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The Truth About Reincarnation

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Once you understand the truth about reincarnation, after sifting through the myths and misunderstandings, you’ll be surprised how the awareness can improve your quality of life.

Below are nine common questions or arguments about reincarnation and our responses, which are based on over 25 years of past life regression experience.

1) “Only naive people believe in reincarnation.” These famous people who believed in reincarnation probably would have disagreed: Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Plato, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edgar Allan Poe, and Henry David Thoreau.

2) “There are no scientific studies.” Dr. Ian Stevenson spent over forty years scientifically documenting past life memories of children from all over the world. Skeptics and scholars agree that his more than 3000cases offer the best evidence yet for reincarnation. Dr. Stevenson’s credentials were impeccable. He was a medical doctor and wrote many scholarly papers before beginning paranormal research and was the head of the Department of Psychiatry and a Director of the Division of Personality Studies at the University of Virginia.

3) “Why don’t we remember our past lives?” A memory of all the skills, languages, and knowledge from your previous lives sure would come in handy, wouldn’t it? But remembering all the traumatic and upsetting events would be distracting and prevent you from focusing on what’s most important: your present life and what you’re here to learn. You do have a subconscious memory of everything from this life and previous lives, that’s why you’re naturally good at some things, and have unexplainable fears about others.

4) “Why is reincarnation not in the bible?” Some say it was, but edited out, along with other tenets, for political reasons. According to Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation by Noel Langley, the Byzantine Emperor Justinian (483–565 A.D.) “summoned the Fifth Ecumenical Congress of Constantinople in 553 A.D. to condemn the Platonically inspired writings of Origen.” These writings apparently referenced reincarnation and the pre-existence of the soul.

5) “Why would I have chosen this life or bad experiences?” Your personality didn’t, but your soul did, in order to learn and grow, which is one of the purposes of incarnating.

6) “Everyone says they were a famous figure or wealthy king or queen. It’s all fantasy.” If you experience enough previous lives through past life regression, you realize this isn’t true. You’ll likely perceive yourself as both powerful and powerless, rich and poor, male and female, good and bad, and so on. When someone perceives themselves as a famous person in past life regression (which is rare when the process is done correctly), it usually means they are misinterpreting the past life or their ego is adding to the session. Another possible explanation is that their energy is somehow connected to the energy or consciousness that was once part of the historical figure.

7) “Reincarnation is wishful thinking by people who are afraid of death.” Maybe, but it takes more courage to accept that you have to reincarnate to pay back karma.

8) Reincarnation is an excuse to dodge personal responsibility–they blame things on their past lives.
This might be true for some, but an understanding of reincarnation and karma leads most people to take more responsibility for themselves and their lives. People who think once they die they will cease to exist might not care as much about doing the right thing in all situations. People who believe in reincarnation know that because of karma, everything they do, say, and intend will come back to them. Also, Taking personal responsibility for your life instead of blaming others is empowering.

9) The past doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter until you realize that a subconscious memory of a past life event is negatively influencing your current life. For example, someone who drowned might have an intense fear of being in water. A person who is deathly afraid of flying may have died in a plane crash. Someone who finds it almost impossible to lose weight might have starved to death. Once you re-experience the related past life, the fears usually lessen or disappear.

How do you find out what is valid and what is false? Do your own objective research and eventually you will discover the truth about reincarnation.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package includes a special audio recording to privately and safely explore your distant past, past lives, and other subconscious memories, plus many other helpful spiritual tools, tips and guidance.

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Take This Quiz–How Do You Get to Heaven

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How do you get to heaven? Will you be turned away? Take this short quiz and find out.

Answer “yes” or “no” if you’ve ever done any of the following: cursed; eaten meat; enjoyed any of the finer things in life, such as designer clothing or expensive meals; used numerology, astrology, tarot cards, or consulted a psychic; listened to and enjoyed music other than religious music; failed to attend religious services on a regular basis; questioned your religious leader; danced in public; been intoxicated; worn clothing that revealed your legs; worn platform heels; worn clothing of the opposite sex; looked at porn; touched yourself in an impure manner; had sex for the purpose of satisfaction rather than reproduction; had sex outside of marriage; had a sexual dream about someone other than your partner; had a homosexual experience; received or fantasized about receiving, either directly or indirectly, money for sex; paid for sex, either directly or indirectly; had an open relationship; divorced.

If you have done any of the above, congratulations! You’re human. None of these actions generate negative karma.

Next, consider if you’ve ever done any of these things: condemned others for being homosexual, bisexual, transgender, or of a different race; lied; cheated; manipulated or intentionally hurt another; stolen something.

These actions directly above, among others, create negative karma and you’ll have to balance it, eventually.

How do you get to heaven? Or for that matter, what about hell? Does it really exist? In all of our past life regression and life-between-life empirical research over the last 25 years, we’ve never seen any evidence of hell.

However, a small percentage of people who have experienced NDEs (near death experiences) have reported they perceived a place that seemed like hell, complete with people being tortured and an evil presence.

Were those people really in hell, and did they not get the “how do you get to heaven” memo?

In our opinion, in each case we’ve seen or read about, it seemed to us that it was a situation where their guides and subconscious mind created an illusion that would help them to straighten out their life, their mind created a vision based on their religious programming, or it was the result of experiencing lower astral planes, sometimes due to a drug overdose or other factors. Interestingly, in many of these cases, when the person yelled out to a higher power, like God, to help them, they immediately left the place that seemed like hell.

Rather than a final destination that’s reserved only for the religious elite, heaven seems to be a temporary place where all souls go after death of the body in order to review, rest, learn, and plan for the next incarnation.

As for the question, “how do you get to heaven,” our findings show that, in general, if you treat others as you want to be treated, you will create positive karma and future experiences that are closer to heaven on earth.

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7 Signs of Having Lived Past Lives

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Have you ever been curious about your past lives? Pay attention, because the clues to your past lives are easily accessible. All you need is some direction to find out what and where you were in the distant past and if you take notice, your past will begin to unfold before your eyes.

Skeptical? That’s good, it’s healthy to avoid automatically embracing (or rejecting) concepts you haven’t thoroughly investigated. We were skeptical too, long ago. But through objective empirical research, we’ve been unable to disprove the theory of reincarnation, which over 50% of the world’s population embraces in one form or another.

While it’s true you don’t know for sure if what you perceive in past life regression is simply subconscious metaphor or an actual past life scene (even if you can identify, and verify later, details such as names, addresses, etc. as many have), past life regression is a powerful healing tool that can help you make the most of your life.

Use the hypotheses below we’ve formed since the 1980s to find out more about your past. Yes, the indications are often this simple and obvious.

1) Anyone—lovers, friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, neighbors, and so on—whom you inexplicably, immediately liked or disliked may indicate positive or negative experiences with that person in one or more past lives. Most everyone you know now you have known before, including relatives, children, parents, bosses, and others.

The more significant a person is in your life, the stronger the connection. Our findings indicate that when you meet someone new, you are attracted to or repelled by the connection you had with that person in the past. We’ve also found that the level of harmony is symbolized by comprehensive astrology and numerology.

How about the case of the 4 year-old who claimed he used to be friends with President Polk? Later, the family discovered its full lineage and was stunned to realize they were related to vice president George Dallas, who served in the Polk administration. Wild coincidence or is there a past life connection? You decide.

2) Male and Female: Each soul tends to reincarnate more often as one sex or the other. However, many have experienced lives as both genders. If masculinity, femininity, or being male or female are issues that cause stress in your life, there are likely reasons that relate back to previous lives.

3) Sexual Orientation: Experiencing life as a different gender than a soul is accustomed to may result in homosexuality or bisexuality. This may also explain the spiritual reason for transvestites and transgender individuals, assuming it’s not a case of spirit attachment or possession. In addition, an attraction may continue when past-life male and female lovers return as the same gender.

Also, identical twins have the same genes. If they have the same environment growing up, yet have different sexual orientations, their individual past lives and karma appear to be the root cause of this major personality difference.

4) Material Wealth: It is common to have had lifetimes on both sides of the track. Obviously, it can be more challenging to go from a wealthy lifetime to one of poverty.

Do you have an excessive amount of compassion for the homeless, poor people, or orphans and feel a strong empathetic connection to them? You may know what it’s like from having a higher than average number of such challenging past incarnations, where every day was a struggle to survive.

5) Love life: Most people have had lifetimes where they experienced a wonderful love relationship, and the opposite, love loss and betrayal. Subconscious memories of such times can cause plenty of problems in the current life.

Can no one measure up to what you feel you need in a relationship? You may be unconsciously comparing present connections to an exceedingly rewarding past life love relationship.

6) Appearance: Those who are never satisfied with their appearance may be subconsciously remembering a lifetime where they were more (or less) attractive and, or fit.

Hidden past life memories of a life as a celebrated beauty queen could make you feel less than secure in your current life if you don’t possess pageant-quality looks now.

7) Physical Ailments: Someone with a weak digestive system may have had several lifetimes of gluttony. Someone with asthma may have died a heavy smoker in a past life.

Someone born with a deformed leg may have carried forward guilt about accidentally running over someone’s leg in a past life. Someone who died of alcoholism in a past life may be born into a family in which alcoholism is common, so they have a chance to finally learn to respect and love themselves enough to overcome the pattern of addiction.

In case you’re worried if you are being punished in this life for past life actions, fear not. We believe it doesn’t work that way.

Instead, we’ve found your soul chooses, before incarnating, your main experiences in life according to what lessons you need to learn each time. Consider it to be a series of necessary trials and rewards that can only be endured by direct experience in a physical body on Earth. Fortunately, you have free will to make the most of your life.

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Past Lives and Controversial Topics

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In our society it’s considered inappropriate to vocalize your opinion to a stranger on topics such as politics, religion, sex, money, racial issues, and abortion, just to name a few.

Everyone has an opinion, and some become very emotional, even angry if you don’t agree with theirs. Their strong beliefs are sometimes linked to their childhood or other miscellaneous defining moments in their lives.

But let’s not forget about the impact of past lives. If you want to find the cause of something in your life, whether it be your fondness for a certain nation or group of people, or your fear of flying or snakes, it can almost always be traced back to past lives.

Side note: As we’ve frequently said, it doesn’t matter if reincarnation exists or not. What is important is that exploring one’s past lives can be very healing, even if it turns out that the perceptions may be metaphorical, linked to your subconscious mind.

Do you know someone who spends a lot of their time campaigning for a cause or political candidate? They may simply believe strongly in the purpose and truly want to help others, but there could be other reasons too. For a person who is consumed by anger against the opposition, our findings indicate that a strong past life link is often likely: whoever is screaming the loudest (anti-whatever) could easily have been on the other side in a past life. Perhaps their actions in a past life as an 1800s shipping tycoon, for example, were often very dishonest, racist, unfair, and selfish. Consciously they don’t remember this, of course, but subconsciously it triggers a response. Guess why they’re spending so much energy on the cause now? Answer: they project their former nefarious self (or selves) onto others who may or may not (often times not) be creating the negative karma that they did in the past. Until they get to know themselves better (spiritually speaking) and recognize their projections for what they are, they’ll continue exclusively seeing the world as they are or were (instead of how it really is), spinning around like a dog chasing its tail.

How about a certain internationally famous pop star who, in the 1980s and 1990s, caused a lot of controversy through her sexual and (some would say) anti-religious images and lyrics? Is it possible that she lived one or more lives as a powerful religious figure who, by his or her actions, caused the populations of entire countries to be more shameful and fearful about sex? Absolutely. Could this pop star have been destined to attempt to reverse some of that through her (legal and mostly harmless) provocative and sexual public image and behavior in this life, and be ridiculed repeatedly in the press as a result? Yes.

Do you know someone who despises the wealthy? Do they insist that most rich people are greedy, mean, and had to be ruthless and cheat others to gain their wealth? Guess who very possibly acted in such a way in a previous life and created negative karma for themselves? Even if someone does obtain wealth unfairly by hurting others, try not to let it bother you too much. Have compassion for them and know that they will ultimately have to pay for it in other ways, even if it is not until a future life.

It’s important to note that your karmic circumstances in life are not about reward or punishment, but learning and growth. For example, being born rich or poor, straight or gay, black, white, brown, or red, attractive or not, fit or not, is not simply because you were “good” or “bad” in past lives.

However, if you are forced to deal with steep and stressful challenges in this life related to your family, sexual orientation, race, appearance or something else you cannot change, it’s possible your soul choose them for you to experience the other side of things. Or, sometimes it may be that your soul volunteered to be an example in some way for those around you, ultimately to help progress human understanding and compassion, for instance. You may or may not have been, for example, a rich, straight, handsome womanizer who used and abused females in a past life (and may or may not have already balanced the energy in successive past lives). Even if you were, everyone has been “good” and “bad” in past lives, so go easy on yourself; it’s much more important to focus on doing the right thing now in all situations than to feel guilty about how you were in past lives.

If you would like to overcome or at least be better able to deal with burdensome personal issues, past life regression can shed new light on the situation, help you to detach from it, and in some cases overcome it. If you just want to explore past lives out of curiosity, going back in time can be an eye-opening experience and help you realize the deeper reasons for why you are who you are and how you knew the people in your life.

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Is This Your Last Lifetime?

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According to life-between-life research involving past life regression, souls can decide to stay on “the other side” rather than come back for another lifetime, especially if they’ve worked through all of their karma during previous lifetimes (which is very uncommon). Or they may decide to learn their lessons in other ways or help others on Earth from the other side. But apparently, most souls are eager to return to Earth to play the roles they were born to star in.

Know that this is not a personality decision. On a personality level, you might be dreading every day on this planet, yet on a soul level, you understand the more spiritual reasons for why you’re here and what you’re experiencing. Sometimes you are not supposed to know the big picture before the time is right, as there may be lessons in the process that wouldn’t be learned if you were fully aware of your situation. As you become more aware of yourself and your life, you may find yourself perceiving the deeper reasons for life’s experiences.

Most people cannot remember if they’ve been here enough already, but some with very strong psychic and mediumship abilities may receive strong impressions that this may be one of the last ones.

Of course, many people say this is their last lifetime, but how do they really know that? Perhaps they feel they are a very old soul, but that could just mean they took many lifetimes to get where they are today, not that they have balanced all necessary karma. Or maybe they may feel they’re ready to move beyond Earth, and that they’re spiritually aware enough to break the cycle of reincarnation.

Frankly, it often seems like wishful thinking in the hope that they don’t have to endure any more earthly challenges and can instead just enjoy life in “heaven.” We can relate to that, as life on this planet is not easy. In fact, it’s commonly believed to be one of the more difficult places to incarnate. The best way to make sure you finish your lifetimes here on Earth as quickly as possible and, eventually, enjoy more of the good things in life, is to “do the right thing” from now on, in every situation.

In reality, most people don’t know for certain if they’ve completed all of their karmic lessons or not, and on a soul level, they may already be planning out many more future lifetimes. Considering Earth isn’t the only place (or dimension) where people incarnate (there are billions of stars like our Sun with likely millions, if not billions, of inhabitable planets in this universe), and that life in this universe has existed for eons, it’s reasonable to consider that souls typically have more lifetimes than you can count, not only 300 or fewer as some Eastern religions suggest.

There seems to be some confusion in today’s society about what exactly creates negative karma. Based on our experiences with 1000s of past life regressions, here is what we’ve found.

Some actions that generate negative karma include the following:

*murder, even if you are not caught, unless it’s in self defense

*stealing, even if you are not caught and no matter how you justify it

*telling a lie that hurts someone else in any way, even if you are not caught and even if you believe your own lie

*intentionally hurting someone in any way

*not doing the “right thing,” subsequently causing someone else to suffer in any way

*resenting someone; your anger may cause you to be confronted with similar circumstances in the future until you learn to forgive and if applicable, take responsibility for your part of the conflict

*incurring addiction, if it hurts you or anyone around you

*disrespecting yourself to the point of personal harm (such as being a martyr); yes you can gain good karma by helping others through martyrdom, but you still may have to balance a lack of self-respect

Some situations that are oftentimes believed to produce negative karma, but do not, include the following:

*making, or otherwise acquiring a lot of money, as long as you do so honestly

*having a lot of money and not giving a lot away to charities; the world is not your responsibility, yet of course you gain karmic credits or in some cases, pay back karmic debts by helping others, and besides, it feels good

*lying to protect someone, as long as you’re not hurting someone else in the process, or helping that person you’re protecting to dodge taking responsibility for their actions

*breaking up with a partner, as long as you are not intentionally doing anything to hurt them them in the process; their resistance and difficulty with it is not your responsibility

*divorce, as long as you take care of your responsibilities and leave peacefully

*having sex without being married, as long as you do not intentionally hurt anyone (or yourself) in the process

*practicing non-monogamy, as long as you are honest with everyone involved, are acting responsibly, and do not intentionally hurt anyone in the process

*accidentally hurting someone in any way, but any guilt could cause you to experience a reaction in the future if you don’t let go of it


*prostitution, as long as it’s between two consenting adults and you are not intentionally hurting anyone in the process

*exceeding the speed limit, although any associated guilt may create karmic ties

*having a few drinks, although if done regularly enough in excess, you’re disrespecting and hurting yourself, therefore incurring negative karma

*being a single parent or having a child outside of marriage, as long as you provide for the child and be the best parent you can be

*refusing to give in to others’ “shoulds” (“you should do this or that”); it’s your life and you know what’s best for your highest good; as long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else you’re free to live your life as you desire

By the way, confessing to a priest or praying for forgiveness will not excuse you from any negative karma you’ve created. Also, it’s debatable whether or not practicing self-forgiveness will completely get you off the hook, since your future karmic circumstances are determined by your soul, not your personality.

No one, no matter how psychic or spiritual they are, can cheat karma and avoid future negative consequences if they don’t “do the right thing.” Everyone needs to return to school house Earth (or a similar place) until they’ve resolved all their karma and paid all their dues. If you, at any time, do not “do the right thing,” in most cases, you’re essentially buying a round trip ticket back to this planet for another life to endure your tests again. Admittedly, “doing the right thing” sometimes seems all but impossible for many due to the forces of personal fate; people will behave in accordance with their level of awareness more often than not, not as they “could” to minimize karmic consequences, but at least you know that ultimately it’s up to you take the high road to avoid accumulating additional negative karma.

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Is Past Life Regression Real?

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Past life regression is typically experienced by relaxing the body and conscious mind so that you can access the subconscious (memories, present and past lives) and super-conscious (all that is).

Some people perceive dream-like images while regressed, some hear words or sounds, and others feel or suddenly know things. Some relax so deeply that they speak in different languages (this is very rare, however), and some can’t relax, detach from their monkey-mind or suspend apprehension or skepticism enough to experience much of anything. With practice, most are able to go back to a time and place in order to explore what they intended to.

Since you cannot bring forth physical evidence of reincarnation through past life regression, those who experience regression don’t know for sure that it’s real. But many will tell you it seems very real, especially when they realize important connections between the past and present and, or become emotional during the process of perceiving past lives.

When asked the right questions, it’s possible to perceive dates and names of countries, cities, streets, families, businesses, and then after the regression, confirm the information by doing a little research. It’s also possible to regress, for example, a couple, separately, and take them back to the same life where they knew each other in the distant past. Still, these techniques don’t undeniably show that reincarnation is valid, but they can offer a tremendous amount of legitimacy for many.

Even if what you experience in past life regression is current-life subconscious symbolism, it still can be helpful. When done correctly, past life regression is a wonderful tool that can shed light on seemingly unsolvable problems and help overcome blocks.

The best way to know what past life regression is like is to experience it yourself.

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Regression Therapy Dangerous?

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Regression hypnosis and hypnosis are safe because just as in meditation, your mind will only allow you to perceive what you’re ready to.

This is sometimes why some people don’t perceive much in regression. Other reasons include select medications, other drugs, and excessive alcohol that cloud the mind and soul, fear of seeing anything negative, not trusting the process, themselves, or the therapist, and not being centered, focused, or relaxed enough for the process.

Hypnosis has gained a reputation of being about mind control or blacking out due in part because of movies and television, but in reality, it’s simply a deep state of relaxation in which you have total control.

Also, it seems that those who are in favor of conflict avoidance, afraid of confrontation or dealing with the cold, hard facts, are often less likely to be in favor of regression therapy.

It could be said that stuffing the memories of traumatic events and not uncovering and dealing with the impressions is dangerous. Repression and unconsciously keeping uncomfortable or painful memories locked in the subconscious memory bank causes energy drain, and ignoring, denying, and not dealing with the unresolved past will cause problems in all areas of life.

Repression is like trying to hold a beach ball under water; eventually the memories from the subconscious mind will surface. It’s better to get in touch with the impressions and emotions sooner rather than later, and in an appropriate environment, so you can move on and open up to your highest potential.

Though facing the memories may be unpleasant at first, welcome the opportunity to remember, and then, most importantly, accept and let go of the situation, and forgive all involved, if applicable. The past doesn’t really matter, but how you react to it and how it affects the present in a karmic sense does, so forgiveness is key. Forgiveness for yourself or others is for your own healing; it doesn’t let anyone off the hook.

Also, you don’t need to tell someone you forgive them for forgiveness to have a positive effect in your life. Expressing forgiveness for that person to yourself is also effective.

Finally, how you face the truth is key. Aside from compassionately confronting any perpetrators involved, if you see yourself as a victim and place all your energy on blaming, you will heal much more slowly.

Once you accept what happened and forgive (both of these won’t be easy, but in time you’ll be able to do it), you’ll accelerate the healing process and be a stronger person too. After all that, think of all the strength you’ll have available to reach your goals and dreams!

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