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Numerology and the Number 5

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Character, cyclical timing trends, important life events and circumstances–all are surprisingly and consistently signified by the patterns comprised of multiple factors in the comprehensive numerology and astrology charts. Our solid system of checks and balances forms a terrific foundation to form metaphysical hypotheses through empirical observation.

Once you see, as we have, the regular repetition of configurations representing personality and life happenings, it’s easy to stop rejecting the theory of personal fate, including unavoidable personal adversity.

While it’s true that numbers represent quantity, they also represent quality, such as “he’s number 1.”

Below we outline the uniqueness of the number 5 as it relates to numerology and your life.

1. The number 5 is special in that it’s one of the most unpredictable numbers. Just like with the number 9, things may not go as planned under heavy 5 timing (particularly if you do the planning prior to the 5 timing). Whereas 9 is more fraught with emotional difficulties and endings, 5 is more freeing and liberating, and 5 also relates to new beginnings, unlike number 9.

2. Personifying the number 5, in its full glory, you have someone who is the ultimate rolling stone. Even though it’s said that the rolling stone gathers no moss, but its luster sure looks good, we don’t think so. The luster has too many scrapes when you look closely and the pronounced ridges and marks make it look older than its years. But those experiences were worth it! The problem with the number 5 in abundance is that they never slow down to take care of themselves properly.

3. The person with an over-abundance of the number 5 has an enormous amount of charisma and sex appeal. After seeing a photo of the person, you weren’t impressed. But when you meet them in person, they blow you away with their magnetic looks and you can’t believe it’s the same person in the photo!

4. Yes, it’s true. People with heavy 5 energy, at some point in their lives, based on their collective timing, will have a problem with over-consumption of food, drugs and, or alcohol. However, the special quality of the 5 allows them to do what few other people can do: quit the drugs, for example and leave them behind forever, without therapy, without rehab–cold turkey, just stop using permanently. Regarding alcohol, remember that guy in college who drank too much on a regular basis? You expected him to be a total drunk 20 years later. Is he? Nope. He stopped drinking for a while, and today he has a few drinks every now and then and hasn’t passed out, blacked out, or puked since age 21. How did he do that? The answer is transmutation; he is much more able than most to practically morph into a new person, shedding the destructive behavior and it relates, in part, to an abundance of number 5 energy. He can shed habits like others shed their Halloween costume after a wild night out.

5. Relationships, including friendships, romantic connections, and professional relationships and the person with heavy number 5 energy is a curious thing. Without fail, they will, much more often than other people, either terminate relationships too soon, or hang on to them well after they’ve outlived their purpose. Burning bridges is a bad habit for them. Alternatively, it’s a very unfortunate thing to see someone with excess 5 stuck in a traditional mindset (in part, due to other, conflicting energy), when they are much better off being free and single; acute depression is common while they remain stuck in an outworn relationship.

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