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23 Magic Affirmations to Prepare for a Great Relationship

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Are you aware of the power of affirmations? You can use them to transform your love life.

Some people claim that you can get anything you want with positive thinking. The law of attraction is important, though you need to also consider other spiritual laws, such as the laws of karma and predetermination, which supersede the law of attraction.

In our many years of empirical research, we’ve found that how your life unfolds has a lot to do with personal timing, which is a reflection of your fate (which is the same thing as destiny).

Fortunately, we’ve also found that you have free will to make the most of your fate.

Thoughts are things and can shape your reality, within the confines of your fate.

You have a choice: you can program your mind with worries and negative thoughts and make your life worse, or you can do the opposite.

Many singles spend far more time searching for the right partner than they do preparing themselves for a compatible relationship.

Below are 23 magic affirmations to help you prepare for a great relationship. The more you repeat these affirmations to yourself, the more your mind will accept the suggestions and play along. Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between reality and your imagination. Affirmations are a healthy way to harness the power of your subconscious mind.

Choose one or more of the following to repeat often, daily. Write it down and attach it to your bathroom mirror.

1) I am preparing myself on all levels for a great relationship.
2) I make time for the right relationship.
3) I am identifying and letting go of any love life blocks.
4) I’m in the right place and at the right time to meet compatible people
5) It’s becoming easier for me to relax, smile, make eye contact, and talk with people I want to meet.
6) Rejection is part of the game. I easily accept it and move on.
7) I’m flexible with dating and relationships.
8) I am self-disciplined to make the most of myself for a good match.
9) I now open my heart and accept love.
10) I am discerning with new people and avoid people who aren’t for my highest good.
11) I let go of the past and everyone who hurt me.
12) I’m accepting that the past is done.
13) I’m letting go of past relationships.
14) I forgive everyone, including myself.
15) I’m ready to love unconditionally.
16) I’m confident and make an effort to meet who I want to meet.
17) I am noticing compatible people, and avoiding bad matches.
18) People are drawn to my friendliness.
19) I am confident.
20) I’m improving what I can and accepting what I can’t change.
21) I accept myself and love myself.
22) I’m accepting love.
23) I accept and enjoy being single.

Note: These affirmations will not help manifest an ideal relationship if that is not part of your personal fate at this time, but they will help you prepare for when the time is right.

Now that you’re aware how your thoughts impact your reality, you can use these affirmations to prepare for a great relationship.

These affirmations and more are included in the Prepare For a Great Relationship Soundless Subliminal™. Just press “play” and let this powerful MP3 do all the work!

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Examples of Past Life Suffering That Caused Happy Love Lives Today Part II

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Your current love life is the result of your past life actions, according to the theories of reincarnation and karma.

However, not all bad love life experiences are the result of bad karma. Your soul chooses experiences for growth, and some present day negative situations may be the result of best intentions in past lives.

Similarly, good love life experiences can be the result of good karma. Below are examples of past life suffering that led to happy love lives.

Sacrifice For Love

She respected and loved her wealthy employer so much that she took the fall when he was accused of something he didn’t do and suffered the rest of her life for it. He loved her too, but couldn’t save her, let alone marry her, due to his position in the community.

In this life they’re married and enjoy a beautiful relationship. Her not having to work ever again due to his wealth is a nice reward for her this time.

Hard Work Pays Off

Though he was poor and didn’t have the status most women look for, she loved him for who he was and didn’t care about what others thought.

Today they’re together again, their subconscious memories of their love and happy past lives together the glue that binds them. Their hard work in past lives has paid off and this time they enjoy the good life.

Sexually Confident

She had no sexual shame and believed there was nothing wrong with a single woman having sex. Unfortunately, her community didn’t feel the same; she was banished from the town for being intimate with a man to whom she wasn’t married.

Today she’s still sexually confident, but this time she’s a sex symbol and in a very public relationship with a man she loves.

Unconditional Love

He was completely devoted to her and always put her first, even though she did not respect him. When she left him he accepted it and even helped her move on with her life.

This lifetime he feels so fortunate to be in a relationship of equal love, respect, and devotion.

A Public Example

As a young homosexual couple in love, they were put to death for refusing to lie about their relationship. The village made an example of them to discourage other homosexuals from being themselves.

Today they’re both gay again, and feel so grateful they’re happy together, now with the support and love of friends and family. They’re a public example again, but this time of love and being true to yourself.

Overcame Fear of Being Alone

She spent several lifetimes unhappily single due to circumstances her soul chose for growth.

Now that she learned the lessons she needed to, this life is a reward: She’s never had to work hard at her love life; things just fall into place for her, though she’s quite content being single too. Her inner strength and the fact that she overcame a fear of being alone a long time ago is absolutely part of her happy love life equation.

Happy Together Again

They had a wonderful relationship, but while at the beach one day, he lost his life saving a young boy from drowning.

They’re together again in this life and the subconscious memories of their strong bond and loss cause them to deeply cherish their relationship. They have a young son (who was the boy he saved), and they’re very happy.

Explore your past lives with our Direct Your Destiny e-Package and learn how your past is affecting your present.

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Examples of Past Life Suffering That Led to Happy Love Lives Today Part I

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The theory of reincarnation suggests your past life actions create your present love life situations, both the good and the bad.

People who don’t like their love lives now might be making up for their actions in the distant past, but not always. Sometimes, even the best intentions in past lives can result in unfortunate experiences in future lives. This is part of soul growth.

Likewise, people with a rewarding love life today may have earned it in past lives. Below are examples of past life suffering that led to happy love lives.

Love Isn’t Ownership

After ten years of marriage with the man whom she thought was the love of her life, she caught him cheating with the help in their barn. She banished him from her life and remained angry and alone the rest of her long life.

After death, on the other side, she realized that she caused her own suffering with her expectations, demands, and rigid personality.

Today she understands the importance of forgiveness and accepts that many people are not the strictly monogamous type, love is not about owning or controlling another person, and love and sex are two separate things. Her partners in this life have respected and loved her even more when she encouraged them to honestly discuss their attractions to others rather than suppressing them and cheating.

Complete On His Own

He lost his “everything,” his “other half,” at a young age. He had other opportunities for love, but refused them and was lonely and unhappy the rest of his life.

After death, he realized that everyone has many soul mates, you are complete on your own, and while love is forever, most relationships are not.

In this life he’s loved and lost, but accepts it as a part of life. He understands that he doesn’t need someone else to be happy, and remains optimistic and open to future possibilities.

Freedom Lover

She was forced by her very traditional family at a young age to marry a man she couldn’t stand and was miserable the rest of her life.

In this life she hasn’t had the greatest relationship experiences, but that’s fine with her because she loves being single and the inherent freedom. She can’t understand why someone would want to give that up just to have a relationship, especially if the partner isn’t extremely compatible.

A Loving Divorce

She refused to accept divorce as an option, even though her marriage ended long ago. After her husband left she ruined her life by resenting him with all her energy, driving others away with her bitterness.

In this life, when she and her husband drifted apart after fifteen years of marriage, she was responsible for the two of them parting on very good terms, even having what they joked about as a “loving divorce.”

Finally Free to Enjoy Their Relationship

They were monks together in Asia many centuries ago. They shared a deep, romantic love but could never act on it, which caused them great stress and sorrow.

In the current life, they met in a religious studies class and instantly connected. But this time one is male, the other is female, and both are heterosexual and single, so they are finally free to enjoy what they could not so long ago.

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5 Ways to Deal With Feeling Trapped in a Relationship

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Many people feel trapped in a relationship, yet fail to do anything about it.

The reasons for staying stuck are numerous, including assuming it’s better for the children to stay, illness or lack of physical mobility or stamina, financial restrictions, fear of retaliation, fear of being single, fear of losing half of one’s assets, and fear of being part of a “failed” relationship.

Open and honest communication is the most recommended way to deal with feeling trapped in a relationship. But what if you’ve tried that and it didn’t work, or being too candid about how you feel isn’t an option, and you can’t leave yet for whatever reason?

Here are five other ways to help you deal with such a situation:

1) Focus on yourself and your passions instead of the relationship. If you’ve tried repairing your relationship but it hasn’t worked or she’s just not interested, it’s time to do what makes you happy. After you take care of your responsibilities such as work, caring for the children, paying bills and doing household chores, use the rest of your time to do what you want to do.Develop your independence and see yourself as an individual rather than half of a couple.

2) Use Subliminal MP3 audios. This technology can help you with almost any goal, including overcoming the perception of being trapped in a relationship. For example, sometimes just a boost of confidence, sense of humor, or self-love will make it much easier to deal with your situation. If the relationship is salvageable, a subliminal MP3 audio to improve your relationship can make a world of difference.

3) Utilize hypnosis. Many people are scared of hypnosis, thanks to silly hypnosis stage shows and movies. Essentially hypnosis is just a deep state of relaxation. In fact, you’ve been hypnotized many times without even realizing it, like when watching TV or driving a familiar route. Hypnosis can change your perception of your partner and relationship for the better, and even uncover childhood memories that may be interfering with your relationship now. You can see a trained hypnotist, or use one of many hypnosis MP3 audios available for specific relationship and personality issues.

4) Try Past Life Regression. What do past lives have to do with your current relationship? A lot, according to people who have uncovered past life issues that carried over to their current love life. The theory of reincarnation is directly related to the theory of karma, which means many of the pleasant and not so pleasant situations in your life now might be the result of your actions in past lives–not as a punishment, but to learn and grow. Even if you don’t believe in past lives, the process of past life regression can help you by perceiving it as symbolism. With the right past life therapist or MP3 audio, your mind will help you “go back to the cause,” perceive it, accept it, and release it. Past life regression can be an extremely freeing and empowering experience.

5) Free yourself from unseen negative energy with Spiritual Detox. Sometimes relationship problems are the result of negative energy. Once you remove it from your energy field and know how to spiritually protect yourself, you’ll both feel more at peace and loving, and less combative.

As dreadful as feeling trapped in a relationship is, even if you can’t change your partner, you do have the ability to change your perception of the situation and these methods will help.

Direct Your Destiny e-package helps you improve your life by identifying and overcoming unconscious blocks.

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Stop Focusing on These 3 Questions or Suffer in Your Love Life

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We believe the primary purpose of all love relationships is opportunity for spiritual growth, yet few seem to share our belief considering the three common questions about a new relationship partner that often lead to love life suffering.

It’s understandable why people today approach love relationships like a business arrangement. Most people are conditioned from birth to hold, in our view, very restrictive outlooks on love relationships. However, demanding a contractual business arrangement, such as with traditional American marriage, while simultaneously holding expectations of true love, is a recipe for failure.

Below are three common love life questions that are rooted in an outdated and unhealthy viewpoint of love. Avoid such an outlook and welcome a more rewarding life.

1. “Will it last?” Everyone has heard stories of the couples that have been blissfully married for over 50 years, and many people see the decades-long relationship as the ideal. However, the truth is, from a spiritual point of view, duration is irrelevant. What does matter is what you learn in the relationship, and you can learn some of the most important lessons in relationships of only a month or less.

2. “Is he/she the ‘one’?” Our findings clearly show that there is no “one.” You have many soul mates, and some are more compatible than others. While you may find one or more soul mates exceedingly compatible, you might find others in the future even more compatible and you won’t know who the love of your (this) life is until the last day of your life.

We frequently hear those in their 20s or younger asking if a person is “the one.” Many of them may as well phrase it like this: “I’m nowhere near the mature adult I’m striving to be, but I can’t stand being alone, want someone to hitch my wagon to, and need someone to make me happy.” We have compassion for these people because they’ve been misled by romantic fantasies and don’t yet have the experience to see through them. For those who insist upon hitching their wagon to someone, they’d be better off relaxing the rules, like allowing their partner freedom, so they don’t create the love life misery that’s so common in young relationships.

3. “Can he/she commit?” Interpretation of this is as follows: “Can he/she repress his/her natural urges to have more than one lover for the rest of his/her life, even if I lose interest in sex with him/her? Yes, it’s true that one or both of us might tire of having sex with each other, but I don’t care–I just want to fulfill my selfish demands.”

You likely want someone to commit to you because you are afraid of abandonment. Thus, you want to lock it in. Although this is a natural desire, it’s displaying a lack of unconditional love. It’s not spiritual in the least.

By the way, it’s common for one partner to be sexually frustrated due to the other not wanting sex very often. What makes it worse is that the one who doesn’t want sex refuses to allow her partner to seek other lovers. If you don’t care enough to make sure your partner is sexually satisfied, why would you care if he had sex with someone else?

The Best Approach

What is the best approach to love relationships? In our opinion, you must let the connection be what it is most naturally because each connection is fated to be different. If it’s just friends or a deep, romantic connection or a one-day love affair, let it be that. If it’s a 30-year roller-coaster ride of a relationship, so be it.

The key is accepting what you can’t change, and making the most of what you can, while expressing unconditional love, despite that such a way of living is going against tradition.

Do you want to endure less pain and suffering in your love life? If so, strive to express more unconditional love.

Our Direct Your Destiny E-Package includes 2 effective love life and relationship conditioning audio MP3s, 4 effective love life and relationship exploration, discovery, and healing audio MP3s, 5 Incredible subconscious programming and affirmation-packed audio MP3s, 1 amazing, cutting edge technology, advanced spiritual technique packed audio MP3 meditation specially designed to supercharge your s.e.x life, and a solid collection of spiritual insight and wisdom to help you make the most of your love relationships.

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The Most Overlooked Quality That Makes or Breaks Your Love life

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The most overlooked quality that makes or breaks your love life is not bad luck, but personal timing.

We’re not referring to trying to time the beginning of a relationship for success, such as planning a wedding on the day of a New Moon. Our findings tell us that other forces, such as an individual’s fate, trump such triviality.

Conventional wisdom dictates several common sense items that make or break your love life, including the following: you must be receptive to a rewarding love life; you must socialize and make yourself available so that you can meet prospective mates; a good match should share common interests and beliefs; and you must feel a sense of well-being in a partner’s presence.

Just put yourself out there and choose someone who makes you feel good. Easy, right? Not so fast.

Almost everyone who has looked for a long-term relationship has encountered the usual problems, including wasting time with bad apples, and just not finding good or even moderate compatibility and chemistry no matter how much effort they put into it.

Why do some people have such an easy time finding a good match, and others fail no matter what they do?

Eliminating the obvious, such as personality challenges (red flag issues such as domineering tendencies, selfishness, vanity, anger, drug and alcohol issues, etc.), or the subconscious fear of abandonment or fear of being trapped in a bad relationship, for example, there still exists an overlooked quality that makes or breaks your love life and it’s unexplainable by modern science, including psychology and almost all the love “experts” we’ve seen and read.

The one hidden quality that determines your love life is personal timing. Your unique collective timing, outlined by comprehensive astrology and numerology, symbolizes your love life. Extremes are easy to identify. In our proprietary systems of analysis, massive collections of red-flag love life timing represent major love life problems. Sometimes the tough love life timing is short-lived, sometimes it lasts a long time.

Unfortunately, you can’t change your collective timing, no matter how inspired you get. Our findings firmly tell us that your personal timing is part of your predetermination. In other words, your timing reflects your fate (or destiny–same exact meaning–what you can’t change about your life).

Fate and karma are best considered from a very wide scope, as in lifetimes, instead of only part of your current life. It’s one sure way to make sense of the unexplained in life. Your intentions, thoughts, and actions now serve to shape the circumstances of your future lives.

Your love life timing may be terrible now for two main reasons: you are fated to endure a challenging relationship because the lessons you will learn are necessary for your spiritual growth; you are supposed to be focusing on other parts of your life, instead of relationships.

In the case of the latter, it’s usually a matter of the person having favorable love life karma, but having to endure a span of time that doesn’t reflect that overall favorable love life karma. If only they knew they were in a temporary negative phase and things would get much better, it would provide a lot of peace of mind.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “How can you possibly say a person’s terrible love life has to do with personal timing?” Our theory isn’t rooted in guesswork.

Our philosophies are the result of long-term empirical research. For over twenty years we’ve scrutinized comprehensive astrology and numerology charts while observing the representative circumstances (past and present) of thousands of individuals. The regular and unfailing repetition of patterns from the comprehensive charts completely matching the events and circumstances in people’s lives has convinced us that love life trials (and other life particulars) has a lot to do with personal timing.

It’s okay to have believed the myth that all it takes is luck and some effort to have a rewarding love life, but now you should act on the truth. If your love life timing is terrible right now, have faith. Bad love life timing doesn’t last forever, and while you endure it, try to focus on other parts of your life to prepare for better times.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package offers powerful tools to help you make the most of your love life, including 4 effective love life and relationship exploration, discovery, and healing audio MP3s.

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Spirituality and Great Sex: Top 8 Hidden Reasons it’s Rare

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Great, mind blowing sex can be healing and transformational, making you feel alive and full of energy, but unfortunately, it’s rare.

Common complaints about sex that is less than satisfying are selfishness, lack of interest, poor hygiene, low energy, being too quick or slow, being too aggressive or passive, a bad attitude, and being out of shape or overweight.

What makes someone good in bed? Good technique, wanting and knowing how to please, a concern for safe-sex, a sense of adventure and playfulness, and being relaxed and confident all contribute to great sex.

All of those things matter, but what can really make or break great sex is the energy or spiritual connection between two people. If you pay attention, you’ll notice the energy connection is different between every person you meet. The spiritual connection also includes subconscious memories of how your souls knew each other in past lives. Consider the circumstances below metaphoric if you don’t believe in reincarnation.

Here are the top 8 spiritual, usually hidden, reasons for bad sex:

1) You were enemies in past lives. This type of energy can stimulate more energetic sex, but it can also foster animosity, which will eventually kill the connection.

2) He was your brother, sister, father, or mother in a past life. You may be drawn to each other now, in this life, but sex or even the idea of it with him just feels awkward. This is one reason why you shouldn’t try to force each potential relationship and instead just relax and see what feels right (or doesn’t) and is meant to be (or not).

3) You two were lovers but then she betrayed you in a past life by having an affair. This can often subconsciously motivate you to want to cheat and, or cause you to feel like you can’t trust her.

4) You two were nuns, priests, monks, or other religious individuals and sex was forbidden. The subconscious shame and guilt might still be present and cause sexual dysfunction.

5) You experienced a past life where you were punished or tortured for having sex. Subconsciously, you now associate sex with pain and death. In extreme cases this can cause someone to have little interest in sex, or be attracted to violent sex.

6) You had multiple lifetimes in societies where sex was forbidden for anything but procreation. You may have even helped enforce such beliefs. Subconsciously you still think sex is “wrong” and cannot allow yourself to let go and enjoy sex.

7) You are hopelessly devoted, subconsciously, to a past life lover. Consciously, you don’t remember promising centuries ago to wait for him or forever be hers and only hers, but the pact still prevents you from enjoying sex with anyone but that long forgotten love. If you don’t consciously remind yourself often that it’s over, time to move on, and that everyone has many soul mates, you’ll block any love life pleasures in the present and future.

8) You or your partner are experiencing spirit possession or attachment. The interfering energy can drain you, leaving little energy for sex. In some cases an attached spirit, for whatever reason, dislikes your partner. Since it’s difficult to distinguish between the attached spirit’s thoughts and your own, this can cause sexual and relationship problems.

Great sex doesn’t have to be rare; address the root cause for and you’ll increase the likelihood of more satisfying sex for both you and your partner.

A past life regression MP3 can help you discover and release false fears or other sexual blocks.

The Spiritual Detox MP3 can help you release unwanted, negative energy.

Use our Soundless Subliminals to improve yourself, your love life, and your sex life.

Bring out your inner passion with the Incredible S.e.x. Hypno-Reiki Meditation MP3.

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5 Ways to Gain Freedom From Love Life Hell

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Everyone wants to be free of love life problems, but few seem to be able to maintain satisfaction in this area of life.

Though following the advice below may not immediately reward you with the love life you dream about, instead we believe it’s possible to create a good alternative in the meantime; a confident and warm feeling of self-love and appreciation. This will get you through even long stretches of horrible love life timing.

Follow the tips below to help avoid love life hell.

1. Abandon the notion that you have to be in a relationship to be happy and focus on a good relationship with yourself. That’s where it all starts. Once you establish that, and do inner child work and other, similar nurturing of your inner self, you will crave love outside yourself less. While it’s true a solid inner foundation isn’t created overnight, it’s vital you do this. Otherwise, you’ll forever feel emotionally needy and won’t make a decent relationship partner for anyone.

2. Detach from expectations. This is one of the most important things you can do. Write down what you expect in your love life; make a list. It’s perfectly acceptable to have love life desires. Read over your list, then file it away and tell yourself, “Okay, now I’m going to completely let go of any expectations. No more “shoulds.” No more “It’s supposed to be this (or that) way.” What happens when you have no expectations? You’re never disappointed and life gives you pleasant surprises. Granted, the tough part is letting go. Mediation helps.

3. For those of you who are in a relationship, don’t feel the need to attract a new mate, but just want to stop the strife and make the connection the best it can be, consider trying this: stop holding that person accountable to your demands, no matter how reasonable you believe your demands to be. Even if you think he should call you back, for example, within a reasonable amount of time, let it go. Stop making demands, no matter how minor. Just let her be exactly who she is, even if it doesn’t match your ideal. In doing so, you free yourself from love life hell.

4. Take full responsibility for all your actions and personal situations. Own up to it all, and avoid victim consciousness. For example, if you ignore a person’s personality red flags, and allow them to wreck havoc on your life, you are also at fault, from a spiritual perspective.

5. Appreciation and gratitude can make all the difference in the world in your love life. Appreciate exactly where you are in your love life at this time and meditate on what the reward is in that situation. When you’re alone but appreciative, you may just further your intuitive talent, for example, during solitude, which will help you make your future love relationship that much better.

Also, while in a relationship, being appreciative and focusing on current rewards helps you to power through the tough times.

Follow this advice and you’ll never find yourself in love life hell again.

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Find Your Soul Mate Now Programs – 5 Signs They Are Too Good To Be True

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You’ve probably come across love life promotions such as, “Hey, vulnerable, uninformed, desperately lonely person, find your soul mate in 30 days or less and delude yourself that you two are even moderately compatible because anyone is better than no one. It’s such a terrible thing to be single, right?”

The offers aren’t phrased quite like that, but they usually include impossible to fulfill promises. You know the type–“Find Your Soul Mate Now!” What they fail to mention is that they’re instructing you how to form more of a business partnership rather than an authentic love connection.

If you really are aiming for only a plain, old legally-binding marriage contract with someone, anyone really, that’s fine. But our findings show, and most rational people realize, that you can’t force love. It happens when it’s supposed to happen, that is, when it’s predestined, or fated to happen. No amount of inspiration, spells, or working on your issues will change that, though those things can sometimes be part of the equation.

Sometimes the offers to attract a mate are so compelling that your balderdash detector temporarily malfunctions. Below we list five signs that an offer to find a soul mate is too good to be true.

1. The marketer (and that’s what they are, above all else) cleverly divulges something like, “It’s perfectly natural to be disappointed, in emotional pain, and frustrated that you haven’t attracted ‘The One’ yet. I was like that too before I willed my soul mate to appear.”

One sure way to know that you’re not ready for a wonderful relationship based on unconditional love is if you can’t stand to be alone and are depressed and beside yourself if you’re not in a relationship. Emotionally needy people simply don’t attract lasting, compatible relationship partners.

2. It’s astonishing that the Soul Mate Marketers tell you that it’s normal to be very unhappily single, yet in the same breath tell you that all you have to do is “work out your issues” to attract a soul mate.

Identifying your issues is one thing, and it goes way beyond simply “monitoring your thoughts” and having a few sessions with a counselor. The idea of actually working through your issues, if they even can be worked out–often times it’s hopeless due to the entrenched nature of many fears and most subconscious defenses–is one borne of excessive optimism.

3. Watch out for marketers encouraging co-dependence masked as “mutual support,” such as with this sort of promise: “Once you connect with your soul mate, your life purpose will be clear, you’ll become one with that person, and you’ll never want for emotional support again. Your shared love will, in itself, be an uplifting service to the world.”

4. Careful of promotions that use language like “call in your soul mate,” which reeks of black magic. It’s fine to use your will for the highest good of all involved, but dark energy spell-casting and manipulating energy and people (i.e., “Gimmie what I want now, even though I haven’t earned it; to hell with karma and fate!”) is a sure way to link yourself–your very soul–to demonic energies and tie your future life karma to demons that will eventually make you pay your way out of their debt. You know the saying: “Get in bed with the devil and you have to–” A “magic portal to love” is one damn, dark, toxic portal. Dabbling with the dark side includes severe consequences. Avoid it and use your energy wisely.

5. One more sign that the offer is too good to be true is that the promotional material includes testimonials from self-appointed “luminaries,” best-selling self-help writers (who are actually their associates–they all shill for each other, and frequently they share the same publisher who arranges the glowing testimonials). These jokers make the same empty promises, with different packaging, veiled in feel-good prose.

Watch for these signs and you’ll never fall for this ruse again. Also, have faith that your personal love life timing will allow for a decent love connection, in time. Meanwhile, do what you’re supposed to do when you’re single: date, have fun, and focus on areas of your life that you won’t be able to once in a serious relationship.

Copyright © 2013 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Cheer Up — 11 Spiritual Tips for Singles on Valentine’s day

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Valentine’s day can be a wonderful day for happy couples. But what about everyone else? We don’t mean to be a downer for those of you who are romance fans, but it can be one of the most depressing days of the year for a large percentage of the population that is single or unhappily involved. Below are some tips to make it a little more bearable.

1) If you’re under the age of 30, be grateful for the time you have to focus on yourself, your goals, and discovering what works for you in a relationship, rather than trying to make one “permanent” at such a young age. Why? Think about how much you changed in your teens, and how people often change a lot in their 20s. People grow and change at different rates, so you likely won’t be as compatible with someone you knew at 20 when you’re 35 or 50.

2) Did someone you love not want to be together anymore? Be grateful they’ve freed you for a more compatible soul mate.

3) Was there “one who got away?” Consider that it wasn’t meant to be and even that it might not have been that great if you had gotten to know each other well.

4) Change the phrase “love of my life,” to “love of my life so far,” in reference to the one you lost, since everyone has multiple soul mates. This won’t make your past lover inconsequential since all relationships are unique and for different purposes. Be excited about other opportunities out there.

5) The death of a loved one is never easy to deal with, but have faith you will meet again, in the afterlife, or in a future life.

If you’re perceptive enough, you may not have to wait and will be able to sense when they check in with or watch over you, and that they want you to move on, be happy, and even meet someone new.

6) Try not to be envious of seemingly happy couples. Appearances are deceiving; you never know what’s really going on behind the scenes, and sometimes one or both of them don’t either. If you could perceive what we do about many couples you might be surprised.

7) Realize that timing is key. If you don’t like your love life, know that love life timing changes; things may be completely different a year from now. Do what you can to improve yourself and your situation now so you’re ready when your fate is more in line with what you want.

8) Accept that self love is far more important than romantic love. You are all you need, even if you don’t realize it yet. Your unique light shines more brilliantly than any star, if only you would accept and nurture it. Respect, appreciate, and treat yourself like you would someone with whom you are deeply in love.

9) Realize you are never really alone. There is so much love on the other side that it’s like every day is Valentine’s day. Meditate regularly to tap into this and you’ll feel more complete on your own.

10) Don’t forget your friends and family. It’s impossible for one person to give you all you need for a long period of time. Many of your friends and family are your platonic soul mates. Tell them how much you cherish them.

11) Consider that being single is underrated. Have you ever noticed that most super-heroes are single? How about wise witches and sages? Or people like Mother Teresa? Your path may require you to be single at times. Once you accept this and learn to enjoy being single, you’ll begin to perceive traditional relationships and dating in a new light.

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