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Spiritual Truth–Thoughts Create Only Some of Your Reality

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You’ve probably heard of the idea that thoughts create your reality. By reality, what motivational speakers and best-selling New Age authors refer to is the events and circumstances of your life, not just your state of mind.

In the real world, you’ll find it’s not so simple.

While we are strong proponents of positive thinking and we believe you can make the most of your life by changing what you can and how you view that which you can’t change, conscious thought is only part of what influences your life.

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just think positive thoughts.

One major problem with it is your subconscious mind. We’ve learned a tremendous amount over the years about how the subconscious mind works through our study of handwriting analysis, hypnosis, subliminal audios, and past life regression. Your subconscious mind will generate thoughts all on its own through the ever present, hidden fears, defenses, and biases. You can detach from those thoughts through meditation, and work with them through hypnosis, subliminal audios, and past life regression, but since the subconscious mind is incredibly powerful, it’s not always possible to rise above them.

The process of thinking positive thoughts also competes with what your heart, intuition, or higher-self actually believes or knows to be true.

For example, if you’re intuiting that there’s no way you’re going to change your boss’s mind, and that’s how it turned out in the end, thinking positive thoughts is futile, unless the positive thoughts are for accepting what you can’t change and working instead on what you can change.

Below we ask seven questions that indicate thinking positive thoughts only creates some of your reality.

1. Did children in the hospital (or their parents) battling terminal diseases create that reality through their thinking?

2. Did Syrian war refugees create their current reality through their thinking?

3. Did rape victims think about rape too much, thus manifest it?

4. Will preaching mind over matter to a paranoid schizophrenic cure her of her mental disease?

5. Did generations of poor people in developing nations think their way into poverty?

6. Did a lack of happy thoughts create a record high murder rate in the summer of 2015 in the city of Chicago?

7. Are plane crashes the result of too many passengers not thinking positive thoughts about arriving safely at their destination?

Our long-term findings show that positive thinking, although important, takes a back seat to the unforeseen and predestined (positive and negative) events and circumstances in your life. No matter what you think, you can work with fate, but you can’t cheat it.

We’re asked sometimes why we focus on fate to the extent that we do. We want you to avoid being unexpectedly disappointed or hurt by the sometimes vicious hand of fate, and we frown on New Age opportunists selling escapist myths packaged as truth.

It may seem depressing at first, but in order to make the most of your life, you need to first do four things:

1. Avoid the “anything is possible, you can do anything” mind-set, beyond the occasional daydreaming or “dream-castling” about your aspirations and goals. Why? Because when you are at least moderately realistic about your goals, you’ll avoid wasting time and setting yourself up for major disappointment, or worse.

2. Accept that there are many things in your life that you can’t change, such as how others think and act. Whatever it is you want to manifest through conscious creation and, or the law of attraction, if your goal depends on the behavior of others, think again. You may be able to persuade a million people to buy your new software app if that type of success is part of your predestination, but if not, it won’t happen (or if it does you’ll eventually experience a reversal of fortune), and there’s nothing spiritual about attempting to control and manipulate others.

3. Get to know yourself. Self-knowledge, including your subconscious strengths, fears, and defenses (which are outlined superbly by handwriting analysis), along with your timing (which is outlined terrifically by comprehensive astrology and numerology), allows you to prepare for life’s inevitable challenges and get the most out of the rewarding phases in your life.

4. Make an effort to react to people and events as positively (or neutrally) as you can whenever possible. Strive to remain detached and compassionate. This will help to stop creating any additional difficult karma for the future.

The notion that thoughts create 100% of your reality is deceptively comforting. Like all delusions, you’ll find that it eventually crashes against the rocks of reality. Children like to believe that Santa can leave whatever they want under the tree, but eventually they grow out of that fantasy.

Alas, you can prepare for life’s challenges and make the most of your fate, and it’s up to you how you view that which you can’t change.

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Response to Cynic About the Concept of Personal Fate, karma, and Rape

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The views we hold about personal fate and karma, such as at least 75% of the core circumstances and events in everyone’s life are predestined, are controversial.

We regularly receive unsolicited (usually anonymous) feedback like this:

“What about the law of attraction? Don’t we co-create our lives, our realities? I think so. Your information is depressing.

“I agree that suffering is a choice. But you seem too extreme in your point of view. We all have a blueprint and we all have our challenges and blessings, but I don’t believe that EVERYTHING is set in stone. Amy Winehouse or Whitney Houston didn’t have to die so young.

“I’ve seen miracles all my life and faith can create miracles even when it’s hopeless. Would you tell a woman who has been raped that it’s her fate?

That’s a lot to consider, and it’s important to note this person misunderstands our philosophies.

We’ve never said that everything in life is fated. As we say above, and we’ve always said, we believe at least 75% of the key events and conditions of your life are preordained; the most significant events in life, including things that cause you the most stress or joy, are things your soul (not personality) agreed to endure or enjoy before incarnating.

Using the law of attraction as a centerpiece of spiritual philosophy, while denying all other spiritual laws and simultaneously maintaining a victim consciousness, and refusing to take responsibility for everything in your life you have “co-created,” is short-sighted. Conscious (after you’ve incarnated) co-creation and the law of attraction are only two facets of the complex spiritual experience.

As for the things we say being “depressing,” depression also follows a massive sugar high. The way to avoid that sinking, powerless feeling is to avoid sugar. Likewise, the way to avoid being depressed by the reality of life is to empower yourself by doing what you can to change what you don’t like, and accepting what you can’t change.

To be clear, as we’ve always said, we simply relay our objective findings. For example, when we see unique patterns (consisting of dozens of factors) in someone’s personal comprehensive astrology and numerology charts symbolizing financial challenges during a certain period, time and time again, without fail, the subject endures financial challenges.

No amount of conscious creating or practicing the law of attraction will override that. Why? Because it’s part of that person’s fate. They have free will to react to it (and prepare, thanks to the warning from us), but not change it. Rewards are fated too, by the way.

Would you prefer we conceal our findings and instead promise only sunshine and rainbows? That would be going against our convictions and doing you a disservice. We refuse to sell out and gloss over important spiritual concepts just to attract more followers.

Only wanting the good parts of life to be destined is a bit like wanting good health from only eating sweets. On the other hand, when you consider the spiritual purpose and meaning behind negative experiences, they’re easier to deal with.

As for whether or not it’s predestined for some people to die young, consider this: If a person has strong signs of addiction and over-doing it with drugs and alcohol in their comprehensive charts, endures self-abuse for years and shows no signs of letting up, we’d like to think they have free will to pull themselves out of it, but if they don’t stop (and time and time again, they don’t), we call it predetermination.

Taking into account the tragic loss and other related indications at that time in the comprehensive charts of those close to the person who died, it seems to us that it was fate instead of “probability” or “possibility.”

By the way, although longevity (approximate duration of life) can be determined with comprehensive astrology and numerology, it’s a morbid topic and we don’t make a habit of delving into it.

The writer also mentions miracles. As we’ve said before, we believe miracles are fate disguised.

Regarding men and women who are raped (according to a 12-9-2014 theweek.com article, if you include the prison population, men are raped more often than women in the U.S.), or those who endure other horrors, we don’t believe anyone deserves it. Also, we don’t believe in a vengeful higher power that punishes you, but that your soul (again, not your personality) agrees to all your key earthly experiences before birth.

The idea that at least 75% of your main life events and circumstances are fated isn’t the subject of today’s spiritual best-sellers because people demand inspiration, escapism, and instant gratification.

A smaller percentage of people strive to view life as spiritual beings having an earthly experience, and understand that the explanations for life’s atrocities are beyond the if-I-can’t-touch-it-it-doesn’t-exist thinking that mundane, rational thought offers.

Throughout the phases of your life, what you can’t and can change, is as depressing or heartening and empowering as you decide to view it.

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Our Favorite Spiritual Laws

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Everyone has heard about the law of attraction, but there are other spiritual laws about which you should be more excited.

Embracing these spiritual laws will help you get the most out of your life by minimizing negative circumstances and generating peace of mind and satisfaction.

Our long-term empirical findings indicate everyone is bound to specific spiritual laws, just like heavenly bodies are bound to Kepler’s three laws of planetary motion, which outline how they orbit the Sun.

Below we list our favorite spiritual laws.

1. The law of karma dictates that every good intent, thought, and action will return to you, in time. How great is that? Also, any injustice will balance itself out, eventually, so seeking revenge is pointless, and it incurs further karma anyway.

At the same time, this law demands personal responsibility. Thus, if you find yourself on the receiving end of some tough karma, the best approach is to change what you can and accept the rest.

You don’t ever have to worry if life is fair because the law of karma dictates it’s perfectly fair. We believe what goes around comes around, usually in future lifetimes, not this life.

You can “create your reality” to a certain extent but your actions now will have as much or more impact on your future lives. This is related to another law, the law of predestination.

2. The law of predestination (same as destiny, fate, and predetermination) is wonderful because all those rewards you’ve worked so hard for in past incarnations catch up to you eventually, sometimes in this life. At the same time, life’s challenges are also part of personal fate. Perceiving them from a different perspective, as necessary experiences for a higher purpose, makes them easier to digest.

3. The law of reincarnation causes you to keep incarnating until you get it right. How do you get it right? Do your best and react with love and compassion instead of fear, as often as possible. Easier said than done.

The great thing about the law of reincarnation (in conjunction with the law of personal fate) is that you take with you a lot of what you establish while in bodily form: talents, wisdom, health karma, money karma, and so on.

Lofty goals may not be so lofty when viewed from the perspective of multiple lifetimes. Have you always had a burning desire to be a famous actor, for example, but you don’t see it happening in this life? Keep dreaming and using your free will to work toward your goal, even if it’s only doing community theater in your free time. Thoughts are things, and although they may not manifest in this life, they may eventually if backed by enough energy.

4. The law of as above, so below (i.e., celestial phenomena is symbolic of life on Earth) mandates that patterns in comprehensive astrology and numerology charts reflect life circumstances and events. This is one of our favorite spiritual laws because you can use the knowledge to prepare for and limit life’s challenges, and maximize life’s rewards.

5. The law of universal order, as with the law of as above so below, shows that the universe is orderly, not chaotic. Heavenly bodies spin and orbit predictably, the seasons change when we expect them to, pumpkin seeds grow pumpkins and not strawberries, and horses birth foals and not lambs. The law of universal order underscores the human experience, allowing for the measurement and interpretation of overall personal fate through comprehensive astrology and numerology.

Ultimately, the above spiritual laws are exciting and inspiring because they indicate that life is so much more than a random series of events. It has infinite spiritual meaning, and you can take unconditional love, compassion, and lots of other good things with you into the next phase of your soul’s journey.

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How Spiritual Laws Affect Your Love Life

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The law of attraction says that you attract what you focus on. But what about the other, equally important spiritual laws? Below we discuss them, and how spiritual laws affect your love life. Our findings are the result of our extensive empirical research.

Law of Higher-Self/Soul Influence Over Personality

Even though you may want a permanent fairytale-like romantic love life, that’s not what your soul chose before incarnating. Your soul’s agenda is to learn and grow, and a perfectly happy love life wouldn’t help you accomplish that goal. Fortunately, you have free will to react positively to fated events and make the most of your love life.

Law of Subconscious Personality Domination

Your subconscious beliefs, defenses, and fears rule your life. If you believe you must suffer for love, that’s what you’ll experience. If you have a fear of being alone, you will do anything, including enter bad relationships, to avoid it. The good news is that it’s possible to use hypnosis and past life regression to overcome, or at least be better able to deal with, many fears and defenses.

Law of Reincarnation

Even if your current personality doesn’t believe in the concept, it didn’t prevent your soul from choosing to reincarnate to learn from, love, and interact with souls you knew in previous incarnations.

Law of predestination/personal fate/destiny

Souls choose the bodies they reincarnate into, and the experiences that are destined to be part of the package. They aren’t aware of every single possible life event and circumstance before incarnating. The forces of predestination, beyond earthly comprehension, and put into motion lifetimes ago, help shape the circumstances of the “package deal” of each physical body.

Our findings show the major events of your life, and love life, are fated. You cannot “manifest” an ideal love life if that is not destined for you at that time. Sometimes you must use your free will, by doing what you feel compelled do, to meet your fate.

Law of Karma

All your intentions and actions return to you in this life, or more likely, in a future life. This means that your love life now is, in part, the result of your previous actions. However, if you crave but don’t have an ideal love life, that doesn’t necessarily mean you were “bad” in past lives; it’s possible that your soul chose a different path for learning or other reasons.

Law of projection

When you are projecting, you see potential love interests and partners as you are, not as they are. The greater your self-awareness and understanding of your strengths, fears, and defenses, and the more detached you are in your viewpoint, the more you will see others as they are.

Law of Intent

Your true intentions drive your actions. Sometimes your conscious intent clashes with your subconscious intent. For example, if you consciously want a harmonious relationship, yet your subconscious mind has a need to argue and be right, your love life will suffer.

Law of Asking for Assistance

Much spiritual guidance and protection is available to you, including advice about how to improve your love life, but you must ask for it.

Law of Universal Order

The change of seasons, tides, and the way planetary motions are predictable are examples of this law. The law of universal order also relates to humans and makes accurate interpretation of personal fate, such as the main events of your love life, possible through comprehensive astrology and numerology.

Law of Free Will

You have free will to react to life, within the confines of your destiny. You cannot change your fate, but you can react positively and make your life and relationships more enjoyable and harmonious.

It’s our hope that by understanding how spiritual laws affect your love life, you’ll be able to experience more peace of mind and happiness in your life.

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13 Other Spiritual Laws: Some Supersede the Law of Attraction

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The law of attraction dictates that you attract that which you focus on. But this spiritual law is only one piece of the puzzle. You must take into consideration other, equally important spiritual laws, some of which transcend the law of attraction.

These findings, our interpretation below of 13 basic spiritual laws, are the result of our extensive empirical research. Most of the 13 are directly linked to the law of attraction. We are convinced that these laws affect everyone, just as gravity affects everyone on Earth no matter what their belief in it.

Understanding and capitalizing on all of these spiritual laws will help you live your highest potential and enjoy more peace of mind, satisfaction, happiness, and joy in your life.

1. Law of higher-self/soul influence over personality: Your soul’s agenda, spanning multiple lifetimes, supercedes your personality demands if those demands contrast with your soul’s intentions. Everyone has a higher-self/soul, yet you must make an effort to get more in touch with it to receive the wisdom and guidance you seek. The information and tools in this package will help you become more in touch with yours.

2. Law of subconscious personality domination: The beliefs, fears, and defenses of your subconscious mind rule your life. The graphology tools in this package can help you learn more about your subconscious mind and its hidden beliefs, fears, and defenses.

3. Law of reincarnation: Your soul, not your personality, chooses to incarnate again and again on this planet and elsewhere to learn and love.

4. Law of predestination/personal fate/destiny: All souls choose their major predestined circumstances and events of each incarnation prior to incarnating, even though the current life personality is often not aware of those choices and even if the current life personality doesn’t believe in predestination/personal fate/destiny. No one can cheat their fate. Sometimes fate comes knocking at your door, other times you must make an effort to meet your fate. In the case of the latter, you often meet your destiny by doing or initiating that which feels most natural, for better or worse.

5. Law of karma: Everything you put out (intent, thought, action, etc.) will return to you (in this life, or more likely in a future life) even if you don’t believe in karma.

6. Law of dharma: What you must do in this life.

7. Law of projection: You see the world as you are, not as it is.

8. Law of polarity: In this world there will always be opposites such as hot and cold, peace and war, love and hate, wisdom and ignorance, and dark and light.

9. Law of intent: Your true intentions are what drives your free will. Sometimes your conscious intent differs from your unconscious intent, which can cause conflict.

10. Law of as above, so below: Patterns and considerations of comprehensive astrology and numerology charts represent life circumstances and events, they don’t “affect” you or “make things happen.”

11. Law of asking for assistance: If you want help from others, including spiritual guides, masters, and helpers in other dimensions, you must ask for it.

12. Law of universal order: The universe is ordered and far from being purely chaotic. You see the order every day in the change of seasons, the way cherry trees grow cherries and not pears, and the way planetary motions are predictable. This universal order permeates human existence and allows for accurate interpretation of personal fate through empirical methods involving comprehensive astrological and numerological charting.

13. Law of free will: Each individual has free will to take appropriate action within the confines of their destiny. However, people do what feels most appropriate, what feels right, and our findings indicate that those actions regularly match their personal fate. In other words, much of the action they take and subsequent results match their unique karmic plan (as indicated comprehensive charting methods), which supports the theory of predestination.

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