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Numerology: Number 2

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Every number symbolically includes balanced, over-balanced, and under-balanced energy. The particular form of the number that is exhibited largely depends on the figurative support or resistance of the other hundreds of considerations in the natal and timing comprehensive charts.

The number 2 in its stable form includes energy such as diplomacy, keeping the peace, detail-orientation, sensitivity, partnerships, cooperation, flexibility, harmony, emotional availability, teamwork, talent for event coordination, friendship, romance, group activities, good listening skills, excellent counseling talent, rhythm, solid intuition, open-mindedness, good problem-solving skills, talent for politics, and more.

Like all numbers, it has its imperfections, expressed through its over-balanced or under-balanced form. Trepidation, petty resentments, self-esteem too firmly connected to romantic partnerships, conflict-avoidance, low self-confidence, indecisiveness, passiveness, vacillation, difficulty with solitude, lacking in courage, fragility, lost in details, over-sensitivity, lack of disciplinarian skills, over-whelmed with psychic energies, codependence, and being too much of a magnet for cosmic debris (e.g., others’ negative thoughts) are key problems with the number 2.

Sadly, those with a lot of 2 energy frequently find themselves in the following scenario: They are excessively accommodating and helpful, even to the point of being sacrificial, then secretly carry a grudge and resent over-extending themselves to those who don’t sincerely appreciate or even acknowledge their efforts. Also, commonly, there are those with heavy natal 2 whose impressive efforts result in success for their team, yet their individual acclaim and glory isn’t forthcoming thus, naturally, again they feel cheated.

In its worst form, 2, when supported by other, similar indicators, is as follows: sneaky; manipulative; under-handed; smile-on-the-outside, an “I’m your good friend” outward disposition, but devious behind the mask; dual nature; emotionally explosive; manipulative; exploitative; insincere; prone to cheat; dishonest; and others saying about them, “how could he (or she) have done that, they seem so nice!” after uncovering trickery and deception.

To its credit, the number 2 is unbeatable in undercover and diplomatic work, subtle persuasion, and negotiations. It also eventually finds a healthy balance in supporting others and avoiding being controlled and feeling overly-responsible. It’s not your fault, number 2. Stop being a martyr.

Heavy 2 timing energy will make you much more aware of your repressed emotional and sexual energy. You can’t help but get in touch with your inner-self under strong 2 timing. You’re more vulnerable under the number 2. Also, don’t be too modest and try not to be a doormat.

The number 2 is the “deer caught in the headlights” look, although shock and surprise is more associated with 11 than 2.

Those who largely lack the number 2 throughout their comprehensive numerology charts have chosen this lifetime, in part, to focus on effectively working with others. Their success frequently depends on it. There’s a need to be immersed in the community and to cultivate interpersonal connections. There can be a harshness, a lack of sympathy in some cases, and a heavy demand for patience. The particulars and finer points of any given undertaking can be a problem too.

2 is some of the slowest-moving energy, can equate to upsets with supportive indicators, and it is frequently a disappointment related to finances. However, it’s also representative of one of the best romantic connections you’ve ever had. Although number 2 finishes second, its rewards have more to do with partnerships, friendships, and romance.

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