Divine Guidance and Prosperity

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Scott and Stephen, My cousin passed away 6 years ago. About 4 days after he passed I was sitting on the beach crying. I said, OK Brent, now that you have some pull in heaven give me the pick 6 winning lottery #’s. That night I went to bed and had a dream that he gave me all 6 #’s. When I woke up the next day I could only remember 4 of the 6 #’s. When I got to work I played the 4 that I remembered and guessed at the other 2. Well, the 4 that I remembered came out. My question is, does this mean that at some point in my life I will be financially secure? I feel if I had remembered the other 2 #’s I would be wealthy right now. Or does it mean that I was never meant to be wealthy. I have always felt that I would be wealthy later in life. My birth data is… Thank You, Liz

Scott and Stephen’s Response:

Dear Liz,

We wouldn’t associate your cousin giving you the winning lotto numbers with the idea that you, in this life, will be financially secure, nor would we connect it with the idea that you were never meant to be wealthy.

It’s possible that your cousin wants you to understand that he is there to help if you need him.

In answering your questions, it depends on how you define wealth and financial security. The ability to go where you want, when you want? Owning many houses? Billionaire status?

Despite what you may regard as wealthy, based on the birth data you provided, the outline of your charts (this is a general outlook, not a comprehensive analysis) do in fact suggest that the later part of your life (late 50’s and beyond) will include a lot more status and money than you have at this time. It’s highly probable that there will be a marked shift in your life involving material wealth around age 48. At that time you begin a series of very rewarding long-term abundance time cycles. Then, around age 57 this greatly beneficial material timing energy is further enhanced.

We recommend asking your higher self (perhaps with your cousin’s guidance) what actions you can take to help usher in the destiny you’ve planned before incarnating. Our numerology software will help you determine the timing; the best time to take the necessary steps that will help you manifest what is to be.

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One thought on “Divine Guidance and Prosperity

  1. deborah

    hi guys my name is Deborah I lost my little sis 6 yrs ago of cancer. shes around me a lot. we loved one another very much. I had this nawing feeling that stayed with me for at least 2 months to contact a medium for a reading so I did. she gave me a beautiful reading with my sis and other family members and friends that have passed over I believe my sister was the one pushing to connect with her. she also like the cousin of liz told me to play the lotto. so am playing the lotto with the feeling of winning and being able to take care of my sisters 3 girls so they never have struggle in this life time. could you look at my brithchart my bd is 4 14 1956 long is 111w18 lat is 47n30 thank you very much. and thank you little sis and all my wonderful guides


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