Feng Shui Wisdom and Dogma

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We are very familiar with and greatly respect Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement. We’ve hired top local Feng Shui experts to assist us with our homes and offices and we both feel that it was worth the cost.

We have found that, through years of experimentation, the placement of objects in your home and the design of the home itself is important and helps you capitalize on, and make the most of your fate.

There are, however, some problems with modern Feng Shui, in our opinion. First, there are three or more “schools” or methods, and the different methods’ principles often clash with each other.

For instance, each says that the “love area” is in a different place in our respective homes. The directional/compass method (which we’ve noticed seems to offer the most accuracy) reports that it is the southwest corner. However, the front door method dictates that it is in the far forward, right corner while standing at the front door facing inside.

Furthermore, one method might convey not to have a light in a certain corner of the home. Then a different method might suggest that it’s important to have a very bright light in that same corner.

Perhaps Feng Shui is like astrology and numerology where many of its greatest techniques and wisdom have been lost through many translations over the centuries.

Many Feng Shui practitioners, in our experience, either deny or just don’t understand the concepts of karma and predestination. If a person is determined (by their higher-self /soul before birth, not their personality during this life) to live a life of obscurity, no amount of plants, color, harmony, etc. in their home will make them famous.

Also, if a person is fated to live a life of humility, barely getting by, having to endure temporary or even long-term poverty, no amount of Feng Shui cures will erase that and make them a millionaire.

Too many of today’s Feng Shui experts say things such as, “add some color and a crystal (or whatever) in this part of your home and attract big money!” or “Beautify and add some flowers to your love area and attract the love of your life!”

We absolutely see the value of harmonious placement and there are many professionals and good Feng Shui books available to assist with this, and we feel it’s possible to enhance life and make the most of the path your soul chose in spirit form before incarnating, but a person can’t erase fate through even the best Feng Shui methods.

Someone might point to “proof” that Feng Shui “overcame fate,” and “created miracles,” yet through objective observation, the Feng Shui methods only directly symbolized what was to be. Even “miracles” are fated.

Those same “miracle cures” do not work for everyone unless someone is fated to experience what the cures are supposed to help accomplish.

We make this statement through observing many Feng Shui residence and office layouts relative to our own and others’ lives (specifically regarding money and love) since the early 1990’s. More than anything, it appears to us that Feng Shui largely represents fate.

As we have said repeatedly, adversity and challenge exist in people’s lives for a reason, which usually relates to personal and spiritual growth.

What if you try to manipulate your fate by choosing a new home based on a favorable Feng Shui layout? We feel that’s fated too. Those who are supposed to apply the wisdom of Feng Shui are fated to do so and the homes or offices they choose are all a part of fate, no matter how it manifests.

In short, just as putting up holiday decorations do not manifest the holiday season, for the most part, Feng Shui arrangements don’t make things happen, but they can symbolize situations and circumstances in your life.

Copyright © 2006 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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