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8 Keys for Better Past Life Recall

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With a little effort, you can explore your past lives with a specialist or a past life regression audio. After you learn more about the process, you may be able to get past life insight in your dreams, in meditation, or even through spontaneous perception.Don’t believe in past lives? It’s natural to feel skeptical, yet it’s good to remain objective, explore, and reach conclusions on your own. You will benefit if you’re willing to accept the process. Follow these tips for the best results.

1) Don’t expect amnesia: Relaxing so deeply during mediation or regression so that you don’t remember anything is unusual. If you do happen to fall asleep, you’ll awaken soon after, just like you do from a nap.

2) You need to want to change: Meditation and past life regression are most effective when you sincerely want to improve your life, find answers, and solve problems. Sometimes there are hidden reasons for you to remain locked in a conflict. Consider this by thinking about all that would change if you reached your goal. What wouldn’t be to your liking? For example, if you finally were involved in a lasting, romantic, love relationship, would the demands on your time put a damper on other parts of your life, such getting together with your friends?

3) Everyone perceives differently: Some see fragments of images in their mind’s eye, others hear, feel, or just know information during past life regression. With experience, you’ll relax, suspend doubt, trust the process, and perceive more.

4) Let go: Attempting to control or force past life perception usually doesn’t help the process. Relax, detach from expectations, and allow it to unfold.

5) Suspend doubt: Skeptics and those who have ingrained, strict religious beliefs often have difficulty allowing the process to work. Doubt will cloud awareness, so it’s best to just temporarily pretend past lives are real. Or, if you prefer, think of what you perceive as pure symbolism from which you can learn about your current life.

6) Use it with other tools: Past-life regression compliments other forms of therapy, including regular meditation, especially after finding and releasing the root cause of a problem. For a meditation script and tips, download our free version of Direct Your Destiny

7) Take responsibility for your life: The law of karma dictates that everything –all thoughts, actions, and intent–comes back to you, which is another reason why healing yourself and improving your life is infinitely easier if you become fully accountable for everything in your life. No matter what anyone has done to you, try to look at it as part of a bigger plan, where you chose, on a spiritual level, to endure such challenges for your spiritual growth. Accept and let go of the past, and do what you can to make the most of your life.

8) Follow through: We recommend thinking of meditation and past life regression as part of an ongoing journey toward spiritual awareness. Patience and perseverance pays off. Whether experienced with a therapist, an audio MP3 like the ones we offer, through dreams, or meditation, you will learn through past life regression two concepts that we believe to be true: there is a reason for everything that happens in your life, and life really is fair.

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