Psychic / Meditative State Script

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Adapted from chapter 14 of Your Love Life and Reincarnation by Stephen Petullo

The Psychic/Meditative State Script, which comes with the Let Go MP3, includes the following:

  • Preparation: Tips to mentally prepare yourself for a psychic/meditative state
  • Instruction: A step by step detailed guide to inducing a psychic/meditative state on your own
  • Trigger Questions: 19 sample questions, especially designed to invoke insight, to ask yourself during your meditations
  • How to avoid the top 13 Challenges to successful sessions
  • 19 additional tips for more successful meditations

The Psychic/Meditative State Script contains easy, step-by-step directions that will help you meditate successfully.

A psychic state and a meditative state are very similar.

The script and Let Go audio MP3 can be used separately, and both will increase your ability to focus and encourage a deeper psychic/meditative state.

Introduction to the psychic/meditative state

Meditation is the process of becoming calm, focused, and centered through
breathing deeply, relaxing the body, and emptying the mind of thoughts and worries.

The goal of mediation is to be in the moment. It is a useful technique to rise above stress and become more aware of your body, your surroundings, and your inner guidance. When you’re centered from meditation, you instinctively know how to help yourself.

Meditation can be used to enter a psychic or an aware state in order to discover the cause of a problem or the answer to a question. All our answers are within us, but they are not often obvious because of the many distractions in our busy lives.

Meditation calms our mind and body and allows us to access the subconscious, the part of us that is aware of all aspects of our lives, and the superconscious, our link to all that is.

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