What The Secret Misses

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Many people have asked us what we think of The Secret, the wildly popular book and movie.

We offer our opinion below, along with additional information we feel is imperative to consider in tandem with the tenets of The Secret.

What we liked most about The Secret is that it’s a very inspiring collection of ancient truths, such as the importance of gratitude, forgiveness, letting go of the past, asking for what you want, believing you are worth it, and acceptance. Lots of great reminders!

What we disliked about The Secret is that the author says the following and implies the same throughout the movie and book: “With the knowledge from The Secret there is not anything any human cannot be, do or have…not a single thing. No limits whatsoever. It doesn’t matter where anybody is now–it doesn’t matter if they’re sleeping in a  park, if they’re totally broke, it doesn’t matter if they’re not well, it doesn’t matter if their relationships are a mess. It doesn’t matter where they are, when they gain this knowledge and when they apply and use The Secret in their life, their lives will totally change.”

We disagree. While we believe there is a law of attraction, we feel The Secret fails to include some very important related factors.

Our work and research since 1992 involving cyclical timing methods and past life regression entirely confirms that everyone has a predestined path in life and that you can only “attract” that which fits your personal fate.

We’ve said it many times over the years and we still feel it’s true: You cannot attract and maintain what you want, no matter what you do, unless it’s part of your karmic path, fate, and what you’ve earned from present and past life actions. Furthermore, there are many unwanted circumstances in people’s lives, which are not part of “getting what you want,” that are integral to spiritual growth.

The good news is that you have free will to make the most of your karma and fate. When you are aware of the general inclinations of your predestined path, you are better able to capitalize on your strengths, opportunities, and inborn skills, rather than waste time with goals that are not part of your plan. In other words, rather than feeling like a failure because you didn’t reach a goal that wasn’t meant to be, when you are in touch with yourself and your fate, you spend time and effort on goals that are more likely to be manifested.

We are advocates of many of the concepts in The Secret, are glad there is a growing awareness of the related philosophies and we’re excited to offer additional information that will help you be even more successful with your goals and dreams.

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