6 More Spiritual Protection Tricks

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Cosmic debris is everywhere, and if you’re not careful and don’t protect yourself, it can interfere with your life and cause havoc. Capitalize on your spiritual and mind power and make the most of your life within the framework of your unique destiny and karma by employing potent spiritual protection techniques.

Since we encounter other-dimensional energies, some positive, others not so positive, on a regular basis, we have learned how to interpret the level of benevolence and protect ourselves to avoid disruption and interference.

Apply the 6 methods below to make your life more Light-filled, peaceful, and hassle free.

Purifying Fireball

Imagine a massive, searing, white Light fireball slowly moving up from your feet through your energy field, and beyond your physical body above you. Allow it to take with it all the dark energy and cosmic garbage you might have picked up during your day.

Protective White Light Force-field

The concept is similar to the one above, but this stays with you and provides a protective barrier. Just make sure to allow positive, loving energy in.

White Light Downpour

Allow a concentrated, broad laser-beam of white Light to pour down on you, filling every living cell with purifying energy. It’s so potent, it even makes the ground under you glow.

Cut The Dark Cords

Imagine any and all harmful emotions and energies with and, or connected to you as dark cords leading to the original source. Meditate and imagine, along with a protective white Light surrounding you, these threatening cables being pulled together and lined up in front of you, miles into the distance. Then manifest an enormous guillotine of white Light coming down from the sky, severing the festering mess like a knife through butter. The cords will writhe and thrash about, losing their energy force (which was sapping your power), as you cleanly pull the gory roots out of your energetic body (particularly from your gut/solar plexus). Immediately fill the space left by the cords with brilliant, healing, white Light. Some of these negative cords were with you since you were a kid, some are new, and many are links to those from the past and are no longer needed. Get in the habit of staying cord-free.

White Light Sword

After a radio interview we did last year, that night, while in a meditative state, Scott was approached by an aggressive demon. The figure appeared to be warning him to stay away from the new friend, the radio host. Scott was more annoyed than fearful and successfully employed the white Light sword technique to fend off the aggressor.

Keep this multi-purpose spiritual instrument ready on your hip. It extends as far as needed, even many thousands of miles, and you’re always prepared to bat away, preferably to the Light, any spiritual interference or use it to help those in need (if they have your permission). But remember to only use it in defense, and not in a harmful way (unless they’re really asking for it- joking!).

Forest Meditation

Here’s a brief exercise you can use to become more grounded, protected, and aware at the same time. Focus your energy at your breastplate or third eye area. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in through your nose, then exhale through your mouth. Visualize yourself walking down a path in a beautiful forest full of huge redwood trees. Stop and sit with your back against one of these majestic trees. Feel the tree’s energy. Notice how the tree climbs way up into the sky, and is also grounded deep into the

Earth with its roots. Now feel the sun’s rays shining down on you, surrounding and protecting you. Bask in the sunshine. Feel the warm breeze. Now notice how you’re surrounded by beautiful red, orange, yellow, pink, light blue, dark blue, and violet flowers. If you’d like, imagine a friendly animal approaching and giving you an insightful message–feel or listen for their thoughts/words. You can visit this peaceful, safe place any time you feel the need or desire.

Get creative in developing your spiritual protection devices. Remember, your imagination and the power of belief will make them real. Make a daily habit of it and you’ll stay free of cosmic junk.

Copyright © 2009 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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