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Spiritual Truth–Thoughts Create Only Some of Your Reality

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You’ve probably heard of the idea that thoughts create your reality. By reality, what motivational speakers and best-selling New Age authors refer to is the events and circumstances of your life, not just your state of mind.

In the real world, you’ll find it’s not so simple.

While we are strong proponents of positive thinking and we believe you can make the most of your life by changing what you can and how you view that which you can’t change, conscious thought is only part of what influences your life.

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just think positive thoughts.

One major problem with it is your subconscious mind. We’ve learned a tremendous amount over the years about how the subconscious mind works through our study of handwriting analysis, hypnosis, subliminal audios, and past life regression. Your subconscious mind will generate thoughts all on its own through the ever present, hidden fears, defenses, and biases. You can detach from those thoughts through meditation, and work with them through hypnosis, subliminal audios, and past life regression, but since the subconscious mind is incredibly powerful, it’s not always possible to rise above them.

The process of thinking positive thoughts also competes with what your heart, intuition, or higher-self actually believes or knows to be true.

For example, if you’re intuiting that there’s no way you’re going to change your boss’s mind, and that’s how it turned out in the end, thinking positive thoughts is futile, unless the positive thoughts are for accepting what you can’t change and working instead on what you can change.

Below we ask seven questions that indicate thinking positive thoughts only creates some of your reality.

1. Did children in the hospital (or their parents) battling terminal diseases create that reality through their thinking?

2. Did Syrian war refugees create their current reality through their thinking?

3. Did rape victims think about rape too much, thus manifest it?

4. Will preaching mind over matter to a paranoid schizophrenic cure her of her mental disease?

5. Did generations of poor people in developing nations think their way into poverty?

6. Did a lack of happy thoughts create a record high murder rate in the summer of 2015 in the city of Chicago?

7. Are plane crashes the result of too many passengers not thinking positive thoughts about arriving safely at their destination?

Our long-term findings show that positive thinking, although important, takes a back seat to the unforeseen and predestined (positive and negative) events and circumstances in your life. No matter what you think, you can work with fate, but you can’t cheat it.

We’re asked sometimes why we focus on fate to the extent that we do. We want you to avoid being unexpectedly disappointed or hurt by the sometimes vicious hand of fate, and we frown on New Age opportunists selling escapist myths packaged as truth.

It may seem depressing at first, but in order to make the most of your life, you need to first do four things:

1. Avoid the “anything is possible, you can do anything” mind-set, beyond the occasional daydreaming or “dream-castling” about your aspirations and goals. Why? Because when you are at least moderately realistic about your goals, you’ll avoid wasting time and setting yourself up for major disappointment, or worse.

2. Accept that there are many things in your life that you can’t change, such as how others think and act. Whatever it is you want to manifest through conscious creation and, or the law of attraction, if your goal depends on the behavior of others, think again. You may be able to persuade a million people to buy your new software app if that type of success is part of your predestination, but if not, it won’t happen (or if it does you’ll eventually experience a reversal of fortune), and there’s nothing spiritual about attempting to control and manipulate others.

3. Get to know yourself. Self-knowledge, including your subconscious strengths, fears, and defenses (which are outlined superbly by handwriting analysis), along with your timing (which is outlined terrifically by comprehensive astrology and numerology), allows you to prepare for life’s inevitable challenges and get the most out of the rewarding phases in your life.

4. Make an effort to react to people and events as positively (or neutrally) as you can whenever possible. Strive to remain detached and compassionate. This will help to stop creating any additional difficult karma for the future.

The notion that thoughts create 100% of your reality is deceptively comforting. Like all delusions, you’ll find that it eventually crashes against the rocks of reality. Children like to believe that Santa can leave whatever they want under the tree, but eventually they grow out of that fantasy.

Alas, you can prepare for life’s challenges and make the most of your fate, and it’s up to you how you view that which you can’t change.

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18 Magic Affirmations to Improve Your Appearance and Be Sexier

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Perhaps you’ve experienced the power of affirmations.

Tell yourself a thousand times you can’t do something, and you’re that much closer to failure. Tell yourself repeatedly you can do something, and you’re more likely to succeed.

Taken to the extreme, some people claim you can manifest anything you want with positive thinking.

While we would like that to be true, we have a different view about the subject.

Through our many years of empirical research our findings show, consistently, that your experiences have a lot to do with personal timing, which is a reflection of your destiny (which is the same thing as fate).

The fabric of fate consists of both “good” and “bad” things.

That means you can only manifest something if it’s part of your destined path.

Sometimes your personal timing is conducive to looking great and feeling sexy, and situations in your life will mirror that. Sometimes it’s the opposite.

Surely, you’ve experienced feeling like your personal magnetism is off the charts, like you just can’t lose. Yet other times you feel like you’re invisible, or you’re humiliated to the point of wondering if your trials are being filmed with a hidden camera and the joke is on you.

But we’ve also found everyone has free will to react and make the most of themselves and every situation.

You can’t change your fate, but what you think and your attitude can shape your reality around the destined experiences. Lemonade made from life’s lemons can be exceedingly refreshing.

You have free will to worry and think negative thoughts, or you can take charge of your life and do what you can to improve it and stop worrying about that which you can’t change.

One thing that makes life easier is looking and feeling your best. How you treat others is most important, but in our society, how you look also matters. Show up for a first date or job interview looking sloppy, tense and lacking confidence and it may ruin your chances. Let yourself go (physically) in a relationship and your mate might lose interest.

Is there anything wrong with wanting to improve your appearance and be sexier? Not in our opinion, unless you have hang-ups about sex.

Below are 18 magic affirmations to help you improve your appearance and be sexier. Repeat them often enough and your mind will accept them as fact and play the part.

The subconscious mind is fascinating and very powerful. It can’t discern between reality and imagination. It will believe you when you continuously affirm, “I’m irresistibly sexy,” and take action to match your words. You may not be named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man (or Woman) Alive,” but you can at least move up a few notches in sex appeal.

Note: Affirmations or subliminals are effective whether you use “I” or “you.” However, sometimes “I” is more effective for people who don’t like following direction, and sometimes “you” is better for people who don’t yet believe the affirmations. With repeated use, you can overcome either obstacle.

1) Life is improving for me each and every day.

2) I’m finding more fun and excitement in life.

3) I’m feeling relaxed and happy and it shows.

4) I deserve and accept great health.

5) I love and respect my body.

6) My mind and body are calm and relaxed.

7) My body is strong, beautiful, and efficient.

8) I’m balanced and centered.

9) I’m confident and self-assured.

10) I consume what works for my body and avoid what doesn’t.

11) I have self-discipline to exercise often.

12) I do what I need to do to look and feel my best.

13) I aim to look and feel my best every day.

14) I accept that it’s okay to look sexy.

15) I deserve to be beautiful.

16) I’m looking younger and healthier every day.

17) I’m finding new ways to look and feel healthier and sexier.

18) I radiate sex appeal and confidence.

Now that you understand that your thoughts influence your reality, you can use these affirmations to help improve your appearance and be sexier.

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Sex and Spirituality–Escape the Baseless Guilt Trap

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Sex can be spiritual, though it’s all too common to forget and feel guilty about sex, and much of the guilt is hidden in your subconscious mind. We’d like to help you escape the baseless sexual guilt trap.

It’s detrimental to your emotional, spiritual, and mental health to possess baseless guilt about sex. Additionally, false fear and guilt about sex prohibits you from experiencing the spiritual and healing benefits of good sex.

How to Escape Feeling Guilty About Sex

First, it’s important to understand that, from a spiritual perspective, there’s nothing wrong with non-adulterous sex between consenting, married or single adults of the same or opposite gender. Your conscious mind may believe this, but your unconscious may not.

The most common source of sexual guilt is the notion that it’s a sin. Cultural biases and fears, sometimes stemming from religious conditioning, can be very difficult to shed.

You may be surprised to learn that sex wasn’t considered a sin in ancient times. It’s only in the last 2000 years that joy and spirituality were separated from sex and replaced with darkness and fear.

Vicki León, author of The Joy of Sexus: Lust, Love, and Longing in the Ancient World, writes the following:

“First of all, neither the Greeks nor the Romans thought about sinfulness and in the Judeo-Christian sense. The idea of mankind’s fall from grace never occurred to them. Even women, despite having to endure a lifetime of domineering males, would laugh incredulously at the thought of sex being a sin. Adultery could be a crime, as could rape, but for reasons other than sinfulness. A tangle of laws eventually would seek—not always successfully—to control some sexual behaviors and criminalize others. In their polytheistic societies that we call pagan, there were no churches or congregations as we know them, no priests to lecture or act as middlemen to a deity. They believed in a celestial place, jam-packed with gods and goddesses who were divine yet flawed. In them, Greeks and Romans saw themselves, at once perfect and imperfect. Some of their supreme beings were lifelong virgins: Artemis, Athena, and Vesta. Other deities were sex addicts, troublemakers who rarely paid a penalty for their misbehavior.”

Unfortunately, negative impressions about sex still permeate the collective unconscious today. The prevalence of “slut shaming,” aimed at people who dress provocatively, is an example of this. Madonna was heavily criticized recently (also an example of ageism) after she appeared topless in this month’s Interview Magazine. Another illustration of our sex-shamed society includes couples happily participating in open relationships being vilified by so many intolerant people who insist there’s only one acceptable relationship model.

One may tend to believe that the twenty-first century has brought about a sexual awakening and more sexual freedom. Perhaps in some countries, but that doesn’t seem to be the case everywhere, especially when considering how sex is still severely stigmatized in many cultures around the world.

Ways to overcome innate sexual guilt, aside from first consciously accepting that consensual sex between adults is perfectly acceptable, include the following: subconscious positive programming, including MP3 hypnosis audios; past life regression MP3s to find the root cause of sexual guilt; daily meditation to detach from hidden fears; replacing feelings of guilt with gratitude for the opportunity to enjoy sex; completely embracing safe sex; and of course the regular practice of being sexually active with your lover or lovers, while simultaneously affirming that it’s not only all right, but for your highest good.

It’s okay to have fallen into the sexual guilt trap, but now you realize that it’s not for your highest good, and you can escape it using the advice above. Once you do, you’ll allow yourself the physical, mental, and emotional benefits. You can also advance your spiritual awareness through intimacy; connecting with your lover can be a spiritual practice similar to meditation.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package includes the following to help you make the most of your love life: 2 effective love life and relationship conditioning audio MP3s; 4 effective love life and relationship exploration, discovery, and healing audio MP3s; 1 amazing, cutting edge technology, advanced spiritual technique packed audio MP3 meditation specially designed to supercharge your s.e.x life.

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Your Subconscious Mind Always Wins

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The power of the human mind is astonishing. You’re aware of your conscious mind, the part of you that is knowingly reading this right now, but your collective subconscious mind is of its own volition, and doesn’t always agree with your conscious desires.

Try as you might, you aren’t really in control of your subconscious mind which greatly influences your behavior.

Hypnosis can greatly help to modify unconscious fears such as fear of expression or flying, and can also assist in directing your mind toward other goals, but subconscious defense patterns are much more complex and are much tougher to modify.

Handwriting analysis by a well-trained professional is very effective in delineating subconscious fears and defenses.

Below are 4 startling examples–the scary truth–of how your subconscious mind prevails and even rules your life.

1. Although seemingly noble, trying to never think about sex with anyone but your spouse or significant other is impossible, as are other attempts at rigid sexual morality. Why? Because your true (subconscious) feelings and human instinct aren’t in accordance with that strict moral notion–it’s natural to think, even fantasize sexually about people other than your spouse. While you chain your conscious mind in a box, your subconscious mind has a swinging singles party and the ensuing conflict in your mind wrecks havoc on your life; eventually that shadow-self you repress makes an appearance and crashes your morality construct.

2. You decide that from now on you’ll never get upset or angry and forever project blissful compassion. The problem is that it’s perfectly natural to feel “negative” emotions, and then to constructively express them. If you refuse to acknowledge your not so sweet feelings and stuff them down deep inside, eventually you’ll experience the beach ball under water effect: you’ll blow up at someone or otherwise inappropriately lose your cool, maybe in a case of road rage, or worse.

3. It’s better to put on a happy face instead of letting others see the sadness you’ve been holding at bay, or is it? Really, everyone wants to see you smile, but stuffing that inner disappointment only saps your energy. It’s much better to admit to yourself that despair is acceptable, then get in touch with it and deal with it effectively. Note: unrealistic expectations tend to foster disenchantment, so keep them in check.

4. “Selflessness” is often really a healthy form of selfishness. Does anyone really believe that “selflessness” exists? Look, we’ve always advocated helping those in need, but helping others feels good and is a motivator to continue, not to mention an effort to avoid guilt for not helping others, so it’s not really selflessness. While expressing unconditional love to those close to you may be interpreted as “selfless,” that’s a different matter, in our view.

There’s nothing wrong with self interest, as it makes the world go around. The problem is denying self interest, which then manifests in some nasty forms down the road, such as a hard-core advocate of some cause projecting his or her (natural) selfishness onto innocent parties, generating unnecessary strife.

In summary, stop holding yourself hostage to your conscious mind’s demands that conflict with your hidden, more potent mind, the subconscious. In acknowledging your mind’s “not so nice” impressions, and learning to accept and detach from them, it will give you greater peace of mind in the long run.

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