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Direct Your Destiny™ e-package Introduction

The Bad News:
You work hard and “do the right thing” in all situations, yet you’re still not experiencing as much joy, happiness, love, and success as you would like. Perhaps you’re following the advice of best-selling authors, motivational speakers, swamis, gurus, and experts, including capitalizing on the law of attraction, and it may be helping, but you still feel like your goals are out of reach. This is, to a great extent, due to two very important concepts that are often overlooked: fate and karma. Our findings indicate that personal, predetermined fate exists, and each person, regardless of their beliefs, has “good” and “bad” karma.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Does that sound too much like doom and gloom fatalism to you? We understand if it does, but know that a lot of the good stuff in your life is also predestined. From a soul perspective, there isn’t really good or bad, just life experiences to further growth. We’ll go into more detail about this later.

The Good News: You can be happy. You can make the most of your life. You can direct your destiny by using your free will, within the confines of your fate and karma, assisted by the helpful insight, methods, and tools in this package, to get more of what you want in life (as long as it harmonizes with your karma). Even with the toughest personal karma you can rise above (i.e., detach from, not skip) the unpleasant parts through the mystic methodologies within these pages. Stay with us, and we’ll show you how the concepts of fate, karma, and free will relate to your life and how to make the most of it all.

In this package we offer thorough, inside information about many commonly overlooked, divine concepts, such as personal fate and karma, and how to successfully navigate your life, step-by-step, so that you can spiritualize the material and materialize the spiritual. Never before has such a complete collection of spiritual insights and tools been offered.

Frankly, some of the unorthodox methods and mystical information in this package haven’t been favored by the mainstream or even popular metaphysical specialists. Why? We’ll explain more about this later, but one reason is because timing is everything, and the timing hasn’t been right for it until now. Also, fragments of spiritual truth are out there, but it would take someone half a lifetime to gather, organize, and assimilate a comprehensive collection of ancient wisdom. Fortunately, we’ve done all that work for you.

We are excited to be able to share with you the results of our obsession with self-discovery, personal development, and metaphysical and spiritual subjects that started over 25 years ago in the early 1980s. Because we feel so strongly about our findings and sharing the knowledge with others, our work has always been, over all else, our number one priority. In our exhaustive searches and studies, we’ve never exclusively adhered to only one system, religion, or approach. Instead, we consider and sample multiple alternatives, then apply diligence, reason, intuition, and steady observation to discern what is of the most value, and discard what isn’t.

We offer this package with compassion and gratitude; we’re all in this together and we want you to succeed in all areas of life, and most importantly, on a soul level. When you succeed on a soul level, all that you wish for will eventually be yours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do we expect you to automatically, fully embrace everything in this package? Of course not. We want you to question, objectively, the processes and information, just as we hope you question everything else that is new in your life. Blind acceptance does not lead to understanding.

How do you have faith in an idea, like reincarnation, for example, that can’t be proved or disproved? We suggest questioning, considering various explanations, applying the idea to your own life and the lives of others, and looking at other possibilities. Only then, after finding no good reason to discount it, should you accept it as part of your beliefs. With an unbiased attitude, diligent research, a healthy sense of discernment, and intuitive awareness, truth is uncovered.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We repeat ourselves throughout this package about the importance of understanding the concepts of karma, destiny, free will, reincarnation, and how they are all intimately related, for two reasons. The first is that this package is designed so you can easily skip around and use what you need when you need it. Second, and most importantly, our findings indicate that all of these concepts combine to form the basis of everyone’s life experiences, even for those who are not aware of the concepts or choose not to believe in them. It is our hope that as your awareness increases, you will more easily be able to make the most of your life and live your highest path.

Direct Your Destiny e-package

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