The 7 Most Disappointing, Yet Empowering Love Life Realities

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No one, including us, enjoys being reminded of some of the love life realities that we’ve deduced through our work since 1992, especially if they place great emphasis on romantic traditions.

Many have told us that they think we’re too fatalistic in our views and too straightforward in how we present them. Though it may be unsettling at first, objectively considering and perhaps eventually accepting ideas such as those below can improve your life, increase your peace of mind, and empower you.

1) Love relationships are wonderful in that they usually offer delightful romance, companionship, and other benefits. However, they are, from a spiritual perspective, primarily for personal growth and achieving various earthly missions such as bringing children into the world, important goals, financial obligations, and work that will influence others in significant ways.

2) Relationships may not always give you (your personality) what you want, but they always offer potential for spiritual growth. Fortunately, you have free will to make the most of your situations. Creative visualization (e.g., conscious creation) can help to bridge the gap to the experiences you desire with a lover, but don’t get down on yourself when you eventually find that it only works in conjunction with fated love life circumstances and it won’t totally over-ride rough karmic conditions. Why must you face your unique karmic conditions (good and bad)? Because your soul wants you to.

3) Sometimes you are attracted to certain people because of your current life programming, much of which is rooted in early life experiences. From a spiritual perspective though, much of life, even your childhood experiences, is karmic.

4) Past life karma is the main reason you are sometimes drawn to those who may seem to have more of a negative than positive influence in your life; you have unfinished business or lessons to experience together. Additionally, our findings indicate that the subconscious mind’s complexities are firmly linked to past incarnations, not only this lifetime. Your soul’s journey and the rewarding and challenging earned karma from multitudes of lifetimes has at least the same or greater symbolic impact than early life and societal programming and also lays the groundwork for it.

5) Alternatively, a romantic connection could be for other karmic reasons, such as a test to let go, heal, and move on, and sometimes it’s mostly about tangible or intangible rewards.

6) It’s important to value each relationship for its uniqueness and avoid falling into the trap of comparing love connections to the ideal relationship (those portrayed in Hollywood movies and romance novels), which only serves to foster disappointment and unhappiness.

7) A good relationship bond is either there or it isn’t and is based upon your past life karma with each other, level of self-awareness, personal cyclical timing, and degree of challenging or rewarding individual love life karma. However, even the roughest connection has its enjoyable moments. Additionally, subconscious fears and defenses play heavily into the dynamics of all relationships. We’ve found handwriting analysis to be the most accurate form of subconscious personality analysis.

Also note that the subconscious mind dominates the conscious mind, is clever beyond your conscious awareness, and many subconscious fears and defenses are embedded in your essence after being formed over lifetimes and there are no simple solutions to totally remove them. Even managing to effectively identify them in the first place is difficult. Simply “watching your thinking” and reciting a few affirmations over the course of a few weeks or even months in an attempt to rid yourself of the trouble spots of your unconscious mind will have little effect due to them being so firmly rooted in your mind.

Fortunately, you can work to identify, adjust to, and even modify subconscious blocks in time, such as through the methods we promote.

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