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Remember to Ask For Help

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In a previous article we offered a few aspects of the Mystic’s Magic Formula and promised more information in the future. The Mystic’s Magic Formula is a mix of practical and spiritual techniques to help you deal with what you can’t change in your life and manifest your desires.

We won’t cover all steps of the Mystic’s Magic Formula here, but two very important elements involve meditation and inviting help from your higher-self, guides of the Light and, or God.

How do you get help from God, spirit guides, and your higher-self?

Those of the light on the other side want to help you, but you have to ask. Getting in the healthy habit of regularly saying out loud, perhaps before or even during your regular meditation, “Spirit guides, masters, teachers, and helpers of the Light, God, please guide me to the answers I seek about…,” for example, will open the door, usher in help from the other side and, at the same time, remind you that help is available. We offer additional information about the art of asking for spiritual help, meditation, and a whole lot more in the Mystic’s Magic Formula and elsewhere in Direct Your Destiny ™ e-package.

Asking for help from the other side or your higher-self is one thing, but you’ve got to be in the right state of mind to receive the assistance. The more centered and grounded you are, the more likely you will hear those faint whisperings in your ear, see the signs as they subtly appear visually, or receive helpful insight through other means.

Yes, we know, it’s not easy to get into the practice of meditation, but like many things worthwhile, it demands discipline and practice. It’s a long-term discipline and the more you work at it, the more benefits you’ll receive. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes a day, some form of meditation is necessary to magnify your awareness and deepen your perspective.

Meditation is ultimately a process of detaching from the over-active conscious mind to a place of stillness and peace. You know when your mind is mentally multi-tasking, perhaps going in 10 directions at once? That’s the opposite of a good meditative state.

A good meditative state for receiving insight and answers to your questions is like your mind is on pause while you listen for the sound of a train in the distance. As an added bonus, proper meditation releases feel-good, natural opiates from your brain.

We offer many tips, tricks, and unique methods for achieving a great meditative state in the Direct Your Destiny (tm) e-package and we’ll offer some simple advice here.

If you’re having trouble getting into a good meditative state, close your eyes and focus on the middle of your chest. If you find your mind drifting away from this point of focus, slowly start counting and imagine drawing the numbers on your chest plate.

Alternatively, close your eyes and direct them up to your third eye area between your eyebrows. Without straining your eyes, keep them focused there, as it will help to induce an altered state.

If you tend to fall asleep during meditation, keep your eyes open and focus on the flame of a candle while counting from 1 to 100. Once you reach 100, begin again. Do this until you feel peace and calmness washing over you.

Remember, it takes practice. The old joke “I tried meditating, but nothing happened,” might seem applicable, but know that you will reach an altered state in time. By the way, “nothing happened” is the objective in good meditation; you are so blissfully centered and detached from mind chatter, and enjoying a feel-good state, that there is room for divine guidance to appear at the doorstep of your mind.

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