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Many Soul Mates

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Metaphysically defined, a soul mate is someone you have known in a prior existence. Soul mates are not always love connections and some are more pertinent to your earthly purposes than others.

Regarding soul mate love connections, we and other respected experts in this field have found that everyone has many soul mates; the notion that there is a “one and only” is a myth perpetrated by fairy tales and movies.

We hope this information will make it easier for those who are still hanging on to terminated romantic relationships to let go if it’s not meant to be and look forward to the next one. One way to determine if it’s not meant to be is to let the situation be without trying to manipulate it or anyone related to it. If things then seem to go in the direction you hope for, great. If not, then you are free to move on, make the most of yourself, and look forward to the future.

Also, please realize that everyone is already complete. You don’t need anyone to complete you. If you feel like you are incomplete and need someone to make you whole, you may be in need of doing some personal healing work.

As unappealing as it sounds, the challenge of grieving a relationship that has ended is an opportunity for growth and furthering one’s self-awareness. This is what life is all about: opportunities for growth, and how you handle them. Yes, life is also partly about the fun stuff, like romantic love, but life is more meaningful and enjoyable when you accept its challenges and approach them from a higher-self, detached perspective.

Significant love relationships happen and then dissolve when they are meant to. Life goes on, and you will meet other soul mates in the future. Through many years of working with past  life regression and comprehensive astrology and numerology, we are confident in our ability to identify important spiritual connections and the timing of such.

The best thing that anyone can do after a love relationship has ended is to accept that it’s over. Be grateful for the time you had with that person, and when you think of him or her, wish them well and let go. Meditation helps with this process, as do our audio meditations for love life.

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