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Humor is Spiritual

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It’s commonly acknowledged that sex before marriage, an occasional cocktail or two, or cursing is not going to cause you to burn in hell. However, in your spiritual quest perhaps you’ve asked yourself, “what isn’t acceptable behavior, that would make me incur negative karma?”

Our experience and findings tell us that it’s generally a matter of avoiding intentionally hurting yourself or anyone else.

Saying or doing something politically incorrect, in itself, won’t earn you years of karmic punishment in return. However, intentionally inserting historical myths about the Revolutionary War in public school curriculum, to further your political agenda, for example, will incur negative karma.

We’re firm advocates of the funny side of life (believe it or not!). In fact, the raunchier the better, as far as we’re concerned. We believe that humor helps to balance out the heavy seriousness so often found in spirituality.

A good laugh (at nobody’s expense…well, unless they’re really asking for it) does wonders in snapping you out of a funky state of mind. It’s uplifting and it’s good for your soul.

We’ll share a funny exchange from Facebook to illustrate our point:

“Sc.P. is vacuuming his chest hair, pouring a bourbon, and pressing his white pant-suit (not all at the same time).”

The following includes some of the responses by others related to that post.

A.J.M.: “Vacuuming your chest hair?”

Sc.P.: “Yeah, I grew it out like Austin Powers. I’m going for a 1970s look.”

A.J.M.: “Hence the white pant-suit. Okay, Mr. Travolta. Don’t forget the gold chains.”

Sc.P.: “Gold chains, check. Platform shoes, check. Lava lamp, check. Perm and lamb-chop sideburns, check. Wonton spirit, check. Sexist attitude, check. Enough booze to float a barge, check. What else? Hmm.”

A.J.M.: “Digi cam to snap pics so you can post ’em on Facebook so I can see ’em. Check.”

Sc.P.: “Wouldn’t want to frighten everyone.”

J.B.: “And I bet not in that order, either…”

Sc.P.: “Reverse order, right you are.”

S.L.: “1976 Eldorado with the Chrome package. Check.”

Sc.P.: “Digging the 1976 Eldorado with the Chrome package (plus 8-track and power windows!), check. Plethora of ribald commentary, check. Practicing smooth, radio announcer voice so when I talk to any one of numerous lady-friends (each of whom I refer to as ‘cupcake,’ ‘honey,’ or ‘sugar’) on the rotary phone I can say, ‘hellooooooooooooo. So…what are you wearing?’, check. Repeatedly using the excuse ‘something suddenly came up,’ to dodge social commitments, check.”

Sc.P.: “Suggesting to my ‘secretary’ with a smirk and a wink that she should ‘let her hair down,’ check. Xenophobic outlook, check. Total lack of understanding of health and wellness (‘healthy’ is a slice of tomato on my cheeseburger), check. Practicing smug swagger, check. Absolute alpha-male temperament, check. Hmm, what else? I think I’ll call this character ROGER. Roger Johnson (‘Roger THAT’ he says with a smile). It’s 1977, every night is a party, and every day finds a new source of iniquity.”

S.L: “Say, Roger, me and the gals are meeting at Trixie’s Supper Club. Why don’t you swing on over?”

St.P.: “Tab in the wet bar for the ladies, check.”

Sc.P.: “Swinging over to Trixie’s, check. Roger that! (said with lopsided grin, while raising glass and inadvertently sloshing half of his drink onto the orange, shag carpeting). KC and the Sunshine Band’s ‘Keep it Comin’ Love,’ ‘Shake Your Booty,’ ‘Get Down Tonight,’ and ‘That’s the Way I like it,’ blaring from the speakers, check. ‘boogie oogie oogie till you just can’t boogie no more,’ check. Tab for the ladies (it’s ‘low-cal’), check.”

S.L.: “Dallas here, ‘your captain who knows how to fly.’ Listen, Roger, I met some fine ladies on the Vegas/Newark leg. Were getting ‘The Missing Lady’ out of dry dock and heading to international waters. Better get down here before the best views are taken. Thanks for visiting Dallas (toothy smile & orange tan).”

Sc.P.: “Rrrrrroger THAT.”

Sc.P.: “Waking up in a strange bed, hearing her say ‘What’s your name again?’, and feeling relieved because that’s exactly what he was thinking. (attempt at seductive look) ‘Roger. Roger Johnson. And yours, sugar?’ ‘Farrah, Farrah Fine, nice to meet you,’ she says. Check.”

St.P.: “‘Condoms?! Those are for sailors,’ laughs Roger.”


Some might say, about that harmless exchange, “That’s not very spiritual.”

We disagree! It’s our belief that you should keep your creativity flowing and always make every effort to have a good time. Being in the moment and striving for personal growth doesn’t mean you have to be so serious all the time, and there is no strict spiritual code of conduct requiring you to sacrifice enjoyment (unless you choose to live your life in a religious order, for example, which may be more about learning discipline than gaining spiritual awareness). Laugh as much as you can, it’s good for your spiritual growth.

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