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How To Stop Thinking About Someone–9 Tips

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How do you stop thinking about someone? Perhaps he betrayed you, she broke up with you, or maybe it’s someone you don’t even know. He enters your mind all the time and you know it isn’t healthy. Sometimes people take up residence in our minds and it’s difficult to get rid of the thoughts.

Here are some tips to help you stop thinking about someone and move on with your life.

1) Accept the thoughts instead of trying to resist them. Watch the thoughts drift by in your mind like clouds in the sky. Detach from the thought and say to yourself, “There’s that thought again,” as if you’re observing something you’ve seen many times but have no attachment to, like a bird or tree.

2) Consider why you are thinking about the person.

a) Are you angry with him? Did he hurt you? If so, gently tell yourself that it’s okay to be upset. When you’re ready, forgive yourself and him for everything. When you finally feel the forgiveness, you’ll be ready to move on.

b) Did you break up? If you’re having a hard time getting over her, consider that you both are likely destined to meet, date, and learn from other people in the future. Be grateful for the experience and that it was part of your preparation for a future relationship.

Writing out your thoughts about her and the situation in detail can help you get more in touch with your emotions and release them. After expressing it all, burn or tear up the paper and say goodbye.

c) Is it someone you don’t know and have a crush on? If so, your mind might be focusing on him as a love target because you feel your love life is lacking in some way. Realize that the stranger might not be available or even compatible. Other times she might be a soul mate that your subconscious mind remembers from a past life. Unfortunately, not all soul mates are meant to lead to a relationship.

If you have the opportunity to introduce yourself, take a risk and do so. If you don’t know where they are, it’s probably best to accept that it was a nice fantasy, and let it go so there’s room for someone new.

3) Consider if there is a lesson to be learned from this person. What did they teach you about yourself and your life?

4) If you’re empathic, this person might be thinking about you, and their energy causes you to think of them. In this case, sever the link with white Light, then imagine a large mirror reflecting back his thoughts. Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between real and imagined actions, so this exercise can still help you if you don’t believe in the power of white Light.

5) Cancel the thought by saying cancel, cancel, cancel and imagine a bolt of healing energy gently striking you and filling you with soothing, cleansing white Light.

6) Switch your thoughts to something else, like a favorite song.

7) Focus your attention on something else, like exercise or hobbies.

8) Meditation will help calm monkey-mind and bring your focus into the present instead of dwelling on the past or what could have been. Daily meditation for at least 10 to 20 minutes will transform your mind and your life.

9) Accept that it’s over. Part of accepting that it’s over is letting go, rather than keeping tabs on or stalking him, which will only keep you stuck.

Now that you know how to stop thinking about someone, you can take these steps and finally move on to new and better experiences.

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