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10 Spiritual Tips to Overcome Financial Fears

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It seems just about everyone is needing to be more mindful about money these days. People are cutting back more than ever and finally paying more attention to their spending habits.

For some, so far, it’s only a matter of awareness. All the recession talk is causing them to be more cautious, even though their income and expenses, to this date, have not changed much.

Others, after losing their job or experiencing major pay cuts, are having trouble meeting basic expenses like their rent or mortgage payment.

One good thing that may come from the recession includes an increasing number of people taking more responsibility for their financial future. Many will think twice before whipping out a credit card on every impulse. Things that seemed like necessities in the past, such as a nicer car, dining out frequently, expensive cups of coffee, or the hippest new fashions from the trendiest stores are being bypassed for alternatives.

Despondent about when things will get better? It varies for everyone. Periods of financial struggle and times of abundance throughout your life can be readily identified; they are symbolized through cyclical timing methods in the comprehensive numerology and astrology charts or foretold by some psychics. Likewise, your overall money fate over the course of your entire life can be determined as well; below, average, above, or way above average financial prosperity is symbolized in the comprehensive chart patterns. If this concept is new to you and you’re skeptical, we understand. It took us many years to recognize the authenticity and accept the notion of, fixed personal fate.

How does this concept apply to someone who is always in debt? It indicates they may be living beyond their means, buying more than what they are destined to possess (unless they are destined to have more money but are subconsciously blocking financial success, which is discernible through handwriting analysis). They may think it’s their “birthright” to have and buy whatever they want, when they want it. But if they want to get out of debt and remain there, they must reduce their spending and accept the level of material abundance that their soul (not their conscious self) chose before incarnating.

For those who are financially responsible but have hit a temporary rough patch, or for anyone else who wants to make the most of their financial fate, we offer two different methods to help whenever you’re feeling apprehensive about your finances.

The first is what we call the Mystic’s Magic Formula.

1) Make time to consider your situation from a spiritual perspective. Review your assumptions and expectations and let them go.

2) Accept what has happened, what is, and where you are (essential in order to move on). Surrender to your inner wisdom. Establish and cultivate your goals after determining if they are relatively realistic.

3) Gratitude: express it for where you are, everything rewarding in your life that you have, and the good that will be, and strengthen your faith by continuing to emotionalize the desired, end result.

4) Invite help from your higher-self, guides of the Light and, or God.

5) Calm your mind and fears and awaken your awareness through meditation.

6) What’s the next step? Ask this every step of the way and be open for clues.

7) Assume responsibility for yourself and your situation (no blaming).

8) Navigate your path with the tools available to you: numerology and astrology, meditation, past life regression, graphology, and other effective self-help methods.

9) Do what you need to do, when you need to do it (and do “the right thing” in all situations).

The second method is easier and especially helpful when you are feeling depressed, confused, or helpless about your situation. It can be used anywhere, anytime, and when practiced often, it will make a world of difference and generate enormous peace of mind.

Instead of feeding your depression or feelings of lack, elevate your energy and change your state of mind. That may sound a bit vague, but it’s fairly easy to do: just feel excited about more money, a better work environment, more clients, more love, a better date, or whatever, but the trick is to feel in general terms, such as simply “mass abundance.”

Don’t think of details yet or analyze how you can reach your goal. When you feel the worry energy weighing down your heart and solar-plexus (stomach) chakras areas, instead of giving in to it, transmute it, replace it with the positive energy of excitement. Feel excited and let the energy rise and then imagine yourself merging with a higher, protective, and guiding power. Perceive yourself surrounded and filled with a bright, white light. Make this process a regular habit.

Feel as if your dilemma is solved. What’s that really like for you? A huge sense of relief? Satisfaction? Generate all the positive emotions. Getting excited about the idea of a solution will more easily allow you to perceive the most fitting one when it’s time for you to do so. Worrying about something? Cancel that (think, “cancel, cancel, cancel”) and correct and, or reverse the fear-based imagery in your mind; feel excited as if everything is working out better than expected. Keep feeling the excitement over and over and it will help to cancel out dark or negative energy that may be interfering and causing you to experience more fear than usual.

Everything goes in unique cycles, including your finances. Even though you can’t skip the tough parts of life, you can use your free will to make the most of your personal fate and your stay on this planet.

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