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9 Examples of Passing Your Spiritual Tests

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Are you passing your spiritual tests? We believe everyone frequently has the opportunity to pass spiritual tests, and in the process create a better world and good karma for the future.

Sometimes it’s not easy, but if you do the right thing and respond with honesty, unconditional love, and tolerance, you’ll pass the spiritual test.

Don’t feel bad if you sometimes fail a spiritual test because everyone is here to learn and that’s part of the process. As long as you make an effort you will reap the benefits in the future.

Below are examples of how to best handle spiritual tests.

1) While out with a group of friends, several of them gossip about a woman across the crowded bar, judging her for being “easy.” You happen to know her and that she’s a very kind person. Instead of keeping your mouth shut in order to keep the peace, you speak up, defend the woman, and call out your friends for projecting their sexual shame onto her.

2) You’ve tried to get along with that coworker of yours, but he always manages to push your buttons and strike when you least expect it. Instead of striking back, you detach, try your best not to take his actions personally, and accept him for the jerk that he is.

3) While shopping one day, a man walks by and accidentally drops his wallet full of cash. He looks loaded and you could really use the money, but you remind yourself that you’re not entitled to a stranger’s money unless they give it to you. You pick up the wallet, run after him, and hand it back.

4) Your ex-husband treated you horribly, but you never speak badly about him in front of the children, even though you’re aware that he does. It’s painful at times, but you hold your tongue and remind yourself that they’ll realize the truth when they’re older.

5) You have the option to lie about your sexual orientation and date the opposite sex, but you decide it would be selfish and unfair to deceive someone in order to hide your true orientation. Instead, you gather your courage, care less what others think, and live your life the way you really want to.

6) You fell out of love with him years ago. Instead of staying because of the money and having an affair with the other man you’ve fallen for, you’re honest with your husband and set him free so he can find someone more compatible.

7) You’ve experienced a lot of racism and you have no tolerance for it. However, when an acquaintance is accused of racism and you know it’s not true, you defend her. You understand that it would be unfair and unwise to use anyone in an attempt to stop racism.

8) A coworker and friend is accused of something she didn’t do. You know the truth, but if you speak out, it could jeopardize your job. Instead of saying nothing and allowing her to suffer, you tell your boss the truth.

9) You’re in love with your girlfriend but one day you check her phone while she’s in the shower and discover she’s been cheating. You have the opportunity to expose some nasty secrets to her boss and get her fired, but you know that revenge would only create negative karma. Instead, you bite the bullet, accept her infidelity and that it will take you some time to get over the betrayal and pain, and move on.

Make those spiritual tests more easily identifiable and tolerable, identify subconscious fears and blocks, and much more with our Direct Your Destiny e-package.

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5 Ways to Deal With Feeling Trapped in a Relationship

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Many people feel trapped in a relationship, yet fail to do anything about it.

The reasons for staying stuck are numerous, including assuming it’s better for the children to stay, illness or lack of physical mobility or stamina, financial restrictions, fear of retaliation, fear of being single, fear of losing half of one’s assets, and fear of being part of a “failed” relationship.

Open and honest communication is the most recommended way to deal with feeling trapped in a relationship. But what if you’ve tried that and it didn’t work, or being too candid about how you feel isn’t an option, and you can’t leave yet for whatever reason?

Here are five other ways to help you deal with such a situation:

1) Focus on yourself and your passions instead of the relationship. If you’ve tried repairing your relationship but it hasn’t worked or she’s just not interested, it’s time to do what makes you happy. After you take care of your responsibilities such as work, caring for the children, paying bills and doing household chores, use the rest of your time to do what you want to do.Develop your independence and see yourself as an individual rather than half of a couple.

2) Use Subliminal MP3 audios. This technology can help you with almost any goal, including overcoming the perception of being trapped in a relationship. For example, sometimes just a boost of confidence, sense of humor, or self-love will make it much easier to deal with your situation. If the relationship is salvageable, a subliminal MP3 audio to improve your relationship can make a world of difference.

3) Utilize hypnosis. Many people are scared of hypnosis, thanks to silly hypnosis stage shows and movies. Essentially hypnosis is just a deep state of relaxation. In fact, you’ve been hypnotized many times without even realizing it, like when watching TV or driving a familiar route. Hypnosis can change your perception of your partner and relationship for the better, and even uncover childhood memories that may be interfering with your relationship now. You can see a trained hypnotist, or use one of many hypnosis MP3 audios available for specific relationship and personality issues.

4) Try Past Life Regression. What do past lives have to do with your current relationship? A lot, according to people who have uncovered past life issues that carried over to their current love life. The theory of reincarnation is directly related to the theory of karma, which means many of the pleasant and not so pleasant situations in your life now might be the result of your actions in past lives–not as a punishment, but to learn and grow. Even if you don’t believe in past lives, the process of past life regression can help you by perceiving it as symbolism. With the right past life therapist or MP3 audio, your mind will help you “go back to the cause,” perceive it, accept it, and release it. Past life regression can be an extremely freeing and empowering experience.

5) Free yourself from unseen negative energy with Spiritual Detox. Sometimes relationship problems are the result of negative energy. Once you remove it from your energy field and know how to spiritually protect yourself, you’ll both feel more at peace and loving, and less combative.

As dreadful as feeling trapped in a relationship is, even if you can’t change your partner, you do have the ability to change your perception of the situation and these methods will help.

Direct Your Destiny e-package helps you improve your life by identifying and overcoming unconscious blocks.

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Afraid to be Alone Part II

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Should you stay or should you go, and how should you do it? Will you be alone for the rest of your life if you leave? Whether or not to leave an unhappy relationship and strike out alone can be an agonizing decision for many.

Viewing it from a different perspective will help you. Below we outline a couple case studies and show that there are alternative options to conventional wisdom.

Case study problem #1:

“Alan and I agreed to be committed to each other even though I felt like he may have been more interested in financial security (I make well over six figures and Alan is a struggling musician). He admitted that he cheated once (but I suspect more). But he’s grown up a lot since then and promises me that he’s changed. I think we have a chance together, especially since our physical/sexual connection is so incredible. I think he may be “the one” and worry that if I don’t stay with him, I may miss the opportunity to ever be loved again.”

Traditional thinking and solution:

Believe his pleas about how he’s grown up (never mind that his nature dictates that he needs variety and that he’ll either stray again or be unhappy being strictly monogamous), bite the bullet and get married. After all, everyone knows that marriage improves all relationships and secures happiness; this is why so many people rush into this legally binding situation.

Alternative Suggestion:

You’re considering a commitment with a man who cheated on you and who may be more interested in your money than you? Based on Alan’s birth data, what we intuit, and what you’ve told us, he’s not the monogamous type or someone you’ll be able to trust or depend on. If you don’t make a commitment with him, are you missing the opportunity to ever be loved again? We doubt it, but more importantly, you need to ask yourself if being with him is worth the misery he will likely cause you both.

Alternative Suggestion:

If the physical/sexual connection is mind-blowing, but he isn’t the monogamous type, you do have other options besides all (marriage and its expectations) or nothing (dumping him). Perhaps he’s meant to be in your life in a different capacity, such as a “friend with benefits” or as a secondary partner. This arrangement can work if both partners are mature and honest and have no expectations of it leading to anything more.

However, in these situations (and all relationships, for that matter), never assume anyone is being strictly monogamous or practicing safe sex with other partners. Always practice safe sex and use condoms. That may sound untrusting or paranoid to some, but we’ve known too many people who’ve contracted STDs, including HIV, from partners, even those in relationships that they assumed were monogamous. Don’t be foolish. Play safe 100% of the time. Some people have good intentions and want to be honest and keep their promises, but their nature contradicts that; they simply cannot. Their urges and agendas and excuses and justifications are more important to them.

Case study problem #2:

“I have been in a long-term relationship for 15 years, since I was 26. I don’t feel my other half is my true soul mate. However, I’m not sure that I’ll ever find my true soul mate, so I remain with my boyfriend. He’s a great guy, but when people talk of true love, I know this just isn’t it. Our sex life is pretty much non-existent, and has been for the last 9 years. I’m worried that if I end my relationship I’m too old to find someone else, so I just stay where I am because I don’t want to grow old alone…”

Traditional thinking and solution:

You’re past your prime. Just make the most of your current situation.

Alternative Suggestion:

You two are essentially roommates who masquerade as a couple. Though it’s true that everyone has many soul mates, he doesn’t seem to be one of your more compatible ones. You’re not too old to find someone else or to enjoy being single. In fact, we’ve known many people who look their best, even very sexy, in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond, especially if they exercise often (including yoga), meditate for stress relief and awareness, maintain diets that work for them, such as whole and raw foods, avoid drugs and excess alcohol, and do internal cleansing. If you make time to make the most of yourself, you will reap the rewards. In addition, personal timing (as discerned through comprehensive numerology and astrology), not age, dictates when you’ll meet a compatible match.

As far as growing old alone goes, having a partner now is no guarantee that he or she will be there later in life, or that they will be a remedy for your loneliness. Alternatively, invest time in quality friends and family, volunteer, turn off the TV, and join groups that interest you, and, or get a pet.

Everyone is, for the most part, programmed from birth to believe they need to find the one perfect person to meet all of their needs for the rest of their lives. Remarkably, this is often expected by people in their 20s, when they are too young to really know themselves. This is impossible, but many still strive for it and then think they or the relationship “failed” if their expectations aren’t met. Stop looking outside yourself for love or for a soul mate to fulfill your every need for the rest of your life. The sooner you can do that, the happier you’ll be.

If you are alone now or at times in-between relationships, learn to love being alone; this is your time to concentrate on other areas of life and help others with what you’ve learned. Make a difference in someone’s life and, or the world.

Finally, what is the root cause of your fear of being alone? Where did it all start? It’s not just because you don’t like being alone. It goes much deeper than that. Find out through regular meditation and, or past life regression. Regular meditation will also help you connect with your higher-self and God, and with this awareness, it will be easier to let go of the unhealthy fear of solitude. Remember, it’s only a fear, one that you have control over if you choose.

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Afraid to be Alone

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We receive many inquiries from people agonizing over the choice between staying in an unhappy, unsatisfying relationship or leaving and potentially being alone. The majority of them are more worried about being alone for the rest of their lives and because of this, remain stuck in their relationships.

There are other options, as we outline below, especially if you are willing to view your situation from a more spiritual perspective.

Case study problem #1:

“When I was 25 I met the love of my life, John, yet he broke up with me after 2 years. We remained best friends and the affair never really ended. I always compared everyone to him, and he always came back to me when in trouble. Eventually, we got back together. I’ve caught him cheating four times in the last three years and I don’t know if I can take it again, but the idea of being on my own seems worse to me….”

Traditional thinking and solution:

Turn a blind eye to your partner’s infidelities and be grateful you have someone in your life. You’ve invested all this time together and it would be a shame to throw it all away.

Alternative Suggestion:

You are allowing him to continue to disrespect you because you’re afraid to be alone. Though your situation is karmic, it’s in your best interest to use your free will to react compassionately. Take back your power, be strong, and bow out. You will be free to work on yourself and eventually meet someone who is more respectful and compatible.

How much time you’ve invested with each other is never a good reason to stay together, especially if he’s betraying your trust. Look at it this way, the spiritual (most important) reasons for relationships are about learning, understanding, and growth; how long they last is irrelevant. Many people place great importance on the length of a relationship, but if it’s done it’s done, even if a couple stays together. Besides, as soon as he betrayed your trust, the relationship died as you knew it. As far as him being the love of your life, you don’t know that for sure until the end of your life.

Alternative Suggestion:

If you can’t live without him (and you probably can), redefine the relationship and tell him his actions have shown you that he cannot or will not be monogamous. Since the problem with cheating is ultimately more about dishonesty than sex (other than insecurity about the loss of a partner or fear of disease), your relationship may work, in a different form, if he is willing to be brutally honest when he feels like straying, and does so safely and responsibly. But you would need to be very adult-like in how you handle his confessions, and it’s likely that he would not be able to handle you dating other people. Both of you seeing this all from a spiritual perspective (everyone has many soul mates, no one owns anyone, sex is not love and doesn’t have to be exclusive to traditional love relationships, sex purely for the enjoyment of sex between two consenting adults is perfectly acceptable, etc.) would also help a lot.

Case study problem #2:

“I didn’t automatically ‘click’ with my boyfriend Jason, yet we shared a world view, and we ended up moving in together and building a life. He’s the most loving and genuine man I’ve ever met, yet I often think about the bond I had with a previous lover that doesn’t seem to be there with Jason. I’ve considered ending it, but I don’t want to be alone and I worry that perhaps I’m asking for too much, and running after a dream that isn’t real…”

Traditional thinking and solution:

You can’t have everything in a relationship, and you should feel lucky that you’ve found a good person to be with.

Alternative Suggestion:

Though it’s good to realize that “Prince Charming” or the perfect partner does not exist, your attraction to Jason is based on your logical mind reasoning about why you should like him, should be attracted to him, and should feel that connection with him.

But as you know, you don’t feel that connection with him. It’s either there, or it isn’t, and between you two, it’s not. This is not your fault or his, it just is what is. Perhaps you cite a fear of hurting his feelings as the reason why you don’t break up with him. After all, he is such a nice guy.

Think of your situation this way: you are being selfish. Breaking up with him would be doing him a favor; he would be available for someone more compatible with whom he would share that special connection that you two don’t have. The comprehensive numerology and astrology natal and timing charts, along with psychic insight, tell us you both are better off as friends.

If you are unhappily involved or single and fear being alone it’s within your power and your free will to learn to love your time alone. But first you must confront the fear of solitude and discover its origins. Even if past lives are just metaphors in your subconscious mind, regression therapy can help, as can meditation.

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Relationships: How to Choose More Carefully and Avoid the Bad Apples

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Many people spend so much time and energy on their love lives, striving for the ideal relationship. While self-love is the only true love in our view, it’s understandable why the feeling of being loved and accepted by another is so desirable.

Along the path to finding compatible love, everyone has their share of adverse relationship experiences and some people are fated to have more than others. Although challenging love connections seem to only complicate your life, in time it’s easier to see how they’ve helped you learn and grow.

Sometimes the best path seems to be to go forward with a challenging relationship even if you are aware ahead of time that it could be problematic. Other times a relationship may seem wonderful at first, but then you realize you didn’t know the person (or yourself) as well as you thought you did, you end up bringing out the worst in each other, or you simply grow apart.

Our research and work firmly indicate “negative” relationship situations are karmic. Even so, ultimately you do have free will to react to the situations and conditions in your life, and the more in tune with yourself you are, the easier it will be to choose and navigate your relationships with compassion and understanding.

Self-Exploration, and Relationship Traditions

If you avoid self-exploration and solitude at all costs, and you place great importance on relationship traditions, it will be much more difficult for you to avoid the bad apples and emotionally, physically, mentally, financially and, or psychically draining relationships. A fear of being alone and an avoidance of self-analysis will cause you to overlook obvious signs and become involved with or remain with people who, all things considered, work against you.

As discerned through astrological and numerological comprehensive charting methods, handwriting analysis, and psychic insight, some people are born much more relationship oriented, with scarce emotional independence (or are even prone to codependence). Hence, situations involving unhealthy relationships decisively manifest as part of their predestined path. Though even in these cases, they have the option of using free will to make the most of it all.

If you fit into this category, one possible remedy to help limit toxic  relationships is having goals that supersede “The One” ideal. School, career, your children, fitness, volunteering, hobbies, or other such things on which to focus your time and energy could help you make better decisions in your love life by helping you to detach and view it all from a higher perspective. At the same time, we’ve found that people will do as they are fated to do time and time again, but at least awareness can assuage dilemmas and you can work within your destined framework for more desirable effects.

Knowing Thyself and Meditation

If you are one of the few who know themselves very well on levels other than conscious understanding, or meditate regularly to the point of consistently experiencing divine insights, you’ll be able to perceive quite a bit about potential matches before getting involved with them. This will also give you a head start in how you approach and respond to people and situations in your life, allowing you to use your free will more constructively.

For example, after meeting a new relationship, friendship, or employment possibility, you’ll be able to more easily pause, step back, contemplate the situation, and consider if it’s worth the time and energy and if it would be supportive of your goals. But maybe you’re also wise enough to know that one’s heart can interfere with decision-making.

Metaphysical Tools, Advisers, and Eremites

If you consult with a metaphysical adviser or even actively apply tools such as astrology, numerology, handwriting analysis, or tarot, or work with dream analysis, for example, you may know quite a bit about potential matches even before you meet them. Higher than average psychic abilities can also allow you to perceive the “good” and “bad,” or at least what you need to know, about people and situations ahead of time. Unfortunately, this may often cause you to be forced to decide between the complexities of the connection and being alone, and remaining single may seem like the better choice more often than not.

This dynamic could partially explain why “wise women,” “old sages,” and other mystically inclined individuals are often depicted as living alone, such as in the forest or on a mountain top; they see beyond the surface, detect the spiritual reasons at the start, and opting out might seem more appealing. Of course, they may also be alone because they enjoy it, their collective natal and timing indications symbolically choose this for them, they are simply taking a break between relationships, or they have so many friends (guides, spirits, etc.) in the unseen dimensions that taking on ones in the here and now may seem unnecessary or pose too much of a burden.

There will always be “good” and “bad” apples in the barrel of your love life and in the rest of your life. Expanding your awareness will help guide you to make smarter choices, and when the only option is a connection that lacks a reasonable level of compatibility, use your free will to accept where you are and navigate to a better place. Although due to your personal fate, you may not be able to manifest more desirable circumstances right away, but eventually you’ll be able to make the best of even the most trying times.

Copyright © 2007 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Love, Relationships & Reincarnation – Power of Love & Forgiveness Won’t Allow You to Cheat Fate

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Through our empirical research, we’ve found that a wonderfully harmonious bond (and variations of it) between two people, whether it is a work, family, friendship, or love relationship, is either there, or it isn’t.

We’ve also found that past lives with other people strongly influence what is experienced with them today.

Therefore, past life regression, when the focus is on the root cause of a problem and forgiveness, can definitely help to heal present life relationships.

Don’t believe in reincarnation? It doesn’t matter.

Whether past life scenes perceived in past life regression are real or imagined, both believers and skeptics can benefit from this powerful therapy.

But can the power of love and forgiveness alter destiny?

If a relationship is meant to end, based on the personal timing of the individuals involved and what they (their souls, not their personalities) decided before incarnating, can they (their personalities) choose to override that?

Well, as we’ve said before, our position is that you can’t cheat fate. Of course, the couple could stay together if they really wanted to, but it would likely feel unnatural (if they were honest with themselves) and potentially cause a lot of stress.

The good news is that if you change your perspective of love relationships by dropping your expectations (for permanence, someone to “complete” you, and the other relationship traps in our society that you’re conditioned to embrace) and accept each relationship as it’s meant to be, they become less difficult and more satisfying. Of course, starting with a solid foundation of self-love and respect is important too.

Our comprehensive numerology and astrology (compatibility and individual personal cyclical timing), along with psychic/intuitive readings indicates to us the level of compatibility and the timing of relationship rewards and challenges.

For example, we could indicate, on a scale of 1-100, just how compatible you are with your mate as seen through our work.

Also, we could indicate the duration potential of your bond. In other words, we’d tell you when things were, are, and will be “good” and when they aren’t, along with our professional opinion as to if the relationship has “seen better days.”

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Love & Relationships From a Spiritual Viewpoint – 3 Reasons People Get Into Bad Relationships

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It’s very common for people to be inexplicably drawn into bad relationships. Why does this happen?

Life on earth is all about personal lessons. While relationships may not always give us what we want, they always offer potential for spiritual growth. The main reason you are drawn to those who may not be good for you is karma; you have unfinished business or lessons to experience together.

We are drawn to people in this life in part because of our connections with them from past lives.

Another reason may be that you have come together for a higher purpose such as a child or work that will affect others. Sometimes we are attracted to people because of our current life programming, much of which is rooted in early life experiences. Of course, as much as we have researched past life regression and karma, we realize that even our childhood experiences are likely to be karmic.

Also, some compare their relationships with the ideal relationship, something most of us want. When this is done, it’s easy to find flaws.

Other reasons for being drawn to difficult relationships include the following: a test to let go, heal, and move on; fear of being alone; an important, unique lesson; and sometimes it’s a signal that the love is genuine, but it may not be sensible.

Needless to say, if your partner is detrimental to your physical, emotional, or mental well-being, it’s time to move on.

Despite challenges, if two people feel a relationship is worth continuing, and they still feel drawn to each other, they may have a soul contract to fulfill.

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