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Psychic Protection Tricks

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It’s always a good idea to remember to spiritually protect yourself. Just as there is filth in the physical world, spiritual debris is everywhere. Thoughts are things, they create your reality within the framework of your personal karma and fate, and you can capitalize on this mind dynamic to your great advantage.

We both frequently encounter lost souls and other various other-dimensional energies, most often when we are in semi-sleep or meditative states in our respective homes.

Spirit Visitations

Stephen recently moved into a new home and has been visited by several lost souls, some harmless and some not so nice. One of them thought it was funny to slowly drag the covers off him on three separate occasions in the early morning hours. Since the home was new and never lived in, he wasn’t expecting so much spiritual activity. But after learning that the area was full of crack houses 5-10 years ago, it made sense. He later found out that two neighbors have also experienced unusual activity in their homes, such as hearing heavy footsteps on wood floors in the middle of the night, door handles rattling, and their cats appearing to have strong reactions to unseen energies.

Addictions Keep Spirits Earthbound

In our experience, drug and alcohol (or other addictive or fear-based activity) infested areas attract earth-bound and dark energies who are looking for the related fix. They were addicted before they left their bodies and stick around looking for more instead of going to “the light.”

This theory, along with weakened defenses due to excess, explains why some addicts can have multiple lost souls feeding off their compulsion. Personality changes, hearing voices in or outside of your head that offer off-putting, even destructive ideas and having sudden cravings that you didn’t have before are some clues to spirit attachment (which is common) or spirit possession (which is rare). An extreme case of possession would be like the Exorcist, which was exaggerated (head spinning around, etc.), but who hasn’t been involved with an ex who behaved this way (kidding)?

Parade of Entities and Souls

Before Scott’s neighbor relocated about 1.5 years ago, he would regularly see a parade of spiritual activity through his bedroom late at night. It seemed as though the spirit hitch-hikers who were with this respectful and pleasant, yet hard-drinking neighbor would get bored and wander over. One happened to be a slouching, depressed-looking, slowly wandering-by youth with what looked like dyed blond hair who may have been a suicide victim. Energetically guiding the soul to the light with a telepathic message “there’s nothing to fear” appeared to help the soul move on. Many others shielded their eyes with dark sunglasses to mask one of the blatant marks of sinister energy: shadowy, ill-looking, and dark, or red eyes.

We expect that many of you have similar stories, especially if you are spiritually sensitive and, or your spiritual disciplines keep you half on the other side most of the time.

Along with using a healing audio to keep the space clear and himself protected, Stephen began using a new technique to guard against any stray souls who wandered in during the middle of the night. The following, along with some preferred by Scott, are techniques that can work for you too. The more often you visualize the images, or just trust that they are there, the easier it will be to do and the more real it will become.

4 Psychic Protection Tricks

White Light Tornado

Every night before bed, visualize or feel a huge (always clockwise) white Light tornado filling your bedroom, home, and car, taking away dark energy, sending it to the Light, and leaving behind a clear, peaceful, and energized space.

Posts of White Light with Crystals

Visualize or feel posts of white Light with crystals in each of the four corners of your room and home, with white Light walls connecting them. Then do the same for your bed. You can even ask guides (of the Light!), Archangel Michael or Archangel Raphael to stand guard for you. After doing this for several days you may actually feel the crystal and Light barrier around your bed as very soothing yet energizing and healing.

White Light Metal Detector

Visualize a protective white Light metal detector similar to the kind found at airports, to scan and screen all energies entering your home or personal space. Ask for spiritual security guards of the Light to help make sure only positive energy gets through.

White Light Pentagram

At least twice daily, draw a huge pentagram in imaginary white Light under you and around you. Due to the power of your mind, belief, and repetition, this powerful force-field will become real. In the very least, it will engage your subconscious mind to help you avoid attracting negativity.

You have free will to use the above techniques or generate your own unique spiritual protection methods. It’s within your power to protect yourself from other-dimensional trash and be clear, calm, and happy so that you can make the most of your life, within your fate.

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