peaceful productive workplace subliminal

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Peaceful and Productive Workplace subliminal MP3 suggestions

I am getting a lot done

I love exceeding expectations

I am accepting others as they are

I am forgiving others for the past

I enjoy helping others

It feels wonderful to all get along

I’m making an effort to get along with everyone

It’s to my advantage to work smart and hard

I easily concentrate and complete my work

I focus easily

I work in a harmonious workplace

It’s easy for me to get along with my coworkers

I’m amazed at how much we accomplish

My workplace is becoming more peaceful and harmonious

I think before I speak

I refuse to react negatively

I only say positive things

I think before I speak

I easily offer encouragement

I complement my coworkers easily

I always offer constructive advice

I stay out of others’ way

I always respect others

I work efficiently

I love being productive and getting a lot done

I avoid procrastination

I get the job done ahead of schedule

I always offer peaceful energy to the group

I’m always pleasant

I’m always courteous


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