say, they’re not listening? You’ve got to pray harder.

2. Look exactly like you did when you were age twenty-one, at age fifty. Just pray to the Youth Gods and get your grove back.

Actually, you can look far younger than your age. Use your free will and discipline to do anti-aging exercises like yoga and high intensity interval training (rather than long-distance running, for example), and avoid consuming things that age the body, like sugar and junk food.

3. Is someone in your life driving you crazy? A neighbor, coworker, your boss, or a family member? Get rid of them, legally and within spiritual law, by calling on the Exile Gods and they’ll be gone in minutes.

4. Quickly have a rewarding and lucrative career, without the hassles of any training, advanced degrees, major set-backs, or hard work! It’s easy and simple! Just pray to the Life Purpose Gods and they’ll make sure you get whatever you want!

In reality, you do have free will to follow your passions and develop and share your talents. If your career path is destined to earn you a high income, that’s a bonus, but wealth is secondary to how you deal with your spiritual lessons.

5. Take your relationship back to the honeymoon phase, even if you can’t stand the sight of each other!

Fortunately, you do have free will to make the most of your love life. Sometimes that means accepting someone as they are, admitting your faults and, or moving on.

Life demands discipline, effort, and patience, and there is no easy way out of your soul contract, even if you make daily contact with your spiritual guides.

What about people who decide to make changes and then overcome difficulties? We believe the options to overcome the difficulties and their efforts were destined. They did not “create” anything that wasn’t already part of their contract.

Sometimes you need to endure difficult times, as harsh as that may sound, because the spiritual reasons outweigh the mundane. Some spiritual lessons are easy, some are rewarding, and many are challenging.

How you embrace your lessons is vital. Even though you can’t completely rewrite your soul contract after reincarnating, detachment, acceptance, faith, gratitude, confidence, and joy make it much easier to deal with it. Do the best you can and you’ll pass your life tests with flying colors.

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What You Need to Know About Spirituality and Accountability

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Spirituality and accountability go hand in hand; you reap what you sow. It may not catch up to you in this life, but based on our empirical research,we believe it will eventually.

Unfortunately, we sometimes encounter people on the spiritual path who seem to rationalize bad behavior.

For example, someone lives well beyond her means as an irresponsible spendthrift. Incredulously, she believes the solution to her financial troubles includes hiring a lawyer and filing for bankruptcy, along with praying to the “gods of karma” (the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus) for forgiveness to “re-write” her soul contract.

Off the hook forever? No way.

Even if she forgives herself for the losses she caused others, she’ll have to pay back those debts eventually, even if it’s several lifetimes from now. Our findings regularly show us there is no escape from personal accountability, no matter how you rationalize it.

We recently received the following, related e-mail: “Now I realize that karma is another belief system linked to the ego believing it’s in control. I as the personality am not responsible for any of my actions -source is. Whatever I do I’m innocent. No guilt, no karma. For the past six months I have been in a state of bliss, while still remaining in the world and still playing some roles (like watching tv). I went on a vision quest two weeks ago, and the 72 hours spent alone in the woods I did not exist and had switched to being consciousness. Since returning that has continued and i spend hours a day as complete silence here, but not here, as nothing and everything.”

This person believes she has no personal responsibility and no karma. Does that mean she acts on every impulse, no matter the consequences? That’s a frightening notion. Violent criminals and other undesirables frequently hold the same conviction: innocent no matter what, no karma. These are the same people who lack a conscience and play the role of the victim when things don’t go their way.

She seems to think that she incarnated just for the fun of it, like she’s in an amusement park and life has no meaning, no higher purpose. She rejects personal accountability, karma, and personal adversity, as if she’s a two-year-old who is only concerned with her needs and desires. We recommend avoiding living like this, as you’ll cause harm to others and incur negative karma.

One of the benefits of taking responsibility for yourself and your actions is that it’s empowering. You can’t become a truly wise and spiritually aware person without doing so.

An aside, the writer mentioned she went on a vision quest and that she “did not exist” for 72 hours. Commonly, vision quests involve mind-altering drugs, which we recommend you avoid. There’s always a price to pay for such a trip, often more than one, such as a disconnection from one’s spirituality or higher self, depression and anxiety, an inability to perceive people, situations and your life realistically, and the risk of spirit or demonic possession. Life on Earth is difficult enough, but when you handicap yourself with drugs and it can become unbearable.

While we agree that much in life is fated, we believe you are always accountable in a karmic sense for your actions.‪ Imagine a world in which everyone lived this way. We can dream, can’t we?

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Examples of Karma – True of False Part II

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After years of many past life regressions, we’ve learned to accept karma as a fact of life, and something that influences everyone, even if they don’t believe in it.

We believe that many people don’t understand the real meaning of karma, which is a reaction from an action that was most often in a past life. It’s not about punishment, but it can be about reward or a lesson.

True or false? Which examples below are truly about karma?

Relationship Karma

Ally dumped her boyfriend Alex for Ted. Six months later, Ted dumped Ally for someone else. Ally had it coming because she dumped someone.

False, it’s not her karma from dumping Alex. It was probably karmic that Ted was to end things, but doing so is not karmically related to Ally’s previous relationship, but it might be if Ted dumped her for Alex.

Janice gets very jealous and has never trusted Jim to be faithful during their six years together. Jim has never cheated or even flirted with anyone else, and Janice hasn’t had this problem in other relationships.

True, this is a karmic situation. In this example of karma, Janice and Jim have shared many lifetimes together in which they’ve both cheated. Janice is reacting to her subconscious memories, even though she has no conscious memory of her past lives.

Sexuality Karma

George grew up in the 1950s, when it wasn’t acceptable to come out of the closet. When his very religious parents found out he was gay at age 16, they kicked him out of the house. He’s lived a difficult life, and harbors a lot of anger about such an intolerant society.

True, it’s George’s tough karma. In this example, the soul that is now George lived a lifetime as a religious leader that persecuted anyone suspected of being gay. George’s soul chose a rough incarnation this time not as a punishment, but in order to learn more about tolerance.

Althea is a 17 year-old out-of-the-closet lesbian who lives in NYC with her very supportive parents and older brother. Her sexual orientation has never really been an issue for her, and her parents have always encouraged her to be who she is rather than trying to conform to the expectations of others. She has not been the target of much homophobia, and on the rare occasion that she does experience it, she shrugs it off because she knows she is a mirror for their own insecurities.

False, it’s not her bad karma. Sexuality is not a big issue for Althea this lifetime, but it was in prior lifetimes.

Karma Related to Being a Parent

19 year-old Allen broke up with 18 year-old Faye. She wanted him back so badly that when he came back to her for sex she agreed and got pregnant on purpose, even though she knew Allen didn’t want to be a parent yet. Due to his new responsibilities, he had to drop out of college and find a full time job.

True, it’s Allen’s karma. In this example of karma, it is not a punishment for breaking up with her, or for wanting sex afterwards, but karma from abandoning Faye and their child in a past life. Faye, by the way, created some negative karma by deceiving Allen.

How to tell if something is karmic? The best way is to do a past life regression and go back to the “root cause” of the issue, but generally, the lesson is that if something causes you great stress and, or anger, it’s probably karmic. The good news is that you have free will to act out of love and make the most of the situation.

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