Spiritual Healing and Cleansing, Spiritual Detox Q & A

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Spiritual Healing and Cleansing, Spiritual Detox™, Spirit Attachment, and Possession Q&A

Is spiritual healing and cleansing, Spiritual Detox™, the same as a depossession?

It’s important to note that Spiritual Detox™ involves sending the lost souls and negative energy to the Light, which is different than the depossession typically done by priests, who may cast out the unwanted souls and dark energy instead (which allows it to then be picked up by someone else).

Upon hearing about the concept of entity possession or attachment, many people think of the movie The Exorcist. While the subject of possession was exaggerated in the movie for dramatic effect, entity possession or attachment can and does happen. Sometimes the symptoms of entity attachment are very subtle and go unnoticed, and sometimes a person can literally be taken over by one or more entities, sometimes dark, even from or before birth. The Spiritual Detox™ recording is one way to help remove unwanted entities. Depossession, “spirit releasement,” or Spiritual Detox™ with an experienced counselor is another way that is recommended for more stubborn entities.

What is entity attachment or possession?

There are several good books written about this subject, such as The Unquiet Dead, by Dr. Edith Fiore. In her book, Dr. Fiore explains that after people die, they usually go to “the Light”, as written about in many life after death books. Sometimes, however, souls don’t go to the Light for various reasons and instead remain earth bound. This is especially true in certain cases where someone dies angry, an addict of sex or any substance, or if they die a violent or sudden death. These souls resist going into the Light for various reasons and often seek out and merge with someone in a physical body who can feed their addiction, have similar feelings of anger, depression, or other fears, or they may stay in close proximity to loved ones they knew while in a physical body. Often the intense feelings at the time of death are held onto and then felt by whomever the entity attaches to or merges with. Even entities who don’t mean any harm may be draining, causing tiredness or depression, and confuse their thoughts and desires with those of the host.

Other books on the subject include Spirit Releasement Therapy by William J. Baldwin, D.D.S, Ph.D., RemarkableHealings by Shakuntala Modi, M.D., and Remote Depossession by Irene Hickman, D.O.

Some experts and therapists who help clients release entities believe that 80% or more of the population may have entities around them or within them who are interfering with their lives.

The subject of entity attachment may seem frightening, but there’s really nothing to fear. It is simply energy that needs to be firmly directed to the proper place.

I once visited a psychic who wanted to charge me $1000 per session to “clear my aura of negative energy.” Is Spiritual Detox™ the same thing?

This is a popular scam used by dishonest psychics. Many people do need to cleanse their aura of negative energy, but some psychics try to capitalize on the fear surrounding the issue. Too often, the unscrupulous psychics who attempt to charge such high rates don’t fully understand the issue of possession and how to successfully remove negative energy, let alone the basic principle of karma (what goes around comes around). These types of psychics are best avoided.

How can someone be more susceptible to entity attachment?

—  By using some prescription or any street drugs (even once) or over-using alcohol.
—  By being in or near a place where there are more likely to be lost souls, such as a cemetery or hospital, especially while under the influence of drugs or alcohol (especially if you are more spiritually sensitive).
—  By using drugs or excess alcohol in a bar.
—  By having sex with someone who is “spiritually dirty” while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
—  By having sex with someone who is “spiritually dirty” while clean and sober, especially if you are more spiritually sensitive.
—  By walking through a crowd while feeling depressed, angry, or other extreme emotions, especially if you are more spiritually sensitive.
—  By practicing ancient Wicca spells. While there are many good and well meaning people who practice Wicca or Witch Craft, and while the craft is simply a positive (in most cases) method to harness, direct, and utilize energies that are available to us all, using certain ancient Wicca spell can potentially bring forth, all the way back from ancient times, the fear and even entities associated with these spells. Do your homework and make sure you know what you are doing, including utilizing a White Light of protection before attempting to use any spells. Remember that what you put out will come back to you. Also, casting spells can open up the aura and also cause loss of soul parts, which can lead to possession or attachment.
—  By practicing any form of spells or magic with the intent to harm or control others.

How can you avoid picking up entities or dark energy (especially important if you are more spiritually sensitive)?

—  Avoid drugs and excess alcohol.
—  Avoid negative people.
—  Mentally surround yourself with White Light whenever you think of it several times each day. Picture a bright light shining out from your solar plexus, surrounding, and protecting you whenever you think of it. Ask for assistance from God and/or guides of the Light (see below for a White Light exercise).
—  Mentally fill your home and/or office daily with White Light.
—  Burn sage to help clear your energy field and residence.
—  Listen to the Spiritual Detox™ MP3 or try the free Spiritual Detox™Script whenever you feel the need.

White Light Protection Exercise

This is from the end of the Spiritual Detox audio. Use it whenever you feel the need.

“Imagine, within you, a bright, White Light. Visualize it…feel it… or just know it’s there. Notice how this protective White Light is filling your legs and toes (pause), your arms and fingers (pause), your chest and stomach. (pause). It’s warm and comfortable glow is reaching your neck and back (pause), face and scalp (pause), it’s completely covering your entire body. The White Light is now creating a bubble that surrounds and protects you. It feels good to be protected. Know that you always have access to this White Light. All you have to do is think about it, and imagine or feel your entire body being filled and surrounded by the brilliant White Light. This is your continued protection now and forever.”


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