Numerology–All About the Number Seven

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Numerology, otherwise known as number mysticism, is one of many forms of divination and one of our favorites.

Our approach is comprehensive, employing hundreds of factors allowing for pattern recognition, because our findings show it to be the best way to assure consistently high rates of accuracy.

However, we’ve encountered those rare individuals who are capable of employing only a handful of indicators, such as the day of birth, month of birth, and year of birth (and combined to form the modern termed “Life Path” number), as touchstones to regularly perceive accurate insight. It’s as if their guides of the Light on the other side review the comprehensive patterns and telepathically relay the findings.

The day of birth number is one of the more popular indicators of basic, modern numerology, but our findings show it, like all other commonly known factors, is potentially, symbolically overruled by the collective body of energy of the other hundreds of factors.

In other words, a person may have a seven day of birth number, for example, yet seven may be vastly underrepresented in the rest of his or her comprehensive charts. In this case, you won’t find the positive attributes of the number seven as the person’s strengths, particularly if the patterns show he or she has a problem with the number seven.

In the case of a person who has an abundance of the number seven in his or her comprehensive numerology patterns, he or she is likely to possess distinct qualities, and experience specific circumstances, as outlined below.

1. “Lucky seven” generally doesn’t apply toward personality, as seven has more to do with humiliation, lowered physical vitality, being misunderstood, solitude, and lack of recognition. It’s always interesting for us to watch celebrities (compassion to them) who, after gaining great fame, encounter heavy collective timing related to the number seven; the result is either a fall from grace, problems with drinking or drugs and, or they tend to disappear from the limelight. Note: our view is that numerology doesn’t make things happen, but it does represent personal fate.

2. Seven can be lucky for a person who is born into long-term seven timing who then has the opposite timing entering adulthood; they’ll struggle at first, but then see their life plans take off and prosper. For example, a person finds dating an uphill struggle in her younger years, but upon entering her 20s, life completely changes, she marries, and has a wonderful family.

3. The challenges of the number seven are because it’s a very non-mundane number. Again, numerology doesn’t make life events and circumstances happen, it simply symbolizes the truth of the matter. It’s as if the person who possesses heavy seven is half in the higher planes. He or she may be grounded and perfectly sane, but it’s as if their consciousness is magnetically drawn to the other side (where there is no self-deception or illusion) most of the time, which makes small talk and relationships very difficult because they’re just naturally withdrawn.

Key negative attributes include social difficulties, nervousness, exhaustive self-examination, self-consciousness, drinking too much (in part, to deal with feeling lonely, even if they aren’t alone), attracting problematic relationships, emotional repression, pessimism, paranoia, cynicism, depression, reticence, isolation, lack of humor, and a complete (and oftentimes necessary) removal from mainstream life. They are frequently misunderstood.

4. The icy exterior and far away look in their eyes is because they really are far away, as if their consciousness is exploring Jupiter’s moons while they’re sitting next to you. Those with heavy seven who take advantage of the energy may become obsessed with inner-world pursuits such as meditation, astrology, numerology, other forms of divination, uncovering the truth of any given matter, connecting to guides of the Light on the other side (potentially infinitely more interesting than discussing mundane events with humans), reading, and scientific and cerebral pursuits.

5. Seven in its balanced and highest form can involve a refined elegance, brilliance, and strong clairvoyance. It also frequently has to do with honors, scientific or spiritual achievement, knowingness, telepathy, prophetic dreams, a connection to the other side whether realized or not, detachment, spiritual initiation, inquisitiveness, technical matters, the occult, forestry/nature, overseas travel, writing, research, precision, invention, espionage, secret work, highly specialized work, and deep analysis with the ability to successfully dissect complex issues.

Those with an abundance of balanced number seven appreciate intellectual courage, and thoroughly enjoy solitude, as being around people for too long can drain their energy. People wonder what they’re doing, spending so much time alone. What they’re doing is getting lost in their never-ending projects, losing track of time, exploring the universe within, discovering unique solutions and originating new ways of thinking.

Seven is a very spiritual number, which means it’s far from having to do with material and worldly matters. Similar numbers in that sense include eleven, and nine to some degree. Twenty-two is also very other-dimensional, but it’s firmly grounded at the same time, which makes it an unusual spiritual number. These numbers (and 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99) are of a different wavelength than most other numbers.

Although the number seven has inherent challenges and struggles, its potential includes a great deal of innate triumph for those willing to go within to find unique solutions.

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