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Get Rid of That Nasty Karmic Bond Once and For All

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Our long-term findings firmly support the theories of reincarnation and karma. Until we prove them invalid, we will continue to accept them as viable Explanations for some of life’s “mysteries.”

Related to the theory of reincarnation is the notion that there are no accidents in life and that you are born into the conditions and key life circumstances (and innate abilities and inclinations) that you have earned through many lifetimes.

One of the most common inquiries we receive is a request for insight about whether a person is a “soul mate.” Soul mates come in all different forms, including, but not limited to these types: financially rewarding; incredibly romantic and pleasure oriented; work related; challenging to assist with personal growth; and downright toxic and full of negative karma (sometimes after the illusion of a supposed wonderful bond wears off).

Almost everyone has had a challenging relationship of some sort, and it’s likely you have thought when it ended, “I hope to never see that person again!”

Unfortunately, even if your former acquaintance, business partner, lover, or other is a sociopath, and clearly caused most or all the trouble, the connection may not be fully dissolved in terms of your karmic dance through lifetimes.

Failure to release negative emotions about the person is one sure way to attract that troubling soul in a future existence, or someone like that person that would represent similar circumstances. It’s natural to feel resentment, anger, intolerance, or other human, negative emotions. But you must eventually fully accept and forgive before you die, or you may be pulled into a similar lesson in a future life.

This is easier said than done, of course. Realizing the lessons learned and being grateful so you can move beyond them, understanding the person’s flaws and viewpoint, and seeing the situation from a spiritual perspective can help.

Generally, if the relationship ends peacefully, with a complete lack of animosity on your side, including true forgiveness to the point of being comfortable with the thought of meeting them on the other side for a cup of spiritual, karma-free-tea, then you may be done with one another for good. Or, the rough stuff may be finished and you may have more harmonious relations with them in future existences if you, on a soul level, choose to meet again. Some of your closest, most rewarding friendships or other relations today very well could have been the complete opposite many eons ago.

The stronger the feelings (negative or positive), which are like invisible, binding cords, the more likely there will be episodes in future lives.

Karmic debt, within interpersonal relationships, is not easy to rise above and detach from, and forms the basis for the most opportunity for growth on a soul level. After all, having a subconscious memory of the other person raiding and torching your village, for example, isn’t easy to let go of. Yet it’s in your best interest to forgive as much as you can with all of your heart to help ensure you won’t have to go through those tough lessons again.

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