Is Past Life Regression Real?

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Past life regression is typically experienced by relaxing the body and conscious mind so that you can access the subconscious (memories, present and past lives) and super-conscious (all that is).

Some people perceive dream-like images while regressed, some hear words or sounds, and others feel or suddenly know things. Some relax so deeply that they speak in different languages (this is very rare, however), and some can’t relax, detach from their monkey-mind or suspend apprehension or skepticism enough to experience much of anything. With practice, most are able to go back to a time and place in order to explore what they intended to.

Since you cannot bring forth physical evidence of reincarnation through past life regression, those who experience regression don’t know for sure that it’s real. But many will tell you it seems very real, especially when they realize important connections between the past and present and, or become emotional during the process of perceiving past lives.

When asked the right questions, it’s possible to perceive dates and names of countries, cities, streets, families, businesses, and then after the regression, confirm the information by doing a little research. It’s also possible to regress, for example, a couple, separately, and take them back to the same life where they knew each other in the distant past. Still, these techniques don’t undeniably show that reincarnation is valid, but they can offer a tremendous amount of legitimacy for many.

Even if what you experience in past life regression is current-life subconscious symbolism, it still can be helpful. When done correctly, past life regression is a wonderful tool that can shed light on seemingly unsolvable problems and help overcome blocks.

The best way to know what past life regression is like is to experience it yourself.

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