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Cheer Up — 11 Spiritual Tips for Singles on Valentine’s day

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Valentine’s day can be a wonderful day for happy couples. But what about everyone else? We don’t mean to be a downer for those of you who are romance fans, but it can be one of the most depressing days of the year for a large percentage of the population that is single or unhappily involved. Below are some tips to make it a little more bearable.

1) If you’re under the age of 30, be grateful for the time you have to focus on yourself, your goals, and discovering what works for you in a relationship, rather than trying to make one “permanent” at such a young age. Why? Think about how much you changed in your teens, and how people often change a lot in their 20s. People grow and change at different rates, so you likely won’t be as compatible with someone you knew at 20 when you’re 35 or 50.

2) Did someone you love not want to be together anymore? Be grateful they’ve freed you for a more compatible soul mate.

3) Was there “one who got away?” Consider that it wasn’t meant to be and even that it might not have been that great if you had gotten to know each other well.

4) Change the phrase “love of my life,” to “love of my life so far,” in reference to the one you lost, since everyone has multiple soul mates. This won’t make your past lover inconsequential since all relationships are unique and for different purposes. Be excited about other opportunities out there.

5) The death of a loved one is never easy to deal with, but have faith you will meet again, in the afterlife, or in a future life.

If you’re perceptive enough, you may not have to wait and will be able to sense when they check in with or watch over you, and that they want you to move on, be happy, and even meet someone new.

6) Try not to be envious of seemingly happy couples. Appearances are deceiving; you never know what’s really going on behind the scenes, and sometimes one or both of them don’t either. If you could perceive what we do about many couples you might be surprised.

7) Realize that timing is key. If you don’t like your love life, know that love life timing changes; things may be completely different a year from now. Do what you can to improve yourself and your situation now so you’re ready when your fate is more in line with what you want.

8) Accept that self love is far more important than romantic love. You are all you need, even if you don’t realize it yet. Your unique light shines more brilliantly than any star, if only you would accept and nurture it. Respect, appreciate, and treat yourself like you would someone with whom you are deeply in love.

9) Realize you are never really alone. There is so much love on the other side that it’s like every day is Valentine’s day. Meditate regularly to tap into this and you’ll feel more complete on your own.

10) Don’t forget your friends and family. It’s impossible for one person to give you all you need for a long period of time. Many of your friends and family are your platonic soul mates. Tell them how much you cherish them.

11) Consider that being single is underrated. Have you ever noticed that most super-heroes are single? How about wise witches and sages? Or people like Mother Teresa? Your path may require you to be single at times. Once you accept this and learn to enjoy being single, you’ll begin to perceive traditional relationships and dating in a new light.

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5 Tips for Singles to Avoid Getting Swept Away by Romantic Illusion

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Whether you are single, involved, or somewhere in-between, your love life has no doubt caused you to experience a whole gamut of emotions. It’s part of the human experience and one of the most important vehicles by which you learn your lessons. With a spiritual approach, you will be able to rise above the sorrow and make the most of your love life.

When single and dating, instead of allowing your hopes and dreams to rule, step back, take a breath, relax, and consider the following:

1) Pay attention to where you are at the moment. Are you feeling lonely or content? Needy or strong? Scattered or centered? When you feel complete on your own, you can more easily see and accept dating situations as they really are rather than what you expect or as others tell you they should be.

2) Notice where he or she is at the moment. Why do they want you in their life? What will you being in their life do for them? What are they really looking for? What is their agenda and is it good for both of you or just them? For example, if your potential love interest is very persistent about commitment or seems to be in a hurry to develop a relationship, this is usually (but not always) a bad sign; they are likely too focused on their interests. Read between the lines, find out more about their life before deciding if you want them in yours, and go by actions, not words.

3) Investigate the spiritual and unseen dynamics between you and this new person. We recommend using one or more of the following tools: comprehensive astrology and numerology, handwriting analysis, past life regression, tarot, and others. Remember though, whether you are seeking on your own or using the services of a professional, a surface approach with any of these practices will lead to incomplete, therefore misleading, results.

Even a short meditation, during which you ask for insight from God and, or your spiritual guides of the Light about the situation and person, can yield a simple yet telling clue.

Also, notice how you feel, your gut feeling, in their presence. Are you calm, peaceful, and uplifted, or fearful, guarded, and down? Trust your intuition and you’ll realize whether or not he or she is a good addition to your life, or someone who could drain you emotionally, spiritually, and, or financially. Don’t be afraid to walk away and remain single if it doesn’t feel right and, or if there are obvious red flags.

4) Remember that the fleeting bliss of romance can be different than the realities of the connection. Romance is wonderful, but too much emphasis on relationship traditions and romantic fairy-tales will cloud your perception and eventually lead to disappointment.

5) Ignore the New Age authors who claim you can find your “soul mate” if you buy their book. They’re pros at getting publicity, and their way of selling more books is to make wild promises and back them up with nothing but “I’ve done it, you can too” stories along with poetic prose and affected compassion. If it sounds too good to be true, be wary.

Our findings show us, clearly, that everyone has many soul mates, and that most soul mate relationships are not meant to be “forever.”

The all-p.r.-and-profit-who-cares-about-truths-while-showering-you-with-affected- empathy-and-cheer-leading crowd almost always fails to understand and, or mention that, due to predestination and karma, you can only meet a satisfying, mutually compatible, longer-term soul mate with whom you share mutual chemistry during select times in your life, and no amount of wishful thinking, spells, rituals, or the law of attraction will change that.

You can’t plant your garden in the dead of winter, and you won’t find a rewarding match during the winter of your love life, whenever that may be in your case (as outlined by comprehensive charting). To claim otherwise is irresponsible and often motivated by greed. You want natural love, not a contrived, commercial “soul mate.”

As harsh as it may sound, we’re merely relaying our findings from over 25 years of empirical research on the subject. This dose of reality about dating and love relationships may sound like a downer, but we’d rather have you be aware of the realities than have your head in the clouds and risk heartache or worse. If you’re careful with your love life and use your head and spiritual awareness instead of leading with only your heart, even with all it’s obstacles, you’ll come out on top.

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