“Will our love grow enough for marriage?”

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One cannot “grow love enough to marry and raise a family.” It’s either there or it isn’t, in our view, and if the comprehensive numerology and astrology charts firmly indicate that there isn’t enough of a connection between two people for a long term relationship, then it’s a losing proposition.

Too often people are too young to begin a long-term relationship in which life-long monogamy is expected. In our opinion, since people tend to change and grow so much in their 20s, marriage contracts should be valid only for those over 30, but people will do what they are predestined to do, for better or worse.

It’s pretty simple. Relationships that work out are destined to last, and relationships that don’t are not. What will be will be, and to fight fate and resist that is to create more stress and heartache. And like we always say, yes, you do have free will (in this case, to make the most of your relationships and work things out when possible), but only within the confines of your destined path.

By destined path, we are referring to personal fate and karma, as outlined by numerological and astrological patterns in comprehensive charting methods. After witnessing the constant repetition of natal and cyclical timing patterns directly relating to personality, events, and circumstances in people’s lives, you too will embrace the notion of fate. Various levels of compatibility exist, as reflected in the charts.

If you are struggling with a doomed relationship, know that there will eventually be other options for you. Hang in there.

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