Spiritual Detox Follow-up

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The difference you feel after removing negative energy and, or entities is often proportionate to how much it/they were affecting you. Usually people feel an immediate difference after a clearing, accompanied by a deep feeling of peace.

The best way to verify that an entity is gone is to observe how you feel before and after the clearing. Also notice if any suspected, related symptoms weaken or disappear.

It’s important to note that there are different ways to release negative entities or negative energy. The methods we’ve outlined in prior articles have the best track record because entities are escorted to the Light by loved ones on the other side, not just forced out of the person’s body (as some priests do in exorcisms) for someone else to pick up.

It is possible for a soul or energy to attach to your soul before birth. There have been cases where the souls of people who died in a hospital joined babies before, during, or after birth. But there are no victims: Considering the belief that most key circumstances and events in people’s lives are fated, we feel that entity possession is a destined occurrence. Awareness of the phenomenon and the free will to clear negative energy and entities is also “part of the plan.”

Talking about or focusing too much on the released energy and, or entity can draw it back because you’re focusing on it. If you happen to think or speak of it, simply feel grateful that you are free of it and imagine protective white Light around you to shield yourself, affirming to yourself that it’s not welcome back.

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