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The Most Overlooked Quality That Makes or Breaks Your Love life

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The most overlooked quality that makes or breaks your love life is not bad luck, but personal timing.

We’re not referring to trying to time the beginning of a relationship for success, such as planning a wedding on the day of a New Moon. Our findings tell us that other forces, such as an individual’s fate, trump such triviality.

Conventional wisdom dictates several common sense items that make or break your love life, including the following: you must be receptive to a rewarding love life; you must socialize and make yourself available so that you can meet prospective mates; a good match should share common interests and beliefs; and you must feel a sense of well-being in a partner’s presence.

Just put yourself out there and choose someone who makes you feel good. Easy, right? Not so fast.

Almost everyone who has looked for a long-term relationship has encountered the usual problems, including wasting time with bad apples, and just not finding good or even moderate compatibility and chemistry no matter how much effort they put into it.

Why do some people have such an easy time finding a good match, and others fail no matter what they do?

Eliminating the obvious, such as personality challenges (red flag issues such as domineering tendencies, selfishness, vanity, anger, drug and alcohol issues, etc.), or the subconscious fear of abandonment or fear of being trapped in a bad relationship, for example, there still exists an overlooked quality that makes or breaks your love life and it’s unexplainable by modern science, including psychology and almost all the love “experts” we’ve seen and read.

The one hidden quality that determines your love life is personal timing. Your unique collective timing, outlined by comprehensive astrology and numerology, symbolizes your love life. Extremes are easy to identify. In our proprietary systems of analysis, massive collections of red-flag love life timing represent major love life problems. Sometimes the tough love life timing is short-lived, sometimes it lasts a long time.

Unfortunately, you can’t change your collective timing, no matter how inspired you get. Our findings firmly tell us that your personal timing is part of your predetermination. In other words, your timing reflects your fate (or destiny–same exact meaning–what you can’t change about your life).

Fate and karma are best considered from a very wide scope, as in lifetimes, instead of only part of your current life. It’s one sure way to make sense of the unexplained in life. Your intentions, thoughts, and actions now serve to shape the circumstances of your future lives.

Your love life timing may be terrible now for two main reasons: you are fated to endure a challenging relationship because the lessons you will learn are necessary for your spiritual growth; you are supposed to be focusing on other parts of your life, instead of relationships.

In the case of the latter, it’s usually a matter of the person having favorable love life karma, but having to endure a span of time that doesn’t reflect that overall favorable love life karma. If only they knew they were in a temporary negative phase and things would get much better, it would provide a lot of peace of mind.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “How can you possibly say a person’s terrible love life has to do with personal timing?” Our theory isn’t rooted in guesswork.

Our philosophies are the result of long-term empirical research. For over twenty years we’ve scrutinized comprehensive astrology and numerology charts while observing the representative circumstances (past and present) of thousands of individuals. The regular and unfailing repetition of patterns from the comprehensive charts completely matching the events and circumstances in people’s lives has convinced us that love life trials (and other life particulars) has a lot to do with personal timing.

It’s okay to have believed the myth that all it takes is luck and some effort to have a rewarding love life, but now you should act on the truth. If your love life timing is terrible right now, have faith. Bad love life timing doesn’t last forever, and while you endure it, try to focus on other parts of your life to prepare for better times.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package offers powerful tools to help you make the most of your love life, including 4 effective love life and relationship exploration, discovery, and healing audio MP3s.

Copyright © 2014 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Numerology–7 Things Those With a Lot of Number 1 Like

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Since the late 1980s, we’ve developed our spiritual theories that stem from empirical study in conjunction with a very complex system of checks and balances involving handwriting analysis, intuition, and comprehensive astrology and numerology.

Personality, key life circumstances, and timing trends are symbolized by groups of factors–patterns–in the comprehensive charts.

Pertaining to comprehensive numerology, we sometimes encounter a subject who has a very significant over-abundance of a certain root number, such as the number 1.

Severe over-balance (or under-balance, the number being under represented) can be symbolic of heavy challenges, but usually the person also has immense talent related to the specific root number.

An aside, astrology and numerology represent, they don’t make things happen, nor do they influence anything. It’s pure symbolism, and changing your name or date of birth won’t change your life.

Below we list 7 things people with a lot (dozens of factors) of the number 1 in their charts take great delight in.

1. She loves how her friend takes initiative and strives to be number one in his career. The drive he exhibits is second to none and he always seems to prevail in his niche. She believes there’s nothing better than being number one, and thinking alike, their friendship is based on this philosophy.

2. The creative genius and inspiration he hears in his favorite artist is recognized by many other performing artist aficionados, but it does more for him than other people. It not only encourages him, it lights his life on fire. He believes there’s nothing better than a musician who breaks through the norm and takes his art to a new and exciting level, as if he’s accessing a higher dimension.

3. Independence is important to her; she refuses to allow anyone to “own” her, as she puts it. There’s nothing better than being able to do what she wants, when she wants, in her mind.

4. He was regressed to a past life and perceived himself as a very successful and celebrated mercenary warrior, defending various peoples. Recalling the constructive aggression he experienced on the battlefield in that lifetime allowed him to get in touch with that warrior spirit he’s always loved but didn’t fully express in his current life.

5. She appreciates brilliant writing, so much so, that she’s addicted to good books. They stimulate her like nothing else. She’s not really an escapist, she just really likes outstanding intellect expressed in writing and it makes her busy and rewarding life that much better.

6. The pleasure he gains from owning his own advertising business is eclipsed only by the joy he derives from initiating dynamic, startlingly original and successful advertising campaigns for his very happy clients.

7. While she’s painting and creating a new work of art, she feels as if time stops and she’s in a state of nirvana. The unyielding concentration, inner inspiration she conjures up, and determination are more than simple requirements to make her masterpieces. She possesses these attributes in abundance, they combine to form a feeling of immense fulfillment, and they contribute to the mosaic of dynamism that makes her very unique.

Although those with a lot of number 1 energy can be eccentric, too isolated, headstrong, and prone to addictions, these people often contribute a lot to the world and are deserving of the acclaim they’ve earned.

Copyright © 2013 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Numerology: 7 Things Those With a Lot of Number 9 Like

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Our metaphysical theories stem from empirical observation in conjunction with a comprehensive system of checks and balances using handwriting analysis, intuition, and in-depth astrology and numerology.

Clusters of indicators form patterns that symbolize character, key life events and circumstances, and timing trends.

Concerning comprehensive numerology, we occasionally find a subject who has a significant over-abundance of a specific root number, such as the number 9.

Extreme over or under-abundances in this way aren’t easy to live with, but frequently the person possesses amazing talent related to the number and is able to use it to his or her advantage.

A side note: numerology and astrology symbolize what is, they don’t “influence” anything. Saying they “influence” your life is like saying a person’s look of shock on his face made him completely shocked, rather than acknowledging that the look on his face merely represented how he felt.

Below we list 7 things individuals with a lot (dozens of factors) of the number 9 in their comprehensive numerology have an affinity toward.

1. A beautiful summer night at an outdoor soulful concert among throngs of picnickers is a favorite of the person with a lot of 9. They love the spirit of mankind, communal environments, and good music. Concert-going isn’t just a once-in a summer event for her. It’s a regular habit and she’ll travel across the country, or even overseas to see new and exciting shows. In her mind, it’s perfectly reasonable to spend most of her disposable income on live music.

2. Volunteering for their favorite cause is a cherished activity. Few people have a bigger heart. They believe there’s nothing like the feeling of seeing others in need benefit from their hard work. These types are the most likely to donate money anonymously; they frequently lack the need for ego-gratification. It’s never about them, it’s about those who benefit.

3. Charity at home makes them happy too; the family of the person with a lot of number 9 is fortunate, indeed. It goes well beyond material things, as this family gives and receives gifts of the heart and emotions to each other all the time. Even if they lack a lot of financial resources, unconditional love creates a wonderful foundation for future success. Compassion to the children of those who mostly lack 9 energy.

4. Writing, singing, performing–these things are as right as rain to the heavy 9 person. Passion for his art isn’t just something he talks about, he embodies it and it takes him to amazing creative heights. It’s clear his work is inspired by something that goes well beyond merely wanting to do a good job.

5. Being a leader for a better world, for example, is something they would love to do. Although they don’t have the best sense of discernment, they tend to see the good in everyone and truly enjoy empowering others to help them be the best they can be.

6. Teaching is a favorite thing too. They are some of the most non-judgmental people and others naturally feel comfortable enough to expose their vulnerabilities. You’re likely to never feel the threat of being ostracized by someone positively expressing a massive over-abundance of 9.

7. Nobody likes romantic troubles, but those people with a lot of the number 9 are most likely to forgive their partner, love the making up process, and even tolerate untoward behavior well beyond most people’s breaking point. Straying again? Well, he can live with it, because his love is unconditional and he makes no demands of ownership in his relationship, unlike most people.

Deep love is like nectar of the gods to those with a lot of the number 9. Just go easy on them and try not to take their love for granted because few offer so much of it.

Copyright © 2012 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Numerology: 7 Things Those With a Lot of Number 5 Like

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Constantly witnessing the repetition of numerological and astrological patterns accurately reflecting personality and real life events and circumstances in peoples’ lives forms the basis for our related metaphysical theories.

In other words, the more you see specific patterns in the charts relating to specific behavior or desires, for example, the more you can expect to see the same dynamic in the future.

Regarding comprehensive numerology, we sometimes find a subject who has a significant over-abundance of a certain root number, such as the number 5.

Related extreme under or over-abundances usually represent difficulties in life, but the person frequently has substantial talent involving the qualities of the number.

Below we list 7 things people with a lot (dozens of factors) of the number 5 in their comprehensive numerology charts have an affinity toward.

1. As an employer, if you announce to your employee who has a lot of number 5 energy that you have a new assignment for them that involves a lot of international travel to strange foreign lands, you’ll have a very happy employee. Sure, almost everyone loves to travel, but those with a lot of 5 need to move around and even yearn to perpetually migrate like a fish needs water.

2. You’ve just told your lover that you need some space after three years in a serious relationship. Is that excitement in their eyes and a smile they’re hiding? Probably, if they express the high side of an excess of the number 5. They need freedom and are inwardly eternally grateful that you have set them free. Don’t worry about them not having new opportunities for love or lust, because they will undoubtedly have more than you ever will.

3. The person with a lot of 5 energy just heard about a party tonight with an open bar and unusual entrees from across the globe. They are so excited for the opportunity they decide to have a pre-party drink to celebrate.

4. Watch out for him, the one with a lot of number 5 energy. Thrill seeking is his game, and he has no limits; you may not be able, or desire, to keep up. The experience he racks up through his worldly pursuits such as rock-climbing in Austria, back-woods skiing in Utah, surfing in New Zealand, kayaking in Alaska, and hiking throughout Europe defines him as an experience addict and he wears the label like a badge of honor.

5. Although she’s very discrete and plays safely and fairly, there’s nothing she likes better than a new lover. You see, each lover teaches her something new about herself and she’s adaptable and safety-oriented enough to constructively make the most of each romance. It’s almost like there’s a new world to explore in each love interest. Although she may appear to love them and leave them like she’s cold-hearted, she’s not; she just has a different perspective.

6. He’s going to be very happy in a life with a lot of changes. New residence, new location, new people, new experiences–the more changes the better. Big, exotic city with cool places to explore? Right on! Good that he can work anywhere he has his laptop and an Internet connection because living in one place forever, especially in a traditional, quiet area of the world like a rural U.S. city, would drive him to depression. He is so in need of newness and change that his subconscious would generate misery to make him feel alive again.

7. Forever clever, those with a lot of the number 5 energy thrive on craftiness, in a good way. It’s thrilling to them to express their acute intelligence and wit and sometimes they get into trouble for occasionally being a bit too sly.

Copyright © 2012 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Numerology: 7 Things Those With a lot of Number 11 Like

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For more than two decades empirical observation has allowed us to form distinct metaphysical theories using a comprehensive system of checks and balances, including handwriting analysis, intuition, and in-depth astrology and numerology.

Definite patterns of multiple indicators symbolize character, important life circumstances and events, and timing trends.

Regarding complex numerology, sometimes we happen across a subject who has a massive over-abundance of a certain number, such as the number 11.

Extremes are always a challenge to live constructively, but at least the person often has exceptional talent regarding the specific number and is able to capitalize on that talent.

Below we list seven things individuals with a lot (dozens of factors) of the number 11 in their comprehensive numerology have a fondness toward.

1. They thrive on harmony in their environment. Peaceful music, soft lighting, comfortable seating, and of course a lack of interpersonal strife is what they want. The worst environment for them would be, for example, a chaotic brokerage trading floor, which would lead to excessive nervous tension. It’s not that they don’t like competition or the adrenalin rush of working toward a deadline–they do. But the ideal setting for them to succeed must be reasonably tranquil.

2. Truthful living, even to the chagrin of their family and friends, is what they are about. Don’t like how they avoid traditional marriage, the usual societal standards and roles, and how they tell it like they see it and call it a sham? Too bad. They see the world through a truth-scope and walk their talk, even though they may appear “eccentric,” like the New Age author who writes about reincarnation, or the artist who mocks (dysfunctional) conventionality.

3. They are naturally inclined toward fame (or infamy if there are enough negative corroborating indicators) and really enjoy it, in fact they often crave it. Broadcasting their messages on national radio, appearing in a feature film or popular TV show, they can’t get enough.

4. That poor 6’6″ 275 lb linebacker wet his pants and ran screaming from the room after hearing and seeing an other-dimensional entity appear out of nowhere. But the person with loads of 11 happily remains in the room, smiling at the apparition, telling it she wants to help it find its way home.

5. So pleased with the illumination he taps into and even visions of future occurrences, he would like to share his insights with others. The compelling drive to do so is an important part of his life mission and he may do so through art, poetry, writing, or other means.

6. Waking up after a prophetic dream, even the rough ones, reminds him of his talent and he would trade it for nothing. There is power in the divine and he expresses gratitude for who he is and what he taps into (the other side).

7. Few things are more fun than seeing past life visions of friends and strangers. He’s tempted to tell that office worker on her lunch hour he sees walking down the street that her current life drama is intimately connected to when she was a sexually aggressive pirate in the late 1600s, but he has learned the hard way that it’s usually best to keep his visions to himself.

Copyright © 2012 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Numerology and the Number 5

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Character, cyclical timing trends, important life events and circumstances–all are surprisingly and consistently signified by the patterns comprised of multiple factors in the comprehensive numerology and astrology charts. Our solid system of checks and balances forms a terrific foundation to form metaphysical hypotheses through empirical observation.

Once you see, as we have, the regular repetition of configurations representing personality and life happenings, it’s easy to stop rejecting the theory of personal fate, including unavoidable personal adversity.

While it’s true that numbers represent quantity, they also represent quality, such as “he’s number 1.”

Below we outline the uniqueness of the number 5 as it relates to numerology and your life.

1. The number 5 is special in that it’s one of the most unpredictable numbers. Just like with the number 9, things may not go as planned under heavy 5 timing (particularly if you do the planning prior to the 5 timing). Whereas 9 is more fraught with emotional difficulties and endings, 5 is more freeing and liberating, and 5 also relates to new beginnings, unlike number 9.

2. Personifying the number 5, in its full glory, you have someone who is the ultimate rolling stone. Even though it’s said that the rolling stone gathers no moss, but its luster sure looks good, we don’t think so. The luster has too many scrapes when you look closely and the pronounced ridges and marks make it look older than its years. But those experiences were worth it! The problem with the number 5 in abundance is that they never slow down to take care of themselves properly.

3. The person with an over-abundance of the number 5 has an enormous amount of charisma and sex appeal. After seeing a photo of the person, you weren’t impressed. But when you meet them in person, they blow you away with their magnetic looks and you can’t believe it’s the same person in the photo!

4. Yes, it’s true. People with heavy 5 energy, at some point in their lives, based on their collective timing, will have a problem with over-consumption of food, drugs and, or alcohol. However, the special quality of the 5 allows them to do what few other people can do: quit the drugs, for example and leave them behind forever, without therapy, without rehab–cold turkey, just stop using permanently. Regarding alcohol, remember that guy in college who drank too much on a regular basis? You expected him to be a total drunk 20 years later. Is he? Nope. He stopped drinking for a while, and today he has a few drinks every now and then and hasn’t passed out, blacked out, or puked since age 21. How did he do that? The answer is transmutation; he is much more able than most to practically morph into a new person, shedding the destructive behavior and it relates, in part, to an abundance of number 5 energy. He can shed habits like others shed their Halloween costume after a wild night out.

5. Relationships, including friendships, romantic connections, and professional relationships and the person with heavy number 5 energy is a curious thing. Without fail, they will, much more often than other people, either terminate relationships too soon, or hang on to them well after they’ve outlived their purpose. Burning bridges is a bad habit for them. Alternatively, it’s a very unfortunate thing to see someone with excess 5 stuck in a traditional mindset (in part, due to other, conflicting energy), when they are much better off being free and single; acute depression is common while they remain stuck in an outworn relationship.

Copyright © 2012 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Numerology: 7 Things Those With a Lot of Number 7 Like

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Many years of empirical observation using a comprehensive system of checks and balances, including handwriting analysis, developed intuition, and in-depth astrology and numerology have allowed us to form well-defined theories.

Distinct patterns of multiple indicators symbolize personality, key events and circumstances, and timing trends.

Regarding numerology, occasionally we happen across a subject who has a massive over-abundance of a particular root number, such as the number 7.

Extremes are never easy to balance, but the subject often has extraordinary talent related to the specific number, and they make for a fascinating study.

Below we list 7 things people with a lot (i.e., dozens of indicators) of the number 7 in their comprehensive numerology have an affinity toward.

1. Oh how those heavy number 7 people love secrets. Tell him you want to have a confidential meeting to share some extremely privileged information and you will have him in the palm of your hand. But you better be telling the truth and it better be good, or he’ll see through you with his laser vision and put you on the “avoid” list in his mind and shut you out forever.

2. There is nothing like being immersed in nature to put someone who has a lot of 7 energy at ease. They thrive on it. Forrest, high desert, or the ocean takes her away to never never land. Sure, almost everyone enjoys nature, but the heavy 7 people so intimately connect with it that it brings them to an altered state and a higher dimension.

3. Someone with a large over-abundance of the number 7 will likely be an avid reader. They could make a career out of it, along with writing; science, technical matters, spirituality, escapist fiction, sci-fi, spy novels–they love it.

4. You don’t need to ask someone who has a lot of 7 energy if they like solitude. Of course they do, they thrive on it. It’s like asking Hollywood actors if they like recognition. A lot of people need to be around other people most, if not all, of the time. Not those with ample 7–they refuel in solitude. In fact, they likely have many other-dimensional friends that always keep them company (even if they don’t consciously realize this). They are never really alone.

Trying to make someone with heaps of the number 7 energy conform to the usual society role, such as traditional marriage, is futile. They would be miserable. You’ll just have to accept that their unconventional lifestyle is as perfect for them as yours is perfect for you–and they’ll be polite and avoid telling you how superficial your lifestyle appears to them.

5. Conversations about meaningful things, the deeper things in life, such as spirituality, will capture the heavy 7 individual’s attention. Trivial subjects? They will tune out fast.

6. Unfortunately, excess drinking, or otherwise unhealthily escaping is a favorite too. Although having a few drinks every now and then is fine, and won’t corrupt your spirituality, try to get them to go about their escapist pursuits in a more productive way, such as through meditation, reading, and nature.

7. One thing that’s crystal clear about those who have a ton of number 7 is that along with having a talent for keeping their mouth shut, they frequently perceive things that most other people miss. Put these two together and you have someone who could excel in investigative and intelligence work.

Other heavy 7 oriented things include highly specialized work such as watch-making, metaphysics, meditation, film, refined art, overseas travel, science, philosophy, mind-reading, prophesy, critical analysis, teaching, and advising.

Copyright © 2012 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Numerology: Numbers Personified — 1-9 on a First Date

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The root numbers 1-9 each symbolize unique qualities and are expressed in various forms, including balanced, over-balanced, and under-balanced energy.

The specific form of the number expressed depends on the symbolic support or mitigation of the other hundreds of considerations in the comprehensive personality and timing numerology charts.

Let’s say a person has a 9 Life Path (a popular modern numerology indicator, which is the sum total of the full date of birth reduced to a single digit). The expression of that one single factor hinges on the collective energy of the others. An over-abundance of 9 energy throughout the comprehensive charts represents a 9 Life Path that may play out in an over-balanced way, such as in excessive sensual gratification. If there’s a lack of 9 elsewhere, then it may represent a too impersonal disposition, for instance.

Although any single factor in the numerology charts is almost meaningless by itself, personifying each of the root numbers 1-9 can help you understand their related energies.

Below we detail how each root number would conduct themselves on a first date. Note: we are emphasizing the over-balanced or under-balanced form of each and you can find out more about these extremes with our Numerology Decoder Software.

“I just closed on a seven figure business deal and I’ve out-negotiated the competition, once again,” says number 1, making sure her date understands just how achievement-oriented she is. After obviously attempting to one-up her date each time they relay a personal experience or funny story, 1’s date tires of the connection and calls it a night after an hour into their first meeting, making a mental note that there will be no second date.

2 asks his date if she would like to hold hands as he scoots closer to her on the park bench. Still secretly with his girlfriend, but telling his date they have broken up, 2 masks his deep resentment about his current relationship and says with a smile, “I’m the most accepting and non-deceiving person you’ll ever meet.” While thinking of how he’ll lie to his girlfriend about where he has been all day, he says “I can’t stand dishonesty in relationships.”

“Wooo hoooooooo!,” 3 hollers. “Bring it on!” Taken aback, her date says “Well, when I said that I’m easy, I meant I’m easy-going.” 3 frowns, quickly changes the subject by asking about her date’s day at work while smacking her gum and twirling her hair. 3 then looks down at her smart-phone to read an in-coming text and suddenly laughs at a joke she remembers hearing. Before her date can answer her question, she says, “Oh, did you hear about what (fill in blank for Hollywood star of the moment) said about (another Hollywood star’s) cosmetic surgery (laughs uncontrollably)!?” 3’s date is pleasant in response, but inwardly groans and feels a major headache coming on from 3’s energetic fireworks.

“No, I will not have the salmon, I want the steak or I will leave the restaurant,” 4 sits bolt-upright and complains to the wait staff, who answers, “Sorry sir, we are out.” 4 insists on leaving and while walking from the restaurant, explains to his date the importance of proper business planning and execution, which the restaurant is lacking. “So what do you want to do for dinner?,” says 4’s date. “Something practical. How about we go to my mother’s and grab some leftovers from her fridge?”

“Look, this bar is way too loud, let’s go back to my place where we can relax and talk,” says 5. Back at 5’s place, while her date is in the restroom, 5 calls another date and tells them she’ll be over in a couple hours, then texts yet another date and asks if they are still on for tomorrow, all while downing two tumblers of booze. “Here’s your drink,” 5 says with a smile and loads of charisma, handing it to her date, thinking of the best approach to quickly get them into her bed.

“I’ve always been in serious relationships and have only been single for about 3 months of my entire adult life,” says 6. He takes his date to a formal dinner because “It’s the right thing to do,” and asks “Wouldn’t you like to see a law requiring everyone to be married by age 30, and stay married for life?”

7’s date looks at her and wonders what she’s thinking since she has hardly said a word all night. It’s like she’s physically here, but the rest of her is off on some other planet. Painfully challenged with small talk, 7 finally gets the conversation going as she elucidates on the irrelevance of peer review in scientific research.

“So, what did your business do last year, pretax?,” 8 blurts out. Always quick to spot an opportunity for gain, he later says “You know, I’m a heart-centered person and I would never be a gold-digger, but I think it’s a good idea if we get serious in our relationship–oh, and by the way, I don’t believe in pre-nups.” (Unless it’s his money, of course.)

“No, I’m not drunk,” 9 says to her date, as she sips her second jumbo margarita, reaches again for the tortilla chips and accidentally spills the contents of her purse on the floor. “I’m in the middle of writing a novel and I’m under a lot of pressure, so it feels great to let my hair down!” “Anyway,” 9 says as she exudes compassion, “I thought we could go and volunteer at the shelter tomorrow since I’m always up for a good cause.”

Copyright © 2010 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Modern Astrology Folly, part III

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Imagine, an astrologer (who is widely known and seen as an “authority” in modern astrology circles) tells you, “You have potential to be a famous actor. But if you don’t strive to become one in the right ways, you’ll wallow in obscurity.”

Translation: that astrologer is hedging his bets and making his refusal or inability to do accurate assessment of personal fate your problem, unfortunately.

No legitimate professional in this field boasts 100% accuracy. The best an analyst or reader can do is offer their perspective and if they happen to be wrong once in a while, that’s acceptable. But to shroud one’s advice in New Age political correctness to the point of making it impossible for anyone to get direct answers to their questions is irresponsible.

Our empirical studies tell us that if someone is destined to become a famous actor they are fated to become a famous actor and will become a famous actor. Also, if someone is destined to serve in a modest support role in the play of life, that’s what they will do, this time.

We’re all for using modern-focused methods such as transits, secondary progressions, solar and lunar returns, and the more funky, creative, newer techniques (even though we’ve found many of those to be pure nonsense), as a means to firm up an existing comprehensive analysis based on tried and true ancient methods. However, to put the bulk of the emphasis on the modern methods and philosophies only invites vast inaccuracies, our research has consistently shown us.

You Only live 100,000 Times or More

If you look at your life as the result of multitudes of lifetimes and not just one (“You only live once”), it makes more sense why some seem to “have all the luck” and some don’t. It’s how you view and handle your circumstances that really matters.

Don’t worry about missing that one right “choice” that could potentially make all your dreams come true. Fate doesn’t work that way. You can relax, because if it’s meant to be, it will be. Keep forging ahead, make informed decisions, follow your heart, do what you need to do, and you’ll get to where you’re fated to be.

Psychology, Consciousness, & Modern Whimsy

Modern astrologers say they are excited about the astrological developments during the last century or so. They name Jungian psychology (being mixed into the science of astrology) as “groundbreaking,” yet we’re convinced it’s largely a way to sidestep real issues, like personal adversity, including poverty, and other life concerns connected to personal fate. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate psychology when it’s approached constructively, but not the way many modern astrologers abuse it. You can’t interpret the charts through fuzzy psychological thinking and expect valid results.

“Progression of consciousness…” is a way of claiming that times have changed to the point where “…multi-dimensionality alters our realities beyond stoic fatalism…” We feel that this view is completely false and a poor excuse to deny that predicting personal fate is possible. It’s pure subterfuge and typical of the sort of skewed creativity modern astrology promotes to mask the original purpose of astrology (prediction of personal fate), which isn’t as marketable and profitable in the New Age.

Herd Mentality and Modern Methods

Furthermore, having 1000s of practitioners of modern methods, some of whom periodically gather for conferences through the organizations to which they belong, means very little as far as credibility goes. They may all pay $50 or more each year to belong, but it only means that they all share similar beliefs (e.g., denial of personal fate), and that they all largely go along with one another’s radical astrological creativity.

There is an abundance of people who favor modern methods, just like there is an abundance of modern astrological entertainment, excuse us, literature, on the shelves of book stores (next to the trashy tabloid magazines). Why? Because they’re taking the easy way out, at your cost. What sells well doesn’t have to be valid, it only has to be appealing and poetic or sexy, according to the whims of modern demand. No wonder the New Age has a bad reputation.

In conclusion, we recommend you maintain a sharp sense of discernment in dealing with modern, New Age methods and have the courage to go against the grain of conventional thinking. In doing so, you’ll have a huge advantage in your quest for spiritual awareness.

Copyright © 2009 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Numerology Number 1

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The numbers 1 and 7 may be the loneliest numbers; Fortunately, 7 has its other-dimensional beings with which to commune, as well as its books, writings, mystical revelations, and other such typical areas of focus to keep it happy.

1, however, must face at least occasional isolation and being a mundane number, its only company is desire, inspiration, goals, projects, every-day tasks, and cherished ideals. The faint at heart don’t do well with 1. In fact, a lot is demanded of 1, and they, in turn, demand a lot from others.

Heavy 1 timing, especially after heavy 6 or 3, for example, often leaves people feeling secluded and lonely, forcing them to take desperate measures to rid themselves of the feeling that they exist on a deserted island.

Sadly, even if someone with excessive 1 timing surrounds themselves with loved ones, they are likely to still feel alone. On the bright side, being forced to go it alone or start over has its advantages, and self-love eventually triumphs, as the 1 is a significant teacher in this way.

Those enduring lengthy, demanding 1 timing, which is determined as taxing by the natal configurations and, or collective timing indicators, must hang on to that which they believe in, despite opposing views from just about everyone, including those closest to them.

Instead of resenting the resistance, it’s best to thank others for helping to strengthen their tenacity. As the numerology patterns represent personal fate and karma, the actual lessons are what help you to fulfill your earthly mission.

Personal timing always changes eventually, so if you don’t like yours now, you will at some point in the future, even if it’s not until your next incarnation. Find out about your basic numerology timing and where you have 1 in your basic charts, if at all, with our Numerology Decoder software.

Whether it’s found in the natal charts or timing charts, on the high side, an abundance of 1 is frequently linked to leadership, independence, courage, original and bold action, and comfortably going one’s own way.

The strong, balanced, healthy 1 is so self-assured, shrewd, and has such tremendous drive, energy, and ingenuity, that he or she offers the uncommon and unusual, even radical. It often magically becomes the accepted standard while society celebrates their genius instead of ridiculing their audacity.

Nobody beats the 1, other than the 8 from time to time (or the clever 5 sometimes), but 8’s manipulative and confrontational practices, bully-tactics and karma-inducing behavior sends it to the end of the line while 1 takes the crown. That is, if 1 isn’t pulling similar stunts, which it has been known to do once in a while. Numerology number 1; a study of self-confidence.

Wretched is the soft 1, which can be an under-balanced 19/1 (19 being a Karmic Debt number), overwhelmed with doubt and insecurity, constantly grasping for a foothold in life. It must turn inward, strive to balance its issues, embrace all that it is, stop looking for approval outside of itself, toughen its resolve and accept that it can’t please everyone.

At the other end of the spectrum is the over-balanced 19/1 whose hallmark traits are intense aggression and hostility, selfishness, intolerance, xenophobia, and addiction.

Think of the number 1 as a straight, solid, unwavering vertical beam of light extending from above down to the ground; it’s mentally and physically oriented (not emotionally or intuitively), and two of its best attributes are its vast energy reserves and its ability to focus. Its creative inspiration, like that of a brilliant stand-up comic, is also remarkable.

Even though 1 can be the loneliest number, the energy of 1 is everything new, it’s the initiative that gets the job done, and it’s the raw determination that earns success, against all odds.

Copyright © 2008 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo