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Beware of These 10 Types of Demons Part II

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Are there different kinds of demons, and are demons even real? Yes, based on our experience of clearing places and people of dark energy for more than 13 years, we believe so. We didn’t believe in demonic energy prior to our findings, but we now believe that both positive and negative energies exist in the universe, and that there are different entities associated with both sides. In this article, we explore different types of demons and why they target different types of people and situations.

Sexual Orientation Demons

Based on our empirical research, we believe that sexual orientation, like many characteristics, begins with the soul before birth. However, we also believe there exist demons that encourage gay sex as a way of breaking down some heterosexuals, or even gay or bi people who are uncomfortable with their orientation. We believe this to be particularly true if they are abusing alcohol, using drugs, or have great shame and fear about sex due to a strict religious upbringing.

Then there are those who believe homosexuality is a sin and rally against gays, and even gays who are biased against straight people. Any sort of strong prejudice, especially when it leads to a polarized political issue (i.e., gay marriage), which leads to more strife and chaos, we believe can involve demons. The universal demon motto seems to be, “The worse the anger, chaos, and division among people, the better.”

Bad Mood Demons

Everyone has occasional challenging days or longer periods in their lives. It’s easy to become pessimistic when things aren’t going well, but always try to look on the bright side and keep your energy and that imaginary (or real, if you so choose) Light up. Imagining yourself protected with a bubble of Light positively impacts your subconscious mind (your subconscious can’t tell the difference between real and imagined) and actually can have a protective impact on your life. Otherwise, letting pessimism grow and not protecting yourself can make your negative energy a beacon for the little demons to come running.

Religious Demons

There are countless good and even saintly religious people in the world. But those who are influenced by religious demons can be far from it. Religious demons are fueled by the guilt, fear and, or shame of their host, and derive great pleasure in convincing their targets to do terrible things. At the very least, religious demons can encourage their targets to be very intolerant in the name of their religion.

Religious demons also target those (e.g., atheists) who express negative sentiment against religion or New Age tenets.

Drug demons

Any street drug or mind altering prescription narcotic will lower your spiritual protective energy and allow dark energy and entities to attach to you or even possess you in extreme cases. Drug demons have a great appreciation for those who use drugs regularly, for they can allow demons to take complete control of their lives. We believe this is a key reason why addicts have such a difficult time overcoming their addiction.

Demon party

Add excessive alcohol and, or drugs to any of the situations above and the target will be certain to be the host of a demon party. Come one, come all; the weaker the host, the more demons jump on board, and the worse off the person becomes, along with those close to him.

What can you do if you think there may be dark energy intruding in your life? The most important way you can guard against any future interference is to always react with unconditional love and compassion instead of anger or fear, even in response to hatred and prejudice. Responding this way, even if it’s only in your mind, will stop the back-and-forth volley of negative energy demons strive to incite.

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Beware of These 10 Types of Demons Part I

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Do demons exist and if so, are there different kinds of demons? We’ve been clearing people and places of dark energy for over 13 years and we believe the answer is yes to both questions.

We’ve learned that while there exists “good” and “bad” energies due to the polarity of the universe, there seems to be different types of dark energy or demons too. Certain demons flock to certain types of people and situations, and their influence can be anywhere from subtle to disastrous.

Political demons

Everyone has their own political opinions. Then there are those, on both sides of the aisle, who are so biased and fueled with resentment and, or mindless anger that they can’t even have a rational discussion about a political issue. Instead of debating the facts reasonably, they go for the jugular and personally attack anyone who disagrees with them or their politician. The political demons love their anger and how they don’t debate fairly, and enjoy feeding upon and escalating the negative energy.

Racial Demons

Racism still exists, though many Americans aren’t aware that racism in America pales in comparison to racism in other parts of the world (e.g., Asia) and that most of it doesn’t involve those of African descent.

Our findings show that the physical body is just a temporary home for the soul, and that people (their souls) become different races in different lifetimes, though many humans today reject this notion or don’t understand it. Thus, many individuals assume, we believe wrongly, that they only live once, belong exclusively to their race, and select individuals even contend that their race is superior. Add some racial demons to the mix in already tense relations among opposing factions, and the conflict escalates.

Racial demons sometimes also target those who think they’re fighting against racism. Have you ever been falsely accused of racism? If so, the accuser may be dancing unknowingly with racial demons. For those influenced by racial demons, everything is about race and they don’t care if they destroy an innocent person’s reputation or life in their fight against racism. They have no idea that their thoughts are being twisted and distorted by what we believe to be an unseen, yet potent, dark energy.

Relationship, Enemy and Family Demons

Most people have at least one enemy at one point in their lives, and sometimes a family member, former friend, or ex can turn into one. Demons are attracted to conflict and sometimes they target certain people and relationships with a specific goal of chaos.

It’s important to note that we believe conflict is an integral part of the spiritual ecosystem. We’ve witnessed fate in action countless times, and sometimes in order for fate to manifest, bad things happen in life. Those bad things are sometimes helped along by conflict. Just as you can’t completely and forever eliminate negative thinking, terrible weather, or bad people, you can’t completely eliminate conflict.

Sexual Demons

Demons are attracted to extreme emotions; certain sexual acts, like S&M and others involving pain or humiliation, can open one up to dark energy. Sexual promiscuity, while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and, or if the host is already spiritually damaged such as through childhood abuse, can also cause attachment or possession.

So how do you protect yourself from negative energy and demons? Since demons feed on extreme emotions like fear and anger, every time you find yourself reacting negatively or even thinking angry thoughts about someone, stop. Instead, try to express unconditional love and compassion, or at least be neutral, even in response to animosity. Love and compassion will stop the negative energy ping-pong and make the demons go running.

Copyright © 2014 Stephen Petullo, Scott Petullo