Act on These 15 Tips to Get More Out of Life

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Making the most of your life depends on maximizing your energy, minimizing your stress levels, and maintaining a mental, spiritual and emotional center.

Act on these 15 tips to get more out of life:

1) Supplements. There are many natural supplements that will help improve your health and make you feel better, if they work for and are needed by your particular body type. Some of our favorites include vitamin B-12, apple cider vinegar, omega-3 fish oil, raw virgin coconut oil, green tea extract, and many others.

2) No supplements for 1-7 days. Not all vitamins and supplements will work for all body types, and sometimes you need a break from them. Monitor how you feel while taking an occasional break.

3) More rest. When you can’t make more time for sleep and relaxation, ornithine, melatonin, vitamin B-3 niacinamide, gaba, and other natural sleeping aids can help occasionally, but don’t rely on them every day. Also make your bedroom more conducive to deep sleep by creating a dark, quiet, cool, and comfortable refuge for yourself.

4) Avoid toxic people whenever possible, especially if you’re spiritually sensitive and pick up others’ energy easily. Ground and surround yourself with white Light often for protection.

Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between an imagined protective force-field, and a real one, so the practice of mentally creating one is of a greater positive benefit than you might realize.

5) Try a new environment. Take a short or long trip, and notice how you feel in a different space.

6) Try a new activity, such as cooking a new dish or an art project. Give yourself permission to just have fun, like you did as a child, without judging yourself on the outcome.

7) Turn off the TV and start a new book, one you’ve been wanting to read for a while. Getting into a good book can transport you to a different realm, much like meditation.

8) Forgive yourself. You’ve beaten yourself up enough. It’s time to let it go.

9) Forgive someone else. Doing so won’t erase the karma they’ve created for themselves, but it will release you from the self-inflicted pain caused by resentment.

10) Do something nice for someone, with no expectations of anything in return. Acts from the heart can work magic on your outlook on life, thus your spirituality.

11) Volunteer. Helping others will generate a sense of fulfillment and help you be grateful for what you have, and gratitude can be a powerful spiritual tool.

12) Explore your past lives. Using a past life regression MP3 to explore the root cause of something or how you knew someone in the distant past can be an eye-opening and transformational experience.

Likewise, watching a YouTube video about an ancient culture to which you feel drawn (which very well may be because you lived a lifetime there) can also get your spiritual juices flowing.

Our opinion, based on years of empirical research, is that reincarnation does exist, and we’ll continue to believe so until it is proven otherwise. There’s too much empirical evidence to simply write off the theory of reincarnation as fantasy or subconscious metaphor.

13) Listen to new music. Let your mind wander and write down your thoughts.

14) Clear your energy field and ask for help from God or guides of the Light. Picking up negative energies, entities, and lost souls is, unfortunately, too easy. Everyone can benefit from periodic spiritual housecleaning.

15) And of course, meditate. This is by far one of the best ways to reconnect with your higher power and get unstuck, especially if you make time to do it regularly. Think of it as your secret weapon to face the world and all its hassles with more strength, patience, and compassion. 10-20 minutes a day can make a world of difference, most certainly with a meditation audio, such as the ones we offer.

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