The Truth About Your Life Purpose

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Spiritual notions abound today regarding finding your calling, and the typical message can be summed up like this: Follow your heart to align yourself with and find your divine purpose, and you’ll find happiness and all the abundance you want, while avoiding life’s challenges.

We love spiritual inspiration, but we recommend keeping your feet on the ground because New Age delusions, such as the platitudes above, can crash against the rocks of reality in the real world.

Our findings about the idea of a life purpose may surprise you. Below we list our long-term findings on the concept of a divine calling.

1. Everyone has a divine purpose. Every soul has reasons for incarnating.

2. We believe you (your soul, not personality) agree to and plan the general outline of your calling while in spirit form, before you incarnate.

3. Not everyone discovers his or her calling, such as the most appropriate career, in life at a young age. You may not discover your true calling until middle age, or even later, as it happens when it’s supposed to.

4. You may have several divine purposes throughout your life, such as one seemingly major one requiring constant effort throughout your life, and several minor ones, or many seemingly minor ones, requiring little effort, or one single life purpose. Everyone is different.

5. Very few people’s divine purpose includes wealth and, or fame. From the perspective of the other side, it’s amusing how much people fawn over celebrities and entertainers. On the other side, superstars are just like you and me, and sometimes on a much lower level, spiritually speaking.

6. One or more of the following are common life purposes: speaking your truth about an issue (sometimes on a public platform, e.g., writing a blog); standing up for your sovereign and human rights; contributing your time and, or resources to those less fortunate; being a good sibling, father, mother, spouse, or friend (a very common life purpose); teaching; being who you really are, no matter how much others disagree; doing your work well, no matter how unimportant it seems, despite not becoming wealthy from it; living your everyday life and responding compassionately to things in life you can’t change.

One thing that will help you find your calling is to get centered; detach from your inner fears, defenses, and daily mind dramas.

You can’t control your subconscious mind, but you can temporarily detach from it through meditation and other disciplines that place you in a zone, which enables you to more easily focus on what’s really important to you.

Unfortunately, it’s sometimes too easy to get carried away with being too idealistic about goals related to life purpose, and how life “should” be. Acceptance of the world as it is and the people in your life as they are, and whatever else you can’t control, is an important first step in avoiding unrealistic expectations.

We recommended avoiding confusing your true path in life with ego-self demands (things you want to do, but aren’t practical) and avoiding matters relating to instant gratification, which only delay the completion of your goals. The more you are completely in synch with your personal fate (which is exactly the same as destiny), and your optimum direction in life (by getting centered–such as through meditation, as mentioned above), the less inner conflict you will experience.

Sometimes a life purpose doesn’t work out the way you want, and the process instead of the goal might have been more important. Accepting that life sometimes includes unpleasantries that cannot be avoided, and that personal adversity and predetermination have a distinct purpose in life, goes a long way in keeping disappointment and despair at bay.

On a more mundane level, here’s an interesting article about finding your calling in life.

No matter how insignificant your divine purpose seems to be, it’s vital to your earthly mission (otherwise your soul wouldn’t have planned it for your personality to experience) and probably a lot more important to the fate of others than you realize.

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