photo memory subliminal

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Photographic Memory and Mental Acuity subliminal MP3 suggestions

I am remembering with ease.

My memory is becoming better and better every day.

I have an excellent memory with clear and easy recall.

Answers are coming to me clearly and easily.

I am noticing and remembering details.

I am a clear thinker.

I am good at remembering.

My memory is excellent and serving me well.

My mental processes are sharp.

My mind is a sponge for ideas.

My mind is calm and clear.

I am remembering facts.

I am remembering figures.

I am remembering names and faces.

I am remembering important things.

I am dreaming solutions.

I have a photographic memory.

My memory is becoming better and better.

My memory is powerful.

I am recalling what I need when I need it.

I am remembering easily.

My brain is an incredible storehouse of information.

I am thinking clearly.

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