cooperative kids subliminal

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Cooperative Kids subliminal MP3 suggestions

I am a good kid

I am listening to my parents

I am respecting my parents

I am doing as I’m told

I enjoy getting my homework done

I enjoy finishing my chores

I like obeying adults

I always obey

I do as I’m told

There are good reasons to be good

I like cooperating

I only need to be told once

I like being polite

I get all my work done, then I play

I love to obey my parents

I’m a good person

I listen carefully

My parents love me

I’m always nice

My parents know best

I only need to be told once

I like following the rules

Following the rules is easier

I always follow the rules

I agree to behave

My parents know better than I do

I respect my parents



2 thoughts on “cooperative kids subliminal

  1. Lori

    I bought this a while back and I can honestly say that this is my secret weapon against my teenager when she acts out and becomes extremely rude to anyone for anything in the house. Within 20 minutes or so of playing this on a loop, you can start seeing the results. She begins to mellow out and gets quiet. I play it one day for hours in the background. The next week or so she remains calm and quiet and does her schoolwork. The moment I see her acting out again I play it again and she mellows out again. I am hoping for permanent change and I know this is just a phase. This really does help. thank you


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