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The Overlooked Root of Sexual Orientation

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We recently heard a popular cable radio talk show host discuss the gay marriage ban in CA. The host often offers valuable insight about current events, but his views about sexual orientation are way off, in our opinion.

He was saying how important it was to vote Yes on Prop 8 (the bill passed on Tue., Nov. 4th, outlawing gay marriage in CA) because he said sexual orientation is not genetic (“because identical twins aren’t always both gay or straight”) but from environment, and how allowing gays to marry would damage our society.

Ah, pardon us Mr. radio show host, but we’re identical twins, our early environment was the same, yet there are innate differences between us, including sexual orientation. Our contrasts are clearly seen in the comprehensive numerology and astrology charts, by the way. And no, we didn’t look at the charts as teenagers and say “OK, you’ll be the gay one, Stephen, and I’ll be the straight one.”

What do we attribute our different sexual orientations to? Something that we’ve never heard discussed by the media in relation to the topic; past lives and karma. We thoroughly discuss these topics and more in our free download, Direct Your Destiny.

It is very clear to us, based on personal experience and our extensive empirical research, that sexual orientation, along with all the other unique characteristics of each person, begins with the soul, expresses itself through the personality, can be influenced (but is not determined completely by) genetics, and is also somewhat, to a lesser degree, influenced by environment. In other words, sexual orientation for each person is already determined before the soul enters the body.

The radio show host said environment is why many men in ancient Greece had young male lovers and if gay marriage was made legal today, it would encourage young kids to be gay. He said the percentage of gay people in Greece then vs. now was higher because of the acceptance of homosexuality.

Statistics (measured how, is unclear) show the percentage of gay people in our society now is about 10%. Really? Based on Stephen’s experience of being hit on by hundreds of married “straight” men in his teens and 20s, and the countless inquiries to his matchmaking service in the 1990s by married “straight” men seeking another man (Stephen’s service did not accept married members, by the way), he feels it’s more like 10% who are obvious or out, an additional 15% or more who have gay or bi tendencies that are not acted on or kept secret, and possibly many more who are gay or bi who are in denial.

If sexuality were only influenced by environment, which largely encourages children to be straight, there would be few gay people who are “out,” and even fewer who feel attracted to the same sex but don’t act on it. If sexual orientation were only a conscious choice, we doubt many would “choose” to be gay since it’s much easier and safer in this world to be heterosexual, especially in the many countries where sex between consenting adults of the same gender can be (and, amazingly, still is) penalized by long jail sentences, torture, and even death.

It is true that among twins, it’s fairly common for one twin to be gay and the other straight, but what the radio host and most people don’t understand (and we don’t blame them) is that people are more than just hunks of meat with a brain. Two twins can look and sound identical, but if you go deeper, through past life regression, handwriting analysis, and comprehensive astrology and numerology, for example, you will find vast differences. In other words, even identical twins have different souls and different fingerprints (despite having identical DNA), and their souls make them each unique.

Modern science ignores the influence of spirit, yet we find genetics trivial compared to non-physical considerations, such as the progression of the soul throughout lifetimes.

According to what the radio host said, he seems to be suggesting that if his early environment had been one of absolute tolerance toward gays, he may in fact be gay today. Perhaps he fought hard against feelings towards the same sex and “chose” to be straight. If he insists that sexuality is a “choice,” then perhaps he could tell us when he decided to be straight.

Some suggest that it would be bad if more people were (openly) gay. That shows a high level of intolerance, clearly. These types typically say they “have no problem with gays,” but if that were true, they shouldn’t have a problem with gay people getting married.

Those who voted Yes on Prop. 8 (to ban gay marriage), whether because of their “religion” or other reasons, may be afraid that a lot of people would choose to be gay, overthrowing society as we know it. This might give new meaning to professional sports heroes slapping each other on the ass. Maybe they’re right–it could be a threat to national security if there were no heterosexuals to protect our country (joke).

Life is too precious to hate people you don’t even know. Let’s update our views about sexual orientation, shall we? It’s “orientation,” not “preference.” How many gays have you met who are really straight but just “prefer” to be gay? Probably not nearly as many people who are really gay who prefer to be straight; perhaps this is the reason the word “preference” is so often tossed around today in connection with sexuality.

If gay marriage were legal and everyone was totally accepting, even encouraging to others to express their true sexuality, yes, more people would eventually be more comfortable acting on their gay or bi tendencies. But why would that be a bad thing? It wouldn’t, except to those who feel being gay is “wrong.” More acceptance of sexual orientation would also eventually help to eliminate the problem of gay men or women pretending to be straight (or being in denial of their true orientation), getting married as a cover, and then sneaking around behind their partner’s back, potentially putting them at risk for STDS. It would also decrease the number of teen suicides.

If there was suddenly much more acceptance of gays and lesbians, it’s doubtful that there would be a mass exodus of people turning gay and moving to West Hollywood, unless they were already closeted. Also, it’s doubtful that young children would be influenced much, since sexual orientation isn’t just about sex, but also attraction to a gender, which can start at a very young age. People tend to eventually do what they really feel anyway; more acceptance of gays would not “turn” people gay or bi who are not gay or bi already.

Complete tolerance for everyone and their orientation isn’t only “the right thing to do,” it’s a sure way to avoid negative karma and future life conflicts involving the issue.

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