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Direct Your Destiny™ Testimonials

“Direct Your Destiny is an exceptional tool to assist spiritual exploration. Scott and Stephen Petullo have created an outstanding package for personal study that is motivating and uplifting, yet grounded and practical. Don’t miss the past life discussion, which includes segments from the amazing story and one of my favorite books by Robert Snow.”
Janet Cunningham, Ph.D., President of the International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT), board-certified specialist in regression therapy, and author of 10 books, including A Tribe Returned and Caution: Soul Mate Ahead! www.JanetCunningham.com

“Dear Scott and Stephen, I read the Direct Your Destiny e-package and was gratified to see that what I read resonates with the knowledge I gained from 32 years of reading nothing but “New Age” and spiritual information. I wish the term “New Age” didn’t have such a negative connotation. Anyway, from reading hundreds and hundreds of books and learning how to discern real information from the baloney, it seemed like I was reading a wonderful letter from an old friend when I read through Direct Your Destiny. I like the no nonsense approach to your newsletters and the way you present your findings based on solid research. Thank you for sharing it with everyone.”
Mary Jayne Herfurth, Gulfport, Mississippi

“I have done a great deal of research over the past 5 years and have found that the information contained in your newsletters and products to be a condensed version of those 5 years of research. I find it all to be the truth, something that had eluded me and I have been in search of for most of my lifetime.”
Kanima J., Salt Lake City, UT

“Again, many thanks and continue on the enlightening work that you and your brother are doing. The information has been extremely helpful for many areas in my life. Warm regards.” Patricia A., Miami, FL

“I do appreciate your columns- very informative and always so interesting- they resonate “truth” to me- you both have great knowledge of the spiritual world. Always a pleasure to see your emails.” Judi B., Los Olivos, CA

“I love receiving your column. What stands out for me is the common sense approach you both have in responding to questions. There is a great deal of confusion and misinformation out there about most metaphysical subjects. You are doing an excellent job of clearing up misunderstandings and providing guidance for healthy living.” Susan T., Phoenix, AZ

“I was hanging out for awhile on this new age social site and it was full of lovey-dovey hippie 2012-apocalypse oneness crap that tended to read as borderline delusional or flaky from too much drug use. Anyway, it made me super-thankful that I found you because you don’t require me to switch off my intellect in order to understand. I think that’s the primary difference between your approach and the pop-new-age approach.” Amy L., Beijing

“I was mad at you guys after reading what you had to say about Soul Mates and the reasons why we are attracted to them, and then I just came to terms with it. I know you are right… I get the same treatment now every time I talk about it. I think I may actually have to play dumb for the rest of my life, to keep the peace. I read a lot and have found your website to be an invaluable tool in my search for the truth.” Anthony F., Pittsburgh, PA

“Scott, I’m excited and appreciative about the research that you and Stephen have done. The information you provide in Direct Your Destiny is great. I love to learn about what works and what doesn’t and you touch on many things that I’ve wondered about and concluded in some cases. The truth is important to me. (perhaps that’s my 5 life path talking? :)). I appreciate the care you both have taken to provide well researched insight. Thank you!” Lillea B., Victoria, BC Canada

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