Strange Scientific Discoveries Suggest Dissenting View on Age of Humanity

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Orthodox timelines suggest intelligent life and the modern form of humans have been around for about 200,000 years, and civilization began about 6000 years ago. But scientific anomalies suggest otherwise.

For example, a meteorite found in Colorado fell from the sky in 1931. Meteorites crashing to Earth happen regularly, so this isn’t unusual. 90% of meteorites consist of rock, and the other 10% are composed of nickel and iron.

But this particular meteorite’s composition sent shockwaves through the scientific community. Harvey Harlow Nininger, considered the father of modern meteoritics, found the Colorado meteorite to be composed of brass—a mixture of copper, lead, and zinc. Brass is a man-made alloy.

Certainly, this could have been space garbage, right? No, because space garbage didn’t exist in 1931, and nobody in recorded history up to that point had ventured into space from Earth.

The implication is that intelligent life, somewhere in our solar system, created brass in the past. According to Astronomy and Astrophysics journal, meteorites are a significant tool in discovering the history of our solar system, since meteorites are created through colliding asteroids. Most meteorites originate from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and most asteroid families were formed 100 million to billions of years ago.

This brings to mind the theory that Mars didn’t get hit with a massive chunk of space debris, causing its craters. “The Xenon, Krypton and U-Th anomalies can be explained by a large Thermonuclear weapon explosion in the past—and little else,” according to J.E. Brandenburg. In other words, evidence exists that colossal nuclear explosions occurred on Mars in the past.

Where’s The Evidence of Intelligent Life on Other Planets?

It’s estimated that skyscrapers and other human-built structures would dissolve into dust in about 150,000 years, due to natural dilapidation. That’s not very long, considering the theory that life on Mars disappeared around 500 million years ago. This isn’t even considering what happens when good-sized asteroids impact a planet—as they pierce the atmosphere and collide with the planet, raging infernos, massive tidal waves and earthquakes occur on entire continents, even the entire planet if the asteroid is big enough. Dust clouds then block the suns rays, killing most life on the planet. Skeptics demand evidence, but do you really think our governments would allow the public to be aware of any evidence of past, lost civilizations found on Mars, or any other planet?

Ancient Anomalies on Planet Earth

Closer to home, on planet Earth, a documented case of an extremely unusual find “…is of a human jaw discovered at Foxhall, England, in 1855 which was dug out of a quarry at a level of sixteen feet (4.88 meters) under ground level, dating the specimen to at least 2.5 million years old. American physician Robert H. Collyer described the Foxhall jaw as ‘the oldest relic of human existence’. The problem with this particular fossil was its modern appearance. A more apelike mandible would have been more acceptable despite its great antiquity, but many dissenters disbelieved the authenticity of the bone ‘probably because the shape of the jaw was not primitive’, according to paleontologist Henry Fairfield Osborn.”

Many other finds besides the Foxhall Jaw contrasting with traditional scientific theory suggest that multitudes of human-based cultures have existed on planet Earth going back hundreds of millions of years. 65 million years ago, the dinosaurs were wiped out. How many times has Earth experienced tremendous cataclysms, wiping out all intelligent life? If you estimate one moderately advanced civilization every 200,000 years, that’s at least 1000 lost civilizations over the course of only 200 million years.

Reviewing the original scientific documentation by the specialists who examine such staggering oddities, you find all sorts of compelling evidence of extremely ancient human existence, including much from hundreds of of millions of years ago and earlier.

Suddenly, it seems more reasonable to give credence to unorthodox methodologies, including the notion that intelligent life resided on planet Earth eons ago. Not all of what you were taught in school about ancient history is valid. Academic interpretations are all too often biased and incomplete.

An anonymous comment under the article linked above featuring the Foxhall Jaw sums it up well: “There is a historical dogma that, if not strictly adhered to, will label anything outside of it as ‘crazy’, or is simply ignored. The level of arrogance and obstinacy displayed by many archaeologists is maddening. They refuse to even look at anything outside of their sphere, and if they do, they ‘debunk’ it using the flimsiest scrap of evidence. There is plenty of evidence that ancient history didn’t happen as is previously thought, but the orthodox scientific community is doing the equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears. Anyone who looks at the abundant evidence with an open mind and common sense can see it.”

We recommend you avoid the herd-mentality and explore all theories with an open mind, including spiritual theories such as reincarnation, karma, and personal fate. Your objectivity and critical thinking skills are important to making the most of your life.

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