Time travel and Changing the Past

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When we hear of people “time traveling” and “changing the past,” we immediately ask, what kind of event was changed? Could it be possible that what seemed to change was only a perception of the event? How was it verified? Could the report be fiction rather than non-fiction?

Based on many years of research and observation in metaphysics, we believe that much of life is destined, meaning certain things are meant to be a certain way.

We wish people could change the past and have the present and future go a different way, but we don’t feel it’s possible if it’s not meant to be.

At the same time, we feel it’s possible that some individual souls are back from the future to influence the present in order to have certain events happen or not happen in the future. But perhaps that’s destined too, so they’re not really altering fate.

We’ve never tried going back to the past to change an event, but we have regressed ourselves and many others into past lives and re-experienced events to let go of emotional trauma that had carried over into current lives.

Releasing trauma from the past that has remained in the subconscious mind improves current life situations. Regression therapy is an increasingly common healing method.

The inability to change the past is an example of how no one has total free will to create what they want after incarnating, but you do have free will in how you react to destined events.

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